Wednesday, August 31, 2016

a few funky favorites

are you guys familiar with tictail? i wasn't until recently but they offer up some really fun stuff. i picked a few funky fashion favorites i'd like as fall approaches. just for fun...

serious statement pieces

i'm repeating myself (again) but i feel strongly about the fact that places and spaces require at least one "wow" piece. something that throws the space, and those viewing it, off...just a little. keeping people guessing, keeping spaces interesting and unexpected in ways that are fun, is good design...
dimore gallery is offering up nothing but serious statement pieces. i've featured a variety of seating options that i was drawn to today, but don't get me started about their lighting options either!

dimore gallery describes the wow factor sensation even better than i as this: "each room unveils a different emotion (joy, surprise, nostalgia) leading the visitor towards the discovery of elusive colors and precious materials, where the quest for form reveals the presence of objects and makes this journey unique and emotive." WOW. now that's what i am talking about friends. enjoy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

line lights

new zealand-based douglas and bec hand make alot of beautiful things, but their "line" lights, whether pendant or wall mounted, are my absolute favorite...
i've featured them in blush today but you can also order line lights in other colors such as black or white. douglas and bec admit that they pay homage to the mobile works of american sculptor alexander calder, stealing away the playfulness but incorporating douglas and bec's "honest" materials and the ever important qualities of small scale production.

and i'm not sure if it's my having grown up in the (ahem) 70's, that draws me into the "back to nature movement" and organic shapes like these (apartment therapy wrote a fun article on 70's style, here) line lights, but to me they are pretty perfect.

i always circle back to, well, the circle in design actually. it's one of my favorite shapes. there is just something so perfectly elegant about it. like you just can't go wrong. enjoy!

Monday, August 29, 2016

another ballroom's rugs

based in denmark, another ballroom is alot of things, part curator of a variety of handmade items from designers and artisans world wide, but also an interior styling company putting together some pretty breathtaking spaces. (see a sample of their styling here)

but their rugs, hand picked, customized, & hand made from a moroccan team in the mid atlas mountains has stopped me in my rug loving tracks today. and it's the first site offering rugs where i literally could have featured every single one...
perpetuating the ancient art of making ben ourain carpets, women in morocco are utilizing traditional weaving techniques resulting in rugs that are both interesting, and captivating in their texture, pattern and color palette. i want a whole house full. enjoy!

found inspiration: black & white fashion

inspired by the these black & white fashion shots, chock full of emotion, texture, pattern and overall goodness...
just for fun! enjoy...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

sunday & frank turner

shaking my hips around the house to this, this morning...

this will get you going this morning ;) enjoy!

Friday, August 26, 2016

have a fantastic weekend

happy friday to you friends! you made it to the weekend ;)
do you have fun plans or are you going to slow it down and relax this weekend? i'm on the slow it down side of things after a super busy week. and have you noticed the daylight hours waning each day lately? fall is coming and after a hot summer, i'm actually really looking forward to it. i'm hoping to sip coffee a little slower this weekend, finish this embroidery project (it's so close!) and maybe start a new one.

i hope that wherever you go, whatever you do, that your weekend is everything you wish for! and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

11 really interesting documentaries to check out (click on the titles for trailers).

a cute clothes hamper for a children's room.

the prettiest tea towels anywhere

a seriously WOW handbag.

a super sundress for $21.99?!

with the recent full moon, why not a full moon martini? plus it's GORGEOUS!

serious house tour love.

pretty desk things.

madly in love with this 2017 resort line.

this country gables blouse, in white
. so, so pretty.

how wild is this bear selfie? ;)

use this peace ashtray to hold jewelry, as a soap dish, or just display it, just kind of fun ;)

these clutches, especially this one!

a very cool nightstand.

these would make sweet nightstands too.

this crescent plant stand
is outstanding!

this wire outdoor furniture line is rather striking.

i want to move into this paris apartment. like, now.

just a pretty hairstyle.

been wanting to try this hairstyle too.

and it's friday, so this.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

"fun" lighting from verpan

i wanted to share this "fun" lighting line from verpan today. it's completely dreamy and decadent in so many ways...
verpan offers up these "fun" lights in a variety of sizes, shapes and widths made from natural pearl seashells and small stainless steel rings and chains. watch a short video here about these lights and the tranquil sounds they make in a light breeze. like i said, dreamy and decadent, and pretty WOW in their presence right? enjoy...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

sunset(y) pins

i just like these today, they make me smile...
just saying...enjoy!