Sunday, March 22, 2020

hi, how are you?

just checking in to see how you are?
this quiet time we are all in is something that we have all probably never experienced in our lifetime. i feel like everything around me is on hold, when will i see my son next, when i can have new neighbors over for dinner, when will i get my hair cut again? some things (like trips to the hair salon) seem selfish but they were all of our little pleasures, our small luxuries during busy work months and long winter weekends. treats.

i started a large embroidery project a month ago that has sat since i moved into my new house. i'm in the middle of a large writing project that has gone untouched. i have not hung one thing on the walls of my new house. my basement is still in boxes. i think we are all in disbelief in some way that we have been forced to pause. it took me some time to understand that i HAD to. and so i literally did. i strangely put everything on pause to adjust. i've been taking long beach walks, turning off the t.v. and being quiet, listening to jazz music on repeat.

on my walks i see other people, alot of other people, though from a distance. everyone is trying to get outside, breathe in cool clean air. i see families, many more families than i ever have, walking together, staying close to each other, talking, protecting each other. when i catch certain people's eyes, we are all saying the same thing in one smile, hi, how are you? take care.

i'm getting ready to open some boxes now, to pick up my writing, to get my head back in some sort of regular routine, adjusting to this strange new existence that we are all in. how are you? if anyone would like to chat, let me know! find me on instagram and dm me to say hi. i hope you are well and finding activities that make you feel content and happy.

and some fun finds from around the world wide web if you are interested!

tote perfection.


converse perfection.

because we are all for a while, bought this spring in france jigsaw puzzle.

also just bought this gorgeous wall sculpture. made me happy :)

it's still cold in new england, this looks cozy!

plush furniture is everywhere these days. how gorgeous are these chairs?

this plush line is to die for too. that couch!

i'm feeling the itch to bring more color into my spaces, step away from so many neutrals. this rug would do the trick.

loving the color & line in this lacquered pair as well.

we are all cooking at home more these days, so this line up of winter soups is on my recipe radar.

feeling crafty? this site has some fun craft/dyi ideas, like these origami easter bunnies.

i want a pile of these for summer.

concerts here, (my favorite venue) are on hold, but their pop-up virtual concerts are a treat for now!


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

hello! i bought a house!

hi! :)
alot has happened in my world. i bought a house near the wild open ocean (not the house above but how gorgeous is that wall?!). bought this car (dream), started buying grown up furniture (just bought this leather chair and am in love) and have generally been seen walking the beach every chance i get, staying in waaaaaay more and listening to the quiet. pure love.

i hope that you are having an amazing start to your week! and some fun finds from around the world wide web for ya:

color palette heaven.

how GOOD is this new music? dancing around the house to it on repeat.

pretty to put on for a night out.

while wearing this.

just bought this rancher hat. feel like i'll wear it everywhere.

eyeballing this pendant light for my dining room. very beachy. this one is lovely too.

serious rug love.

wishing for these dining chairs.

this one
in simply wood is gorgeous as well.
this tall vase.

a perfect accent chair

cashmere love.

interesting article on work-life balance vs. work-life harmony. the idea is rooted in music.

this cake stand takes the cake.

so fun.

oh, just a beautiful leather & wood chair.

enjoying the lines & angles in this chandelier.

a wow dining piece.