Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween, night time.

this isn't a very good image, but just another fun halloween snapshot from clever people near to where i live, celebrating halloween. this yard has a bunch of pumpkin figures, all riding in a car, all dressed up and even the headlights on the car were lit up! how fun? alot of work too, yikes!

hoping you are surrounded by spooky images this halloween, having fun with the kids, eating halloween candy because it's in a big bowl right in front of you in your house and it's normally not there so it's ok? am i right? ;) enjoy!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

happy halloween! are you all shook up?

a florist near by my house created this "elvis pumpkin statue", (hence the "all shook up title of today's post;) notice the guitar is made out of flowers! and how funny is the grass "chest hair"? sooo funny that's what! i have another image or two of others in my neck of the woods getting oh~so~creative with pumpkins this weekend for you as well, so pop back by for more halloween inspiration. well...on this super creative note, i'm wishing everyone out there in blogland, this spooky weekend ahead, safe travels, enjoy your treats and have fun, fun fun!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

gandia blasco. textile heaven.

i'm gaga over these textiles from gandia blasco. heading into fall and winter, i would be all over these rugs and poufs. all over them! the color patterns are wonderful, the palettes, and the softness they exude, really just beautiful!

i'd love to head to a coffee shop, on this rainy thursday and see these gandia blasco poufs all over. to put your feet up, to plunk on, to place my book on whilst sipping a perfect cup of coffee. are you listening coffee shops? ;) enjoy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

let there be light. so long as it's from olivier sottas.

happy mid~week. just plain ol' loving these sort of geometric, sort of crunched floor and table lamps from swiss designer olivier sottas. what do you think?

they are both soft and edgy all at once. making for such an interesting lighting design. i'd love one of his tall floor lamps right next to my bed, how cool would that be? i'm officially french fried from all of my studying, off to eat something for lunch to revive me. what are you doing this mid~week? it's grey and showery here, good day for a nap. hmmmmm....enjoy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pale & interesting.

i love the name of this site, pale & interesting, from husband and wife team atlanta bartlett and dave coote. interesting items inspired by "their love of the functional, the beautiful and out~of~the~ordinary."

from vintage garden furniture to jewelry to home accessories, pale & interesting is oh~so~interesting. gently worn, full of life, quiet and warm, pale & interesting's pieces are magnetic to me. they have a tale to tell some of them, they've seen and experienced a bit of life already. i love that!

hoping your week is going along smoothly and without too much hectic involved. mine, not so much but nearer towards the end, a little bit more, or should i say, less. hectic that is. for now, enjoy this new~to~me find of pale & interesting. have a lovely day!

Monday, October 25, 2010

a very busy monday. but there is this beauty...

today is busy, busy! cramming in mid-term essays, studying for french, resourcing design elements for a client. yikes. i'd love to be gathering fall apples today, out in the cool, crisp air. the sun shining on my face. yeah. and then displaying them proudly in this amazing gold tray, by macedonia and designed by janne kyttanen, found on the freedom of creation site. really fabulous don"t you think? how is your monday starting out my friends? enjoy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

it's quiet in portland.


we are waking today (our second morning) here in portland maine. it's quiet, it's sunday, there is still, (lucky for us), lingering pops of fall foliage all around us. the sky is milky. the water is calm. there is a cruise ship which must have pulled into port last night while we slept as it wasn't there when we drifted off to sleep. they must be cold. it's 38 degrees. brrrr.

we are off to tour the university today, but first...breakfast at one of my favorite places in portland. can't tour on an empty stomach right? hoping your view this morning is as gorgeous as mine. enjoy!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

we're hitting the highway.


my son and i are hitting the highway for a much needed mom/son weekend, all the while taking in yet another college tour in maine. yeah that's right. my favorite state of all. funny that he's been drawn to maine his whole life, like i have. he's looking at the university of southern maine (among many others in boston including emerson) for writing and theater. his high school theater group was voted one of the top 5 in the country and has served him well. (the WB network picked his high school out of all of them in the country to begin a documentary series on fabulous high school productions, if you are interested the link is here to the beginning of that documentary.) he's artistic, talented, funny, and any college will be better for him being there is what i say! ;) of course right? i'm the mom!

we plan on taking in portland, eating a bunch of great food as portland always offers, playing a board game in our hotel room (it's out weird tradition) and taking in book stores and coffee shops. cannot wait! i have to get time in before the teenager in him goes away, at least for the most part. hoping your weekend plans are just as fun and relaxing. i'll see you back here monday maybe with a few photos. for now, bon voyage to us and to you, enjoy!

p.s. if you didn't get a chance to see some of the yearbook pictures i took of ethan, you can check them out here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

at casa. italian eye~candy my friends.

came upon at casa through zainteiornet and you want to talk about eye~candy, italian style? oh yeah. lots of "casas" to ogle,to stop you,to swoon over, to desire, to contemplate, to emulate and to just plain sigh over. so get ready...

i need to translate at casa's on line magazine to read about their current trends, designers, architects etc. so that's next in line. but meanwhile, entertain yourself with this beautiful on line italian design magazine. uber amounts of inspiration, ideas, even if you take pieces of spaces and form one new space in your home or commercial space with snippets of ideas from around the world of design magazines, this one, at casa will offer much to grab and store away in your design imagination. enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

embracing new design finds & having fun doing it. ;)

is it a light or a bookshelf? it's both! by alle who states that their products are "the harmony of design and practical talent, turning vision into reality." yeah for that. when designing, we all need a piece, i promise we do, that just sort of throws a space off, by being non~conventional, by being fun. this does that! here.

these cubes, sideboard, lighting, oh, just all of it! offered by pinch and photographed by james merrell, i want everything pinch sells, all of it i tell you! find more here.

how fun is this "rgb" chandelier by jeongwon ji? the play on simple geometric shapes, connected, they shouldn't fit together but they do. perfectly. here.

completely mad for the products coming out of jethro macey's site. like this wonderful cut~away stool inspired by the air bricks used in mediterranean architecture, here.

and this super sideboard with it's lacy composite doors and solid oak base. ah, i really want this piece. really. get yours here.

well what's green about this product is the designer's name john green. so, this bent plywood table, available in birch, oak or walnut is just plain john green fabulous. find it here.

this spectacular carboard (yes i said cardboard) lighting by paperself can be printed on, drawn on, design it, paint it, check them out here.

i don't know, i was just plain having fun experiencing new product design this week. these designers all took part in design london 2010 and through these events up and coming, non~conventional, young and daring designers get out there, expose their talents and are there for us to see, talk about, network about and help us to realize that when designing, the options are seriously endless. i love that! enjoy...