Saturday, November 30, 2013

the art of jarek puczel.

today i'm enjoying the vague , almost undone views and vantagepoints and calm situations paired with simplified yet intriguing color palettes of polish artist jarek puczel's paintings..
i really love talking about art, in formal and informal ways. but i love the ways with which jarek's art was interpreted here, i can't top this interpretation...enjoy!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

richard blanco's american thanksgiving.

as your enjoying your thanksgiving day/night, i thought i'd share an interesting interview i heard on pri's the world with marco werman about inaugural poet richard blanco's american thanksgiving experience.
(image credit via beacon press)

just thanksgiving from another perspective...enjoy!

have a happy thanksgiving.

happy thanksgiving friends!
(photo by me)

i'm currently sipping french coffee, devouring french pastries and enjoying the company of my son who's home from college. so i'm thankful indeed. i hope that your day too, is everything that you want it to be...enjoy!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

arte & design.

i love this line of lighting...there is something wintry about it, the atmosphere of these lights is evocative of snow and ice, but with an inner warm, melting sort of glow...
all of these lights, offered up by arte & design by the way. are all about the materials, all about what it is they're covered in. from handmade knitted fabric structures to solid and fire resistant resins to striped yarns, these lend themselves to both residential and commercial settings, absolutely. and what an amazing setting they would create...

happy day before thanksgiving friends! are you running around last minute or are you settled and looking forward to the holiday tomorrow? i myself am driving through wind and rain to pick my son up from college and take him to one of our favorite italian places on the way home. hey, a boy needs to eat, right!? enjoy...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

rapp scarves.

this afternoon, i'm drawn to the pattern and textural quality (oh and color palette combinations too!) of these scarves, offered up by rapp...
made from silk crepe de chine, which holds a glossy character and a sense of opulence, these rapp scarves beg you to wrap yourself in them...or at least your hair, or your neck ;) enjoy!

plank tables.

as thanksgiving approaches, and we are all considering the dining table, i myself am loving the look of these plank tables...
this particular style is offered up by naver. the architectural quality of them, the ways in which they seem a combination between drafting table and old farmhouse table are i think, what's most interesting about them.

one day, i would very much enjoy having the space to incorporate a large dining table, maybe a plank table, in my home. it's inviting, it's warming, and it can be perfectly utilitarian all at the same time. what kind of table will you be sitting around this thanksgiving? i'd love to hear...enjoy!

Monday, November 25, 2013

something about this chair.

designed by sebastian herkner for moroso, there is just something special about this chair...
this "banjooli" chair is part of moroso's outdoor line and specifically part of their "afrique collection." the fluid, curved design was inspired by the courtship dance of ostrich birds living in east africa. the ways with which an ostrich flaps its wings are meant to translate into the shape of this armchair.

each chair is made of braided fishing yarns and handmade in senegal. another interesting note, colors can be requested as well as particular patterns or weaves. so you can really order a truly one of a kind, handmade chair from moroso. like i said, there is something special about this chair...enjoy!

monday & three bad seeds.

hey it's monday, how are you?
well these will make you smile today...they are "quirky cushions for the home" handmade, and offered up by the company three bad seeds.

i love the name of this little company, founded in 2009 and comprised of amanda weiss, her husband joshua and their daughter marley. they are based in the pacific northwest, and obviously influenced by the nature surrounding them. these are so great scattered on couches, chairs, in baby cribs, on the floor...just about everywhere. i love these today! enjoy...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

sunday groove...

happy weekend friends! what are you up to?
i am not skateboarding down a hill in warm weather, retro style, although i'd love to be! the weather has turned like arctic cold in my part of the world. i've just returned from a walk, cut shorter than normal because i was losing feeling in my face and legs...yikes!

looking out at the ocean along my walk, the wind was direct, strong, piercing and reminding, that summer is just a really warm memory...for now.

i hope that you are hunkered in and enjoying yourself, this wintry sunday...

Friday, November 22, 2013

friday & lush & succulent.

happy friday friends! you've done it! you've made to another weekend...so you deserve a treat, like these pretty patterned "lush" & "succulent" tea towels offered up by gravel & gold...
these would also make great christmas or hostess gifts this season. gravel & gold is a collaborative shop, located in the mission district of san francisco. pieces, objects, are made from a variety of artists or "makers" as they are described, who by the way you can meet, here.

gravel & gold explains that their wares are made with "wit, utility, and beauty." that alone makes me want to buy something. enjoy!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

a blue doorway.

this afternoon, this space...
those chairs, that herringbone flooring, all of the sunlit whites and let's talk about that blue doorway shall we? aaaaamazing! just some afternoon interior eye candy, to keep you inspired! enjoy...

getting graphic.

today i wanted to share the graphic nature and painterly quality of julia kostreva's pillow covers...
i've posted about julia's pretty & graphic iphone case line, but these pillows pull at my slight pillow addiction heartstrings. how can they not? i wish i had the room for a pillow closet. a space that i could store just pillows and pull them out, change them out at my heart's content. because they add an instant face lift to your furniture, they can instantly, in an either quiet or bold way, offer a much needed dynamic change to your spaces. to have the ability to constantly change them out? whenever i darn well feel like it?  i would be one happy pillow addicted girl i tell ya! enjoy...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

wonderful land photographs.

i am enjoying this wonderful land series today, by photographer david benjamin sherry...
from death valley california, to paria canyon arizona to a sunrise in the grand canyon, david captures the landscape in almost abstract ways. exposing its definition, it's patterns and texture in new ways. and the addition of those overlapping films of color makes for a dream like atmosphere, other worldly in some ways.

david lives and works in california and has a plethora of exhibitions and shows under his belt. one of david's original photographs, large, like landscape large, on one wall? now that's experiencing photography and textural landscapes, in a new and intimate way. enjoy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

some tuesday sounds...

taking a short break today, enjoying these sounds this tuesday...

i could just drive and drive and drive and keep this on re-play. over and over and over...

li lights by arturo alvarez.

made of pressed cellulose and utilizing ancestral japanese techniques, these "li" lights by arturo alvarez leave me speechless today...
arturo alvarez has been one of my favorite lighting designers for a while now. his designs are on the edge of flamboyant, on the edge of edgy, they have a certain flare and daring to them. these "li" lights are quiet but not lacking alvarez's traditional sexiness and style.

he has a great blog too, here which highlights works in progress and offers commercial lighting advice. enjoy!