Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

so yes it's halloween, happy halloween! but it's also a huge win for red sox nation...!!
that's right, never a doubt! world series champs ;) sorry, had to celebrate with you just a little bit!

what are your plans this halloween? i managed to carve a pumpkin last night and eat a few pieces of candy too. i don't have anything halloween fun planned tonight (probably just putting my feet up and relaxing), but i hope you do! i hope that whatever you do, wherever you go, (whatever you dress up as!) you have a halloween blast. enjoy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

sweaters & leather.

apparently i need to purchase a leather jacket, because i'm really loving this look, layering sweaters and leather for the cooler months to come...
this is also a really fabulous tumblr site, la cool & chic. if you are searching for great street style. edgy looks, classic looks, this site puts together a ton of fashion eye candy. perfect for a mid~week wednesday.

it's almost halloween, i'm carving a pumpkin later and watching the red sox win the world series...well of course, being from boston, that's the plan anyway. at least i can control one of those events ;) enjoy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the rock house.

if i could take a vacation today, or soon, or in the near future...it would be here.
this southern california home, appropriately titled "the rock house" because of where it's situated, sitting high atop the mojave desert & certainly a majestic landscape, would be my next escape. the rock house features tons of green features, is highly fireproof and offers just about every amenity you could imagine. oh yeah, and i said that you can rent this right? yes, yes you can, here.

and the price is right there with the cost of many sweet hotel rooms. so.....

would you stay here? i would, but to be honest, i'd be a little afraid of snakes? would you? just saying...enjoy!

Monday, October 28, 2013

the sea life.

i like this photograph, this afternoon...
offered up by the sea life, it's titled "electric feel." hand numbered and signed, these limited edition images are really fantastic. talk about giving your space a pow of color and energy, & summer energy at that. pure love. enjoy!

monday. & gypsya pillows.

happy monday friends! the new-to-me company gypsya is pulling at my pillow love heart strings this morning, and for some reason, i'm drawn to the red ones...
gypsya is a young company, opening in 2012. a collective of artists hand make products from organic and recycled materials. (i really like their rugs too!) gypsya also has an etsy site, here. the richness of their pattern, color and texture choices are what draws me in. and they're pillows...so...;)

how was your weekend? i dined with my son near his college. we were going go go here, but walked in and walked out. chaotic, loud, sloppy inside and just no. and it's too bad because i had been to one in the south that was really good. bummer. so we landed down the street from his college at a tiny, locally owned japanese restaurant. ethan walks there from school often and i realized after dinner, that i should just listen to him more often.

sunday i lounged around like it was nobody's business. but i did manage to get a few projects worked on that i've looked forward to. enjoy your monday!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ke aloha jewelry. etsy love.

this sunday, i'm enamored by the gold edged druzy jewelry coming out of lisa's ke aloha etsy site...
there is simply something so stunning about these pieces. they are magical, natural, sculptural and just plain gorgeous. another reason to love etsy. i'm sure i'll find more reasons soon. for now, enjoy!

Friday, October 25, 2013

friday kisses...

just a very cool button up shirt and some kisses for you this friday!
the end to a long week for me. for you too? well, all's well at the moment, glass of red wine in hand, watching a little golf from kuala lampur (i'm a golf geek who actually enjoys watching it on t.v., it helps me sleep! plus as the weather cools, i enjoy watching golf being played in warm, lush places). and yes i'm looking forward to sleep on a friday night. like i said, the end to a long week.

i soooooo hope that you too are enjoying your friday night, and looking forward to the rest of your weekend. i'm taking my son here for dinner here tomorrow night, for something different. i miss him when he's at college week after week. enjoy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

look book love.

i'm loving maiyet's fall 2013 lookbook...
especially the grainy night images (they're how mine would probably come out ;) there is a natural, very non-perfect-ness to these images. and that translates into comfortable, as in their product line, as in how you'll feel in them, as in beautiful really. enjoy!

lauren mabry's cylinders.

studio artist lauren mabry is creating some pretty amazing cylinders, in philadelphia...
on lauren's statement pages she expresses her work this way: "i make painterly, abstract, ceramic objects." and "sometimes the surfaces look weathered and aged, but at the same time colorfully lush and wet."

lauren admits that she is drawn to the sense of immediacy in her mark making, "and at moments a quality of action." the absence of representation in her work, as lauren states, allows for the brush strokes to shine,the drips and color palette to be very forward, present and part of the landscape of these cylinders.

i would not put anything in these, i would only be able to enjoy these for what they truly are...three dimensional abstract paintings. at least that's how i see them. enjoy...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


i love all of this blue plush this afternoon. i love all of this bla, bla, bla art too...
it's all just so fun. enjoy!

notorius lighting.

toscot is creating lighting in the true tuscan tradition....
decorative hand-pressed forms, these lights really are exquisite. this particular line (and you must check out the rest of toscot's lighting line) comes with the option of bright colors on the shade's interior. but for me, i'm drawn to natural color palette combinations. especially the white inside. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

quiet spaces...

this afternoon, i reeeaaaally like these quiet spaces...
sometimes i go through periods where i can't turn off my brain/mind/brain/mind. so sleepless nights are upon me, which i really hate. i love getting great nights sleep. if i'm writing something important for school, i find myself re-writing, correcting & proofreading as i'm trying settle down and sleep. not a good combination. it usually passes in a few days, but i'm smack in the middle of brain overload...

these quiet spaces would settle me today. if i could just hop into one...i hope you are feeling uncluttered, centered and relaxed this afternoon...enjoy...