Thursday, July 31, 2014

geometric headboards.

did you guys see this very cool post on sf girl by bay's blog?
she featured these and I LOVE THESE BEYOND WORDS. they're rustic wood headboards painted with sensational geometric patterns, and offered up by urban outfitters. now i love urban outfitters, but even for them, these seem a little pricey. i sense a do-it-yourself project emerging. do you? enjoy!

guy stuff.

today, i'm loving the subtle masculinity resonating from the guy stuff offered up by the very cool shop orn hansen...
this is the story of guy meets girl, makes shop. orn hansen is located in long beach california and it's truly a general goods store, but with nods to vintage everything. i love that!

and i love everything in it. but the men's line had my attention today. i don't often post about men's product (or at least in a fashion sense) but there was something about that vintage blue and white paisley bandana. it's every guy really. it's classic guy. this whole store gets guys. just saying....enjoy!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

about maine.

so maine is one of those places that i could land, forever...
i took a short trip recently to northern maine. the landscape, THE VIEW!, is why i'm so incredibly drawn to maine. the town we stayed in was camden. there are mountains that build steps away from the rocky coastline. so you have the best of both worlds. right?

penobscot bay is vast, the ocean seems endless. and i love that. that view that continues to somewhere you can't see or know. i stayed here. and i already want to go back. or move. just kidding. not really! the staff was incredibly friendly, the food was spot on and the views, well those are why you are really there. this is THE BEST breakfast place in camden or maybe anywhere, boynton-mckay. not. even. funny. delish! it was funny too because as i figured the place out and how to order (you order in the back and it's on the honor system when you pay to leave, pretty cool!) i said to the cook "i'm not sure what i want yet, i've never been here before." he replied: "that's ok, neither have i." i cracked up.

we took a lobster tour boat (pulled up 3 lobsters!) drank wine from adirondack chairs, over and over again. and went to sleep and woke to the ocean every day. we never closed the slider door. i'll be back there soon. i sort of have to be. it's one of those places! enjoy...

desert appeal.

summer can be about gauzy white linens, it can incorporate colors like pool blue, lemon and strawberry, but lately i'm loving the warm sunset colors and this desert appeal...

i want to wrap myself up at night in stitched blankets, the color of the mountains. i want to braid my hair and drape my arms in silver and turquoise. i want to wear boots in the middle of the summer when no one else is. the textures, patterns, color palettes and easy nature of the southwestern influence has captured me lately...and i'm just going with it. enjoy!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

let's lounge.

every now and then you notice it, whether you are in someone's home or whether you are in a commercial setting, i'm talking about the really perfect lounge chair...
the italian manufacturer alivar is designing some truly amazing lounge chairs. and they are doing even more than that...they are producing "the most complete and fully comprehensive range of furnishings and furnishing accessories designed by some of the great past masters."

alivar is "re-enacting masterpieces." and why not? if these were truly the best (so far) then why not continue the trend, the look and feel but adding new twists and takes? that's what i'm talking about. oh, and i want this particular chair. in this particular color. right. now. enjoy!

Monday, July 28, 2014

able to breathe.

speaking of spaces, these have a definite air about them...
i'm super drawn lately to neutral color palettes. palettes combining the elements, tones and textures of natural surroundings. bits and pieces of the places and spaces we all go to decompress, to vent, to relax, to breathe.

what are the spaces you go to (or run to!) in order to get to that inner place? the place where you are still and even non-thinking (is that a word?) but you know what i mean...

today, these bring me there. i love that! enjoy...

random monday.

my brain is still on vacation. so i'm taking it easy this monday by enjoying some random lovely spaces to be...

i hope that your week is starting off on a positive and creative note! enjoy...

Friday, July 25, 2014

checking in...

happy friday friends! last week for a few days i checked out! and it felt great...
(via, i forget!)

i went on a short road trip to northern maine. i sat alot. i ate (alot!), i breathed more than i had in what seemed like months. it. was. amazing. i took gobs of photos and will share some with you this weekend. what do i miss the most? the view. i think i must have sat staring at the view from my room/balcony so long that it must have seemed as if something was wrong with me. and i was different, i relaxed. imagine that.

so i'm just checking in now, hoping that your week had some amazing highlights as well. i'll be back to regular blogging next week. for now, have a super weekend ahead! enjoy...

Friday, July 18, 2014

hitting the highway...

happy friday friends! i'm up for a little road trip so i'm hitting the highway this weekend...
it will be a short trip but hopefully one to relax the body and brain for a couple of days. (i'll take pictures!) i hope that you all have an amazing weekend too! here are a few fun curiosities i found this week too. enjoy yourself!!

p.s. i'll be posting pictures to my instagram, so keep tabs there!

this summer cocktail sounds delish!

would you wallpaper your fridge?

i love this look of a framed vintage map as a headboard.

just a really pretty soapdish.

an interesting white moon necklace.

i love what the brick house finds on bloglovin.

a new york donut map.

i soooo want this wallpaper.

a mint and peach lassi.

what kinfolk does with leaves!

a beautiful salad bowl.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the little white dress.

i've never worn alot of white. and i'm not sure why. but this summer's dress styles, lacy, eyelet, gauzy and silky have me changing my white dress loving tune...
these are a few of my current favorite looks for the essential little white summer dress. bloggers are blogging about them, they're modeling them & wearing them so beautifully, that little white dress. did you purchase one this summer? if so, i'd love to hear. oh...and i've been converted...enjoy!