Saturday, June 23, 2012

life under construction...

hi friends, i wanted to stop in and say how much i enjoy publishing this blog each and every day, and that i also enjoy more than you know, reading all of your blogs, so many i've read since i started my own. but at this point in my life, i feel the need to take a break, not a permanent one by any means, as i will always look to this blog as a necessary creative outlet, at least for myself. but right now, having my father just pass away and with some other emotional and large changes going on, i feel the need to work on me, to find my happy. and so my life is, well, under construction.
i know that i won't be able to stay away for long. like i said, i really enjoy the interaction which is share with so many of you. i will be back, i will still stop by and visit many of my favorite blogs, and you know who you are. but for now, i'm taking just a little bit of time for myself. enjoy...

Monday, June 18, 2012

preforated & pretty. mid~afternoon texture.

happy monday friends! i hope your weekend was amazing...this mid~afternoon, i'm head over heels for the texture & super modern style of this perforated coffee table offered up by degas.

you know what? even if your residential or commercial spaces are more traditional, or more classic, entering in or inviting in a more contemporary piece, such as this little number by degas can only add more interesting, more pizazz. that's why i love eclectic, i adore mixing & matching styles, periods & pieces.

do you mix & match? or do you design with or toward one particular style and without deviating? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

sunday pattern heaven.

whoa, as i wind down from a somewhat busy weekend, i'm seriously sucked in by this dose of pattern heaven, emerging out of this one simply, yet beautifully designed space. and that yellow? that yellow anchors the whole darn thing...

how has your weekend been friends? if you are doing something amazing, relaxing or just plain nothing special, i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Friday, June 15, 2012

fresh pastels and good & pretty.

ooh, today i'm loving the fresh & bold impact of this space, of these pastels, of the intensity of all of that grey interrupted by that splash of vibrant yellow, of that airplane careening down the runway right over your head, i love this all...

how are you today? i'm a bit all over the place busy again, but stopping in to say, have a really great rest of your day friends! oh!!! and happy friday ;) enjoy your friday night...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

a late day post. & classics.

ooh, sorry for the late day post, a bit of running around today took longer than i thought. i'd been savoring this shot, found via and this bag was like dancing with me. it's just simply holding all of those classics, the rolled up, gently worn jeans, that white top, whether it be a t-shirt of something a bit more feminine, such as this pretty number and topped off with the classic black patent leather heels. am i right or am i right? ah, yeah....

what is your go~to classic? is it this complete ensemble or something completely different? i'd love to hear!

as for me, this definitely tops at number one for a go~to classic outfit. i also love a good pair of ballet flats and a short, pretty, dress. you can't go wrong with either! enjoy...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

micro cabin. mid~day escape.

this mid~day wednesday, it's raining outside, and this micro cabin posted on design milk, and located in finland seems like a perfect afternoon escape place.

are you interested in escaping anywhere today? if so, where would you go? i'll tell you what, although i'm a run to the beach, or tropical places in general kind of girl, this micro cabin in the woods, has me contemplating a whole new plan...enjoy!

buying a swedish home? check out fantastic frank.

why is there something so compelling, something so almost perfect about swedish interiors? utilizing simplicity in the utmost non~boring of ways. and then there's all of that light, and all of that white...

i happened upon this site, fantastic frank, through emma's design blog. fantastic frank is a swedish real estate company showcasing wonderful swedish exteriors and interiors and will certainly tempt you, if you are not already seriously tempted, to empty your bank account and head to sweden to scoop one of these spaces right up.

hey hey for wednesday. we are all half way through, or at least heading that way, with our week. i hope this mid~week wednesday finds you in a really good place or space or frame of mind. i'm still biting my nails to get my last final back from harvard and my final grade. i took a final, late, while tending to my dad in the hospital, so now i'm on egg shells hoping that my last grade of the semester is at least close to what i had hoped...i'll keep you posted....enjoy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cool skyline for a mid~afternoon find.

how great is this skyline wall sticker of new york city? so cool, that's what! just a very cool mid~afternoon find...find them here.


labt. a collaborative space.

this tuesday, i'm enjoying some of the quirky and imaginative designs coming forth from labt, a collaborative studio for furniture design.

from unique and playful takes on tables, to those trolley modular and eclectic organizing tables, to interesting bits of shelving, labt offers up some curiosity meets utility, while also offering you, conversation pieces to be sure. labt even operates in a glass house, providing complete transparency, not only for the designers but for the potential customers they seek.

what you you up to today? i'm off to do some house painting, then lunch with a friend, all the while spending time with my son whose home from college. i hope this tuesday finds you energized and inspired. if not? these pieces from labt should help, enjoy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

the vessel peanut planter. mid~monday find.

for a fun & unique mid~monday afternoon find, i wanted to share this vessel mini peanut planter. i'm drawn to the unusual shape, size and array of colors this sweet planter comes in. it's a pretty good size, 34" wide, 7.5 " high and 9" deep. perfect for anything that you call your favorite plants...oh, and find yours here.

how is your monday treating ya? i'm on my way to bike to the beach with my son, snacks are in the bike basket and the sun is waiting for us. enjoy the rest of your afternoon friends....

hello monday & nanoo.

happy monday morning to ya! today i wanted to share the super slick shapes/furniture/lamps offered up by nanoo. nanoo's product line is a combination of useful meets fun. daring meets reserved. from their use of chunky acacia wood base legs to concrete bases for their floor lights, and then shapely fiberglass for some of nanoo's seating choices, unusual materials combine for an interesting furniture physique...

another thing i really like, that designers/companies utilize is natural materials and somewhat industrial materials such as concrete. it's easy to forget how unbelievably beautiful, materials such as concrete really can be.

how was your weekend friends? in between doing things that i had to do, i worshiped the sun a little, watched boats that i can only currently dream about pass me by and surrounded myself with only positive and really good thoughts. i hope that your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. and more! have a great start to this fresh brandy new week ;) enjoy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

busy. but i like it!

i know this space, between the walls and the textiles, and then add in the view of the outdoors, is well, busy. but, i really like it. you can almost smell the flowers, how fun?

how are you this afternoon? enjoying your sunday i hope ;)

a sunday view. for you.

there of course is something to be said for beautiful/amazing/intoxicating views. this sunday, this little white beauty, perched atop this wonderful pile of rock, is my friends, a spectacular sunday view. especially whilst sipping ethiopian coffee and dreaming the morning away...

what are you up to today? i'm working...but in between work stuff, i'm going to stick my face right up to the sun and soak up some warmth. i try not to forget to look up during the day, there is so much that is beautiful, if you remember to look up. ;) enjoy...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

the davies mirror. by egg collective.

this saturday evening, i'm entranced by this davies mirror offered up by egg collective. egg collective is a brooklyn based design company, "committed to building american made furniture that merges heirloom quality craftsmanship and contemporary design."

egg collective's mantra is that they "design enduring objects." i love that. shouldn't objects that you love, objects which you selectively and lovingly pick and place in your spaces, your homes, be enduring? enduring is a good thing my friends. so is the weekend, so are summer saturday evenings.

this particular saturday evening, i hope you are having a ball, beyond relaxed, whooping it up, excited (i am!), in love, happy, or anything and everything in between. enjoy!

Friday, June 8, 2012

friday mid~day find. sit and read.

sit and read's blog/site emerged out of a love of movie props and days at the flea market, and today offers up an eclectic array of gently used furniture to artwork and signage. in amongst all of the goodies at sit and read, these catherine holm enameled bowls by grete prytz kittelsen, with those sun~shine~y yellow strips, well, they make me smile today.

ooh, and if you're into leather, older, gently used couches and chairs, sit and read has those, they are drool~worthy my friends! enjoy...