Saturday, August 31, 2013

saturday & lake louise.

i love this photo, of lake louise, canada...

that water, that wall of trees, if i were literally standing here, this view would stop me for hours...enjoy.

Friday, August 30, 2013

yeah for friday!

hey, hey for friday! even though we've been in the midst of fog and clouds for a few days in my part of the world, i'm still looking forward to this friday, this weekend and savoring this end of august...

do you have fun plans for this long weekend? me...i'm doing a little running around getting my son ready for his junior year of college! and in between, i've been applying to teach here, i'm getting organized to start my thesis project (i'll tell you all more about that soon! only because it's interactive and i'd love your input!), planning a trip to tennessee, and trying to relax a little in between ;)

have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are, whatever you do! enjoy!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

handmade fudgesicles

the beeroness, whose motto is "have your beer and eat it to" has posted a recipe for these handmade chocolate stout cheesecake fudgesicles. ah, yeah...
you can read/write down/or even try this recipe here. this i would LOVE to try, before summer ceases to tempt me into fudgesicle thinking thoughts. just saying...enjoy!

the seasons, they are a changing...

flipping through the pages of analog dialog's interior site is like finding all kinds of interior goodies in an amazing variety of hard to find magazines...
today, as labor day weekend approaches for all of us, as the summer season winds down...even if we don't want it to, i'm drawn to spaces that capture summer. some of these for me, found on analog's site, do that. i hope they give you the same feeling, enjoy!

transitioning into fall, with planters.

planters are like pillows to me, i could shop for them all day long...
just when i believe i've settled on a particular style or material, i notice another one, then another that i love just the same or more. i could literally keep moving my plants, flower or grasses from one to the other, depending on the season...

these stone and spaghetti style planters offered up by vondom are my pick for fall...or at least that transition from summer to fall. their character, reminiscent of smooth stones washed and softened by the tide. as if they still hold some of the warm summer heat. what about you? do you love shopping for planters like me? i'd love to hear...enjoy!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

lace lights.

these lace lights, designed by matteo ugilini for karman are amazing...
karman is truly an amazing find for lighting. if you are in the market, either residentially or commercially for some downright amazing knock your socks off lighting...check them out, here. enjoy!


and so sexy pretty for the end of the summer. these gold bar studs and this syracuse necklace in nude. paired with your end of the summer tan, that's what i'm talking about...
they're both offered up by leif, a site/store i visit often for what's new. they also have some really great fall-esque pillows coming out too, take a look! and enjoy...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a bird ballet.


to wind down your tuesday....enjoy!

between the white & the lines.

magis is offering up some really pretty tables. with lots of white...and lots of lines...
i love the look. it's architectural, modern, clean and pretty, all wrapped up into some really fabulous tables. these tables, any of them, are sensational for both residential and commercial settings.

in a residential setting, they add the texture and flow of line, they add a modern a raw and uninterrupted sense of being to a space. they compliment the space without taking over.

commercially, these tables would be a fabulous element added to a setting with lots of wood. throw the space off intentionally with these floating polymeric white tops and steel rod legs everywhere. the mixture of materials would be just plain perfect. enjoy!

Monday, August 26, 2013

monday. and blimp rizzy.

this monday morning, i'm loving the style and patterns of these handmade clutches offered up by blimp rizzy...
michelle maquire named her business after her italian american grandpa's best friend "the late great elio 'blimp' risaletti" or blimp rizzy. get it? got it.

these minimalistic clutches are all about the pop, the pattern, the color and the vibe. i. want. them. all. period. ;)

how is your monday starting out? mine? ah, it started with a dead car battery (i could tell it was getting "iffy" by the way it was starting lately, but i'm one of those people who puts off that sort of thing until it is absolutely necessary.) so today, it was absolutely necessary.

luckily there were guys near me working on a house, i asked if they had jumper cables and one guy said "well if not, i can make them." what?? "i'm an electrician," he said. okay....

but alas they had some. sooooooo off to the auto parts i drove, left the car running and was in and out in no time. not the best start to a monday, but not the worst either. hope your morning is going along a little smoother than mine ;) enjoy!

Friday, August 23, 2013

happy friday friends!

i love this photograph, i want it one day. the impact of it, in this sort of french provincial space, ali coming right at you, it's pure awesome...
(via, i forget!)

what are you up to this weekend? i'm just back from a run and about to gobble down some swordfish, gorgonzola risotto and red wine. ah, yeah. i ran, so i deserve it ;) i hope this weekend finds you healthy, happy and enjoying some of your favorite things too...

being lucky.

i saw this the other day, i grabbed my camera and tried to capture the perfect shape and color of it all. it was maybe lucky feelings. so i'm sharing them with you too...
i'm happy this afternoon, feeling lucky, feeling inspired. and seeing rainbows doesn't hurt ;) i hope that you are feeling happy, lucky & inspired too. if not, hope that it rains in your neck of the woods, then...look for a rainbow to come your way...enjoy!

pink, unexpected.

this entire line, offered up by the italian company fratelli boffi is over the top unusual, incorporating a sculptural play on just about every piece...
each of these pieces, designed by ferruccio laviani, utilize hot pink, in unexpected ways. and i chose them because they are each evocative of very different times.

the top piece, this "f table" is drenched in fluorescent fuchsia so thickly that the surface appears to be a plastic coating. the solid, hardwood legs reveal drips and drabs of the same pink paint. this piece is modern, abstract, sculptural and fresh.

the bottom piece, this "w(hole)" louis xv inspired sideboard in mahogany is reminiscent of all things opulent, yet hinting toward the modern and away from the past. the abstract nature is all revealed in this particular piece by incorporating the same fuchsia paint, bored into a disappearing hole, the visual form of this is intense.

when researching designers and designs i love being wowed, i love being surprised and kept off guard. if you are in need of a wow moment or piece, boffi is certainly designing all that you can handle. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

watertower sidetable.

these are curiously kind of cool. xiral segard, a female french designer has created a sort of tribute, to the already "monumental architecture that punctuates the landscape of the french countryside." these "concrete islands in the middle of nowhere" have been reconfigured, re purposed if you will, scaled down and designed as side tables, equipped with a wooden removable lid for storage.
i really love the play on the obvious, those fixtures we have been accustomed to noticing, driving by, or almost not even noticing. xiral asks you to look at the very design differently, in a new and unique way. and that my friends, is what it's all about...enjoy!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

wild walls.

i can't tell if these wild wallpapers offered up by walluncia are seriously patterns i could utilize or place in either the right residential or commercial space. but they sure are fun...
designed by diana garreau, born in madagascar, they certainly stem from african roots. diana describes her designs as "the product of two extremes, the untamed color and freedom of africa and the european discipline with and eye for every detail."

i think once i hear these amazing patterns described in this fashion, i not only look at them differently, i imagine them differently. and plus, they sure are fun...enjoy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

tastes orangey.

i've featured the etsy site, tastes orangey and clare elsaesser's original paintings before, but these flower child paintings stopped me today.
i really like the painterly quality, the thick and unafraid way that clare approaches the canvas with her paint. there is something fierce yet soft about clare's work. i just really love her style. enjoy!