Wednesday, November 26, 2008

busy week!

hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts this week, we are working night and day on the shop! will resume posting next week with more interesting design ideas as well as popping by all of your great blogs too! i miss visiting all of my favorites. talk to you all soon........happy thanksgiving too!

Friday, November 21, 2008

greener grass design.

porcelain fireplace candle holder, how unique. as we know candle holders can get a little mainstream but not this one.

this might be my favorite on the site, globe lights woven from re-purposed fishing line and as they say "captures the light, not the fish!"

greener grass offers a line of great textiles like these wool pillows (and there are tons more) by judy ross, light bright bold colors.

also a new take on the typical vase!

i don't know why i chose this to feature but this bowl of melted plastic toy soldiers is just fun, a great conversation piece.

how romantic is this little table top fireplace?

veneer bowls, love love.

great take on the salt and pepper shaker.

these barnacle cubbies, can you imagine a whole wall of them. store things in them or leave them empty to just shine on their own!

this is a hanging light my friends, can you imagine?

i think i've hit a lottery of gadget design with greener grass design! a jammed packed site of hip, eclectic, fine all the way to quirky interestingly designed products. that's a mouthful. (my academic writing professor would call that a run-on sentence.) lighting, accents, kitchen accessories, fun toys for pets, furniture and more, greener grass represents many companies and artists/designers to offer their customers many choices for dressing up any space, residential or commercial. i just had a ball poking around, great photography of the pieces, fabulous tidbits on the artist and the piece and their prices range from extremely affordable to when you win the lottery you'd love to purchase a piece! so head to greener grass for some friday fun! happy weekend, i'll be losing sleep getting the shop in gear

update: those black and blum lights i bought are being installed, stereo was installed (that's a story for another day because of course i wanted the speaker to be placed up above and out of site on the very high ceiling, i'm talking very high, so it was more of a job than normal!) cleaning is beginning, chocolate should start arriving and decorating for christmas...besides that mrs. lincoln how was the play? yikes, breathe, breathe, talk you all soon......................:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

getting into the christmas-tree spirit!

ok, so i'm working on the shop and realizing that not only do i have to get it filled up and functional but also decorated for christmas! yikes, so needing a little kick in the pants i decided to hit the martha stewart site...and before everyone sighs...for holiday ideas you must admit martha really is the bomb! and every now and then a little voice appears whispering "what would martha do?" come on you know it! anyway, even though it's early and i'm not one to rush the season i need to get into the groove for my business. so, as i'm perusing her pages, she has created a thumbnail page by page grouping of eye-candy christmas trees, with great descriptions and traditions explained depending which part of the world she has decorated a tree for. it was fun to flip through the images, read some of the interesting facts and of course gather some inspiration when my normally artistic and original idea-filled brain is a bit spent. do you have a favorite? is there one you could see in your own home or business? hopefully the trees get you in the spirit although early, christmas and decorating does creep up on all of us. have fun!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


the next series of pillows are fun, they are text of a variety of things searched for on google. very pop art, very mod, very fun!

elodie blanchard is elasticco. a very artistic and textural company using anything and everything to build with, such as rubber bands. one item on her site is a collection of vases all at different heights, completely wrapped in rubber bands and then coated, just fabulous. her site was difficult for me to save any pictures to show you more but she also has a small etsy site with a link from her main site. mostly for the pillows. just happened upon elodie and elasticco and thought i'd share as a great new artist to check out.

click on this link for a fun interview with elodie about how she gets inspired and what she does about it. my favorites are her google search pillows and the completely beautiful array of textiles and fabrics she creates and offers. exquisite really. enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2008


great commercial and residential options. this divider placed in a commercial setting, plain aluminum, custom yellow could easily transform space in your home.

here moz shows the detail work for a metal wall hanging or room divider? or possibly a facade on a bar at a fabulous new restaurant? so many possibilities with a custom order.

moz is amazing or should i say "amozing"! "moz art is a new collection of contemporary metal art. we have created various grid compositions by overlaying translucent colors on etched metals. fusion of form and color creates additional shades producing a new work of art with every color and grid selection. the possibilities are endless. the moz art collection consists of individually hung pieces of art." strategically hung, these metal mazes cast the illusion of a fire glowing on a wall in place of a fireplace (as in the first photo). i was fooled, i thought i was witnessing a new fireplace company that was perhaps using the flueless denatured alcohol to burn clean but no, just an illusion. how fun.

really this company is using raw materials and manipulating them with either texture, color or both and creating a very unique sorce of design. a new light element, a new visual effect. available in over 200 color and pattern combinations, the creativity is endless! whether for residential or commercial, check out moz and their fabulous portfolio of work, it will tempt you to say the least. moz designs is located in california, so if you live close by...even better. great for monday eye-candy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


create innovative spaces with the help of parametre and their line of 3d textiles. what i love about these dividers of space is that they are not solid and let sound,light and space filter through while allowing bits of privacy at the same time. located in salt lake city, utah...parametre asks you to look, play and buy while perusing their website. specs can be downloaded, patterns/colors/sizes can be selected and they also offer custom sizing. parametre partitions are lightweight, 100% non-woven polyester, flexible and perfect for easy installation in either your home or commercial space! the company suggests using them as either partitions, window treatments, ceilings, screens, wall hangings, wall treatments and light diffusers. wow...what would you do with parametre's materials? i loved the ceiling application for a boring ceiling transformed! hmmmmm..........

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


a sculptor of light and stone, drew a. schnierow illuminates stone, creating a unique and ethereal art of light from within. "my influences include landscapes, geology, life forms, light technology and contemporary design. my relationship with design is a crucial element in the process. it keeps me aware of the play between my art and the environments that they will call home. since contemporary design is so consciously influenced by nature, my artwork is perfectly matched with today’s collective creative voice." through his careful process of sculpting, polishing and lighting, "a perfect balance of shape and design is unveiled." i should say so. and i should also say wow! imagine turning all of your ordinary lights off in the space you place one of these sculptures and the only light glowing is from this stone! i'd become lost in it like you can a fireplace at times. my eyes would constantly move around the object noticing every vein, every line, every texture and color that the light forces you to notice. mesmerizing.

this is what i love about the magazine dwell, they showcase so many talented artists and designers that are cutting edge but so many are using and manipulating organic, found objects and materials and playing with things, with design, with light! just fabulous.

Monday, November 10, 2008

black and blum

love this company black and blum in england. another eclectic, finder of fun gadgets and fine lighting of interest. i ordered lights from them for my new chocolate shop. the shades seen in the last photo. i'm organizing a clump of them hung at different heights over the front counter to create my own chandelier and then a couple more over a small seating area that i have in the shop, which consists of 2 chairs and a table. i like customers to be able to sit and talk for a while. so with these beautiful shades dangling above them, they are sure to be entranced into chocolate heaven. check out black and blum, quirky and fun...tastes for all types of individuals!