Sunday, September 30, 2012

sunday tree elements.

i'm quietly waking after a weekend of college student stories, academic discussions and goofing off & laughing with my son this weekend...
these quiet tree elements, whether they be in nature or design, the visual contentment, suits my mood...because feeling easy & happy with my son is as easy as these images. happy sunday day friends...i hope you are smiling today too ;) enjoy!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

saturday & one must dash.

this saturday i'm enjoying the easy graphic nature of these prints offered up by one must dash. clever, flirty and just for fun. the jumbled love letters in the middle...is super cute.
i'm not usually a print person, as i prefer original art to anything, but these caught my non~printloving attention. which one is your favorite? enjoy...

Friday, September 28, 2012

how will you be unwinding this weekend?

earlier this year, apartment therapy posted about beanbag chairs. remember bean bag chairs? whoa, i thought i was all kinds of vogue when i was younger and i received my very own bean bag chair. i think it was faux red leather. yikes.
so weigh in here...did you ever have one? do you now? are you lying? just kidding. anyway, this one offered up by pb teen (but, ah, you don't have to be a teenager, just saying...) could very well call my name, lure me over, and capture me for a while. book in hand, red wine placed precariously close (to all of that white) and dave brubeck (or perhaps robert cray if i'm feeling a little more funky/blues~y) billowing a little louder than normal. so, if i had a very cool bean bag such as this, i'd be plunked down in the middle of it this weekend, for sure ;)

what about you friends? how are you unwinding, getting your groove on or chilling out this weekend? i'd love to hear. my son is coming home from college. i'll be enjoying his company and his sense of humor this weekend. perfect! enjoy...

dylan design company. & happy friday!

yeah for the end of a busy week! i wanted to share a fab friday find, and a little etsy love on the side...these chunky, walnut pendants with edison bulbs from dylan design company.
"each piece is intrisically different" having been hand cut, faceted from fallen trees. add in a little modern with those colored cloth cords and voila, you have youself a pretty cool single pendant or certainly a wow piece chandelier. i really just love these...i hope you do too! enjoy...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

mestizodizenio. argentinian style.

 mestizodizenio's designs, sends the message utility meets comfort, then let's add in some super bright color and boom, you have expressive pieces, luring your design senses, making you smile. i think that mestizodizenio's pieces would add a little happy to your spaces. no, really...i do!
(via design milk)
math has never been my strong suit. in fact it sort of frightens me. but mestizodizenio's designs, evocative of math, of geometry, make me look at math, through design, differently...it seems somehow, just more fun.

how is your mid~day thursday treating you? this almost friday, it's so close you can feel it afternoon? my son is coming home from college tomorrow for the weekend, so i'm getting ready to feed him, give him a hair cut (he suddenly only likes the way that i cut it. i cut hair well, but don't tell anyone!) and feed him some more. enjoy the rest of this day!

p.s. i've posted a couple of new groups/sounds/videos if anyone is in the maket for new music, under my likes & listens tab.

pretty as a picture. postcards.

these beautiful postcards offered up by the shop of little green shed are just pretty as a picture. i swear, i'd just send them to everyone and anyone, just to say hi.
i really like the soft/colorful/geometric/graphic shapes placed over the natural black and white imagery. which one's your favorite? i'm partial to the first one. but i really love them all...enjoy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

this afternoon. this look.

so...if this were me, it's not, but if it were, this would be me. i'd be tucking a button down men's~esque shirt straight into a sequins skirt. and why not i ask you? why not...
(via, via)
just some afternoon fashion deviation for you. just saying...enjoy ;)

tompa hanging lights.

hungarian artist/designer laszlo tompa has created these amazing hexagonal pyramid hanging flower lamps. consisting of wood turned elements, non~transparent, with locally downward directed light. and oh~so~pretty...
many of you know that lighting is my favorite medium in the world of interior design, whether it be commercial or residential. and with that, i also really get excited when i happen upon inventive, creative, interesting designers such as laszlo tompa. yeah for laszlo, yeah for lighting! enjoy...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

striped stairs. tuesday do~it!

how super cool are these painted striped stairs highlighted on maureen's site inglenook design? they're daring, but really they're not. they are just transformed to a single, classic, black & white stripe. well, i don't know about you, but i love it!
just saying...i'd do it...enjoy!

now. for fall.

for fall, i'm drawn to some of the rugs & the color palettes and natural patterns offered up by now. from rich tones, to subtle references to rain, to ocean waves, to stones & clouds. and after all, how can you go wrong bringing a little bit of nature, indoors?
i'm a wood floor person, so incorporating rugs here are there for warmth, for texture, for added interest is perfect. check out more of what now has in store for this upcoming (no, wait, we're in it already!) fall season, here.

how are you this tuesday morning? as a reluctant giver-uper of summer, i've been fighting the coming of fall, but the weather has been so completely gorgeous that i'm letting summer go, i'm running outside more, i'm sleeping better with the cool crisp air. i love fall. there i said it. ok, now i'm good. bring on the tights and boots ;) enjoy...

Monday, September 24, 2012

mixing it up. art by jennifer sanchez.

these mixed media original paintings, collages & screenprints by new york based jennifer sanchez have my head swimming. with color, pattern, texture, color over texture, pattern over color, texture over pattern. ok, i'll stop. but really...i am intrigued and inspired by jennifer's work. plus, i want one ;)
perfect monday afternoon kick start...don't you think? i imagine one of jennifer's works large, hanging over a farm table, in a vintage~esque kitchen or dining room. just to throw it off, to alarm it, to transform it, to compliment it, in every brilliant way possible. so brilliant. enjoy!

p.s. new kimbra sound/video under my likes & listens tab. this will get you going this monday! thanks to singature style's blog for sharing ;)

holla monday! & hinged mirrors.

i've said it before (so i'll say it again!) i'm one of those strange people who loves mondays. i find them promising, exciting and they have me wondering what the week has in store for me. how can that not be exciting? you know what's also exciting? these incredibley beautiful brass hinged mirrors by morie nishimura.
it's also exciting to read how nishimura views tools, such as mirrors and how human beings have come to interact/use them. nishimura notes that "tools have become very much tied to the philosophical sensibility of human beings."

and that he now seeks "to revive the idea of having respect for these simple objects and to rebuild the relationship between our society and the tools we have come to take for granted."

too deep for mirrors or for monday? nah, just plain cool that's all. enjoy!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

a sunday space.

this space, this sunday, projects my mood. quiet, contemplative, thoughtful, reflective and imagining...lots of ideas, lots of things, lots of feelings. i don't usually post much about my personal life, my personal feelings. i hope you don't mind.
but, i've been doing alot of that lately. thinking. remembering. i've felt super sensitive to change, to loss,(more about that here), to living without certain people, to finding love and worst of all, losing love. all of those things hurt so much. but i'm getting to a point where i'm ready to breathe, ready to just be. without regret. without sadness. i'm ready to be happy. it's funny how you all of the sudden you get to that point. it's taken a while, but i'm almost there...enjoy the rest of your sunday friends!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

saturday morning & tracy kendall walls.

some quiet wallpaper ideas for a quiet saturday morning. sipping coffee and enjoying the many textured, bespoke and unusual wall treatments offered up by tracy kendall.
i especially love the daring and experimentation of her textured wallpapers. from fringe to cut layers, to utilizing jigsaw puzzle pieces and sequins. ah, yeah, i said sequins. how fun right? way out of the box kind of fun! enjoy...

Friday, September 21, 2012

have the best weekend ever.

so this guy made me smile this friday afternoon.
what are you up to this weekend? i'd love to hear! i'm feeling artistic. i may drag out a small canvas and hit the en plain air to see what i come up with. sometimes being artistically spontaneous produces the best work. i'll let you know ;) enjoy!

p.s. image credit...i forget. if you know please remind me.;)

eklektic. objets uniques.

this friday morning, i find myself vintage lusting over a few of the snazzy unique objects (or if you are feeling french, objets uniques) on the fab french blog/store so so lovely and her eklektic collection.
i'll be checking back often to see what the choices are. the lamp i featured today, yeah, i want that. what will you want? enjoy...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

my morning. & a friend.

happy almost friday friends! i was out the door early this morning for french coffee at my favorite french bakery. on my way home this happened. alongside the marsh, i spotted him. he saw me too. i didn't have my camera in the car, so i drove home and grabbed it, expecting him to be gone when i returned to the marsh. he waited. this was our interaction this morning. a beautiful way to start the day.
i took about 80 photos of him (or was she a she?) and obviously i couldn't share them all with you. these were some of my favorites. doesn't it move you or maybe stop you, when an animal or bird stops to look at you too? i wonder what they are thinking or how they are seeing you, as you are seeing them. i suppose we can only imagine for now. enjoy!