Sunday, July 31, 2016

sunday & case, lang & veirs

by neko case, kd lang and laura veirs coming together, you get pure brilliance. listen to a little or alot of this concert this sunday...i'm already dancing around the house.


Friday, July 29, 2016

have a happy weekend!

yeah for the weekend! has it felt like a long week for you too?
and so as you shrug off the long week feeling, are you planning anything fun this weekend? i just started this book (which takes part in large on martha's vineyard) and REALLY like it alot. but i also love trying to guess the end of everything! and you guys, i made these cookies (without the frosting) this week and they are seriously amazing. i did find that they needed 12 minutes in the oven though.

i've been sewing away on my 2nd embroidery project, will share the final result on my instagram soon! i've also been running alot outside in the hot, hot weather and then eating fudgsicles in the shower to cool down. seriously:) i hope that your weekend is everything you want it to be! and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

has anyone tried this face highlighter? i'm curious.

mmmm, this watermelon salad looks delish!

terry gross has one of those voices (at least to me) that if i could only hear one, forever, on a deserted island, it would be hers. i love her interview the garry marshall, who just passed away :(

cool abstract rugs by patricia urquiola.

reeeeeeaaaaally like this crescent wallpaper by kelly wearstler.

this nude one piece bathing suit is gorgeous.

his cloud paintings are epic.

i've been trying my hand at embroidery these days. these are attention getting for sure.

a do-it-yourself leather plant holder.

can i please move into this madrid apartment?

gin & tonic sorbet? yum.

how about carrying around your laptop in a a vintage attaché case.

loving this before and after.

wow, the dresses in the 2017 lanvin resort collection are to die for. (that white one #20!)

red foil ankle boots.

pretty versions of soothing white bedrooms.

the bubblegum forest has some fun colors in their wall weavings.

ok, hers are pretty fun too!

loving this bronze heel.

the prettiest casserole dish i've ever seen.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

texty inspiration

just kind of inspiring today...
sometimes text can just do that somehow...enjoy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

cave collective

and while we're on the topic of hand-made and textural pieces, how gorgeous are these fiber wall hangings from cave collective?
and the super soft color palette? pure love. enjoy!

local & lejos

local & lejos offers uncommon goods, good you just won't find in common retail stores. local & lejos scours the globe for special pieces, hand-made by local artisans and then brings them all together to help enrich your home with meaning...
local & lejos is design with intention. in english, local is defined as "pertaining to a community nearby, or belonging to a neighborhood." lejos, in spanish, is defined as "pertaining to a place that is far away, or far in the distance." so what local & lejos does is "brings homegoods to your home from far away places while supporting the artisans that crafted them."

from the colorfully woven bowls (many from rwanda that take 2 days to make!), to the soft serape blankets made in guatemala, to the elegantly block-printed napkins from india, each piece feels as if you've found a treasure. they are special. the people that made them are special. local & lejos is, well, very special too. enjoy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

urban design, in metal

i like this metal seating and table line offered up by the french company tf urban...
commercial spaces, cafes, art museum outdoor seating areas, urban park areas, open college or school campus areas, there are so many gathering spaces where this line would be eye catching, colorful and just fun. just saying...enjoy!

Monday, July 25, 2016

monday & lcd

i hope that you had an amazing weekend friends! i wanted to share a few fun items that i'm currently wishing for from venice california-based lcd...
lcd was founded in 2012 by former music exec geraldine chung and supports finding an eclectic mix of independent designers from around the globe with what she calls "likeminded attitude, a unique point of view and quality craftsmanship."

i really like lcd, it's a little bit punk, a little bit funk, with a polished high end finish. pieces are unique, unusual and slightly edgy. you would feel like a rockstar in any of lcd's clothing choices. and i WANT that today! enjoy!