Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween!

happy friday and happy halloween...
two fun days in one! i have to admit, i've never truly been one to embrace halloween like some do. when my son was younger i loved making him costumes and trick or treating, absolutely. but over scary costume parties and haunted houses, i'd much rather be in a space like this, surrounded by fall & pumpkins...(ok maybe they could at least be carved and lit!)...and red wine and food and friends, now that's my kind of party!

however you choose to enjoy halloween, have a blast! me? i'll probably be wrapped up in a blanket sipping red wine and breathing in the fall night air. enjoy!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

clement brazille.

french designer clement brazille has designed these unique bertoia chairs, in fabrics & colors such as velour corduroy yellow and cashmere gray and they. are. gorgeous.
the pairing of soft and special fabrics with visually woven patterns all captured and held together by that fine metal frame makes for a more than interesting piece. how unique would these be as dining chairs in your home? or sprinkled around a more formal lounge area of a hotel to throw off the space? sometimes the unexpected is the most welcome of sensations. these are versatile & fun in the world of interior design. enjoy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

seeking quiet.

i'm not sure if it's the time of year, coming down off of a vibrant & active summer season or whether just every now and then, we all seek quiet...
but i'm seeing it in friends around me, bloggers, co-workers, and even kids! that need for quiet. every now and then, as fast as we go, as much as we have to be on, to be connected, to be on point, we have to disconnect, become actually extremely cognisant of our surroundings, of color, of scent, of feel.

i'm enjoying these spaces today, as i run out the door to work. ok, i'll walk...enjoy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

studio beam.

i found these "sketch lights" offered up by studio beam today via the contemporist. how fun are these?
studio beam actually makes these sketch lights by hand. silver soldered with a powder coat finish. oh, and you can order a colored cord too (and why not order the cord in an opposite color of the light for more fun?!).

i think that these lights offer both a sense of humor in how they resemble objects such as fans but they also offer a sense of structure and contour and a minimalistic approach to lighting any space, residential or commercial. enjoy!

denim dressed up.

are you seeing what i'm seeing lately for fall fashion, denim dressed up?
i love it as an accent piece and texture to a tulle skirt, a formal blazer, dressed up with belts or just plain ol' denim on a denim skirt. super fun and flirty. i now need to invest in a washed denim top, pronto! enjoy...

Monday, October 27, 2014

the geranium series.

this beautifully sculpted geranium series in painted brass and by australian artist peta kruger has stopped me this afternoon...
i'm sort of a boring flower lover at times. geraniums happen to be one of my favorite outdoor plants. i find them classically beautiful, never boring and always consistently vibrant in color and durable for east coast planting. peta has captured geraniums balancing an authenticity with a slight abstractness that is captivating. she also has a super unique custom jewelry line, check out how to wear peta's designs here too. enjoy!

monday & italian design.

happy monday friends! i wanted to share a very italian find of very beautiful furniture design, contempo italia. have a look...
contempo italia's philosophy is based upon made in italy, made by hand, and use excellent, high-quality materials doing it. you can tell. i'm drawn to how much of their design appears luxurious & welcoming, the rich fabrics, the hints of leather, all balanced on whisper thin legs that you almost don't even notice. they are bold yet quiet pieces, they are pieces with flair. and you've got to have flair, right?

how was your weekend friends? i was GLUED to my computer typing my graduate thesis as my due date approaches. but in between footnotes and bibliographies, i managed to take a walk, buy a pumpkin and sip some red wine. a good weekend. enjoy your monday!

Friday, October 24, 2014

have a relaxing weekend!

so this is how my week began...
i went to see john hiatt and michael logen here, at the shalin liu performance center. the performance center (backside view from the beach at cape ann above) is now the most special of places that i have ever enjoyed live music. as if being in an old sea captain's home, the center only seats about 300 people total so every seat is like being in a living room with a live performer. stunning. the entire backdrop behind the performer, the WHOLE WALL is glass with views of rockport harbor and fishing boats and seagulls and geese. again...stunning. and during the intermission michael logen hung out in the lobby areas talking to anyone who wanted to say hello. so we said hello. and he signed a cd for my son ethan. very cool. at the end of the concert, john hiatt was visibly moved by this event. he said so. his body language suggested he didn't want to leave the stage. that if we kept clapping he would have played into the night.
we then drove north, to camden maine. i like staying at this one particular resort. it's a little dated (though they are about to undertake a multi-million dollar renovation) but what you are there for is the panoramic views of penobscot bay. not. even. funny. beautiful. the week began with sunrises and sunsets, with lobster boats heading out to check their traps, before the predicted nor'easter was to arrive.
from the harbor area, looking up at mt. battie, i thought yuuuuuuup, going to go and climb that thing! ah, i got three quarters of the way up no problemo. then i made the mistake of turning around, and looking, and like, on SHEER ROCK. it felt like i was dangling on the side of the largest mountain in the world. with zero gear. i tried pretending that i didn't have a fear of heights. i now realize that i have A FEAR OF HEIGHTS! so i backed down the mountain, at the rate of like one foot per every 10 minutes. IT WAS CRAZY. finally i got back to my car, which was tucked in the woods and drove to the top. oh and disclaimer, when i first visited the park (yes they have a normal park area where you can begin your adventure of enjoying this mountain but i was like noooooooooo, i can't be like everyone else, i need to begin somewhere raw and it needs to be hard, like it was for the american indians back in the day, blah blah blah), i spoke to a park ranger who suggested i just keep driving, up mt. battie, to enjoy the view. should have listened. finally did. i drove to the top, like everyone else. and not like an american indian, but the view was the reward. it was like being in some sort of heaven peering down.
later in the week the storm came, as it was predicted to. the lobster boats stayed in, the bay was raging with wind and sideways rain. we slept with the glass slider to our little deck facing the ocean, open, every night. i woke up alot, heard the wind which should have scared me but it didn't, it calmed me actually. i immediately went right back to sleep. every time. breathing in salt air and the storm.
(images: mine)

normally we walk to this lighthouse, but obviously this time you wouldn't. we'd have been swept out to sea. but it was beautiful to watch the force of the storm, the power of it. you develop a particular reverence for the ocean living on the east coast.

i'm not sure what i believe as far as if we were all living some other life before this one kind of stuff. but if i did, it was here. every time i am in maine i am the most comfortable i can be. the most relaxed and in a place that i'm supposed to be. there is just something about it for me. it's where i go to be. do you have a place or places like that? i'd love to hear. enjoy your weekend friends!

these mia lights.

offered up by fabbian and designed by federica bubani, these mia f26 lights in polished white ceramic have captured my attention this morning...
mia, the italian word for mine is appropriate here since the smaller of the two conical shapes can be adjusted to how you like it, making it yours, making it mine. this simple design and lamp is more complex than first meets the eye. the ability to be customized to a variety of skews, to allow the light to be less or more direct is inviting and interesting.

ooooh plus happy friday! i'm back from some rest and rejuvenation (much needed). i'll share a few pictures later today of sunsets viewed, a mountain climbed (well, almost) and the ocean appreciated throughout a nor'easter. gorgeous. enjoy!