Friday, March 31, 2017

hello! & happy weekend!

hi friends, i've been missing for over a week due to a crazy busy work schedule. i hope that you have had a productive, positive week and are looking forward to the weekend as much as i am!
what are you up to this weekend, anything fun? i've had fun this past week trying to notice what everyone is reading these days while riding the train. of course this book is a current hot topic, but i also want to start this as well, i mean come on "unflinching intelligence and ingenious plotting?" i'm in.

in between that i'll be catching up on some of my favorite blogs, most likely with a glass of red wine in hand. i hope that your weekend is amazing! and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

as all of my socks are piled up in one big ball, i wish for this closet.

etsy love with these super fun cactus pillows.

gorgeous spaces.

cool pendant lights.

the marfa shower curtain, yes please.

how fun is this?

this mini ring bracelet is perfection.

a very cool cuff.

and speaking of hands...

wow to all of the subtle and not so subtle color in this venice apartment. (nevermind the furniture and everything else!)

minimalistic hair accessories to love.

i'm an east coaster, so these are fun.

emotional baggage.

love, love, love this avocado planter!

who doesn't need lightning bolt boots?

want a whole bunch of these knot pillows.

to go with these.

i like these too...

these fig & strawberry thumbprint cookies are gorgeous!

bossy podcast recommendations.

these mules, in pink, are to. die. for.

love ya, mean it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

the future perfect

where do i start? there is just SO much to love (and want!) from the future perfect...
founder david alhdadeff opened his original store in brooklyn in 2003. david's goal was to celebrate designers from "a burgeoning local design community." what began with modest intention emerged into a seriously beautiful platform to feature distinguished designers, both established and emerging, from all around the globe.

you can now enjoy the future perfect in new york, los angeles and san francisco...and of course on line. if i could have run through the future perfect's showroom and grabbed what i could in about 5 minutes, these are what would have been on my very quick list.

but there is SO much more to wish for and desire, here. and let's be clear, the future perfect offers wow pieces, at sometimes wow prices. but if you are in the market for exceptional, you are certainly in the right place. enjoy!

Monday, March 20, 2017

monday & trnk

new york-based trnk is a really fabulous find whose mantra is "have a handsome home". trnk offers up an eclectic variety of classically modern options, sourced from a variety of designers all around the world.

so much of what trnk offers is chock full of long lines, clean design and pieces that lend themselves to any residential or commercial space...
tarik dixon and nick nemecheck are trnk. they believe that homes and the spaces within should be "collected not decorated" and that the ideal home is "considered yet approachable." i love that! these were a few of my immediate favorites but there is a ton to see over at trnk. see more here & enjoy!

lavish alice

i discovered lavish alice on pinterest the other day. currently coveting a few cool items towards spring...
if you like them, see more here & enjoy!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

sunday & only the wild ones

dancing around the house to new music from dispatch today...only the wild ones...

oh, and if you like them, they're touring. so...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

have a super weekend! (kind of late)

i had another buuuuuusy week! how was yours?
so i'm late saying have a super weekend! what are you up to, anything amazing? i'd love to hear! i spend the weekend these days resting and recovering from busy work weeks, learning a fabulous new job, commuting on the train, which i'm finding very interesting people-wise, (see my instagram images here) and trying to take care of myself in general.

so cheers to rest & relaxation, to doing fun things or doing absolutely nothing! and it's the weekend, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

such a gorgeous handbag line. (i especially love this one)

this cutting board is just perfection really.

very cool kimonos.

ooh this rose chair.

i know it's an ashtray
but i love it anyway.

reading these brief book reviews.

could this be the most amazing way to work out ever? (via)

a vintage pillow cover
, etsy love.

another pillow crush.

this free form hairpin is gorgeous.

this fringe pullover
would be perfection with skinny jeans.

a big fat yes to these iron plant stands.

expensive yes, but so pretty.

a curious table lamp
, but i like it.

some real yummy art book selections.

super fun cards to give.

the most stylish outdoor barbecue grill ever.

lavish alice...a fresh take on the blazer.

can a rug make you happy? this one does it for me.

a pretty frilled sheer top.

really like this low "fly series pouf".

this might help winter blah skin.

i'm not really a print person, but i like this one alot.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

bone simple design

texas native chad jacobs launched his lighting company bone simple design in 1993 and works out of his now long island new york studio constructing contemporary lighting fixtures by hand, literally transforming the power of light...
chad offers up an eclectic variety of design choices on his bone simple design site, but his "bespoke" line, featured above, is my absolute favorite. there is indeed a powerful quality to these designs, they are big and bold yet lovely and quiet all at the same time. they lend themselves as statement pieces in both residential or commercial spaces.

man oh man when you want a wow lighting option, this bespoke line by bone simple design should jump to mind. enjoy!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

muller van severen

how fun are the clean lines and quiet design of these muller van severen pieces? and add in bits of bright, bold color, you have some super fun designs to choose from...
i see these more in commercial spaces, cafes, outdoor academic casual areas, but really they are fun just about anywhere? how about your small outdoor deck or patio? yes! enjoy...

bddw, hand-crafted american furniture

the small american furniture company bddw offers up "well crafted, timeless designs" by designer tylerr hays, handmade in his philadelphia studio. i think what i'm drawn to most is the rich crafted use of materials first and then the superbly original twist on classic designs with a lovely edginess to them...
"bddw is constantly producing new and innovative work" and you can tell that there is a sort of freedom of design going on here, a confidence in a sole designer, surrounded by a team of talented craftsmen. i love that, and i really love this line. see more of what bddw offers up here, & enjoy!