Friday, May 30, 2014

hello friday!

have a super fun weekend friends!

are you up to anything fabulous? i'd love to hear! sunday is supposed to be super sunny in my part of the world and i plan on soaking up some rays! there is something to be said for having a little summer glow on. everyone looks just a little bit healthier with some sun on their face, at least i think so.

i've saved some favorites things/sites/images/ideas of mine this week to share with ya, for fun!...

i just ordered this book (because no, i have not read it yet!) and it was because of this quote.

cannot get enough of these wet dog faces.

i want some of these as planters.

i don't usually wear one piece bathing suits, but i like this one.

a very handsome (and young) harrison ford.

my next vacation destination.

whatever you do this weekend, wherever you go, enjoy!

eric trine and line.

eric trine considers himself an "object based studio artist and designer." i consider him a master of the line. plus it rhymes with his name in a cool way...
but seriously line is everywhere in eric's designs, bold, colorful, in copper and woven, straight, layered, bent, it's all about the line. incorporating line in design is something that gets me, every time. for some reason my eye really likes it, to follow it. it's structural, sturdy and i never tire of the architectural quality that line offers design.

so there you have it, enough about line, check out more of eric trine here. sorry it keeps rhyming. i can't help it. enjoy!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


i've often thought, if someone asked me, "if you could meet one person in your lifetime who would leave a mark, a person who might even change you, who might you choose?" i would have chosen maya angelou...
katie rodgers put this illustration of maya on her blog today and it's lovely. like maya was. i heard her speak live only one time, and i will always cherish that feeling. and i say that feeling, because when maya angelou spoke, you felt it. enjoy...


distinctively scandinavian, the swedish company offecct has high ambitions...
offecct describes their product line as "contemporary design breathing scandinavian simplicity." and offecct believes that if you design and create innovative and sustainable product, it truly has a positive effect on people. i do too....

i just think that good design and materials in general can't help but make you feel good. and i believe that to be true of vintage as well as modern design. it's why every now and then you are just drawn to a particular piece, and you're not sure why, it just moves you somehow. i love that! enjoy...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

yellow things.

oh...just some very yellow things i'm coveting right now...
lemon enameled steel dinnerware, rhinestone lemon wedge earrings, yellow swedish hasbeen peep-toes, yellow umbrella striped cocktail napkins.

what colors/things/goodies are you looking forward to this summer? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

the sister light.

these are neat. this line of "sister" lights offered up by zava...
zava is an italian company and features a variety of daring lighting design choices, from more slightly classic to completely revolutionary and a bit daring. this "sister" line was one of my favorites, but i like this "arianna" line of shades too! ALOT! when a company is amazing, and you find yourself having trouble deciding which piece is more interesting or astounding than the next?...that's a good thing! enjoy...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

brian jones' ceramics.

i just thought that these were kind of cool this afternoon, these ceramics by brian jones...
you can find them, and more cool stuff on the eutectic gallery site, here. just for fun...enjoy!

two six.

two six, a jazzy company out of portugal is all about color, all about line in design, about texture and pure pizazz...
in their philosophy statement, two six explains that they "don't create parts, or objects, we create links for life. we believe in the timelessness of the present that embraces the past and changes the future." a really great statement.

super innovative, fun and cool. companies like two six keep us guessing, they surprise us, and that's what it's all about sometimes, right? enjoy! hope your weekend was amazing too!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

flower power.

i love the use of bold, brilliant flowers in fashion shoots these days. it's inspiration for weddings, parties, or my own fashion post?

i've been thinking about creating a fashion post or segment on my blog for a while. as i drive, i scour locations where i'd like to take photographs, backdrops to the fashions i'd feature. i shop alot at vintages stores and it would be fun to share some fabulous finds...maybe soon. enjoy!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

very wood.

i'm lately loving this line by the italian company, very wood.
"the company marries functional design with a passion for wood, artisan craftsmanship, attention to detail and the quality of natural materials," so very wood states.

the line is sophisticated, almost stately or a touch majestic at times & it compliments almost any environment, residential or commercial. clean lines, fresh design and functionality, all rolled into one...i love that! enjoy...

Friday, May 23, 2014

happy friday...

what better way to end a hectic week than with a happy hour do-it-yourself sign?
the project is featured on a beautiful mess's blog, you can check it out here.

it's ambitious, (in other words if you sometimes bang a nail in the wall with your shoe, like me? then it's ambitious), but if you have the correct tools and a little time? this is one of those very super cool do-it-yourself jobs! don't you think?

it's the end of an insane week. i plan on forcing myself to slooooooow down a bit, and if there is a happy hour in sight, i'm on it! enjoy the long weekend friends, and i hope that you are indeed with friends, relaxing, and catching up...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


i don't know how these past few weeks have evolved into this, but i've had like a bizillion things going on...yikes!

and they are all positive, just craaazzzzy busy. has it been busy for you too? or is it just me? i'm balancing everything well enough, to keep going, getting everything done, and well. but man oh man, sometimes i want to book a ticket to somewhere warm, leave my phone at home and do...nothing!

i hope that your week is positive too (just less busy!), have a great day friends! enjoy...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

pixtil patterns.

the french company pixtil is creating some super interesting patterns. then translating those, into bedding...
the patterns and color combinations are fresh and energetic, almost hypnotic. i love the flow, the way they move, the way they sit still, they're all just so fabulous. enjoy!