Saturday, October 24, 2020

new bruce springsteen: letter to you. perfection really.

he just gets better and better. i will be listening to this album all weekend long. on repeat. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

hi how are you? have a happy weekend!


i haven't posted in a while. there has been working remotely, and then working back in person, there has been a writing project that i'm getting nibbles on, there have been 3 hour walks on the beach, there has been research, there has been reading and a new boating commute, there's been painting purchases and painting with my fingers, there have been long nights looking at the stars, there have been dinners outdoors.

in between all of that, and like most of you, i'm fighting off a week of the blah's, paying attention to what it takes to make me feel less anxious, or happy or content. and then eating it or doing it or committing to it. how are you doing? i hope you are all hanging in there and finding spaces and places that make you happy.