Friday, April 26, 2019

have a happy weekend!

what are you up to this weekend? anything fun?
i've had a nutty week at work but have taken a long weekend off, much needed! i hope to work on some writing, get a couple of runs in and move slooooooow. sometimes it's hard to intentionally move slow, at least for me. so here's to trying and cheers to the weeekend!

and it's friday so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

man oh man do i love this red jumpsuit, please come back in stock.

staying on the jumpsuit theme, this is cute too.

can we please talk about this eternal dreamer sofa? wowzers.

and their celestial pebble single pendant is like finding the perfect piece of beach glass. gorgeous.


a pretty porcelain platter.

kind of funky but i like them. plus it's fun to play with the fabrics!

how about these nesting tables sitting right beside it?

loving this terrarium do-it-yourself! different size glass vessels arranged would also be interesting.

just bought this in black (shhh, it's from walmart & great price!).

pair it with these.

this coffee table.

what are you reading these days? i just finished this (awesome!) and thinking this looks intriguing. have you read either?

ok, this ceiling lamp & that color! perfection really.

and this outdoor seating line...i want one of each.

pretty much a wow stool.

this soft cylinders line is eye catching.

and it would have been my dad's birthday today, his absolute favorite day. happy birthday dad!


Sunday, April 7, 2019

sunday & local natives

dancing around the house to this, this sunday morning...

come dance withe me! & enjoy.

hey! how is your weekend going?

how is your weekend? are you up to anything fun?
i've been trying to slow it down this weekend, get outdoors to enjoy the spring air and disconnect a bit from all of my electronic devices. also shopping for spring blouses (i love the drama of this green organza blouse!) & eating pizza at my favorite joint. i hope that your weekend is everything you want it to be...

i also wanted to share some fab finds from around the world wide web, so here goes:

just bought this book, so good!

wishing for these platforms in putty.

such pretty knit french market totes.

loving this snug candle holder.

and this koppa wall basket.

dying to spend time outdoors, these atacama outdoor chairs would make me smile.

this ocean chair is pretty much perfection too for outdoors.

i just can't.

loving this quilt, like having ocean waves and wash all over your bed. these pillow cases would add for an extra dreamy beachy feel.

pillow love.

wishing i had room in my house for this daybed.

new blog love.

vintage chair envy.

this butterscotch metal bed is fun.

this home in provence is pulling at my when am i going to actually decide to go to france heart strings.

would make for a textural bedroom nightstand.

loving her painted lip series.

his black cloud series is stirring. how amazing if set against this wallpaper?

my favorite mirror right now.

this takes eating outdoors to another level. scroll down for recipes...i mean basil madeleines? uh yeah.

fun wrapping paper.

can we please talk about how gorgeous this couch is?