Sunday, May 30, 2021

have a lovely long weekend.


here wishing you a lovely long weekend! what are you up to? anything fun? i just wallpapered the little dining room of my house by the sea (this is the pattern) and it's so, SO fabulous in person. so spending the weekend hanging back up a few paintings, cleaning the house (it's raining cats and dogs this weekend) and sipping some IPA's. not bad, not bad at all. 

and i'm not back to work until wednesday, then headed to maine for the weekend with friends next week, golfing a round by the ocean (i've never golfed but watch it on t.v. ALL the time, will see how i do!) and eating our weight in food and wine. feels good to make plans, travel, see so many people without masks, a beautiful summer is on the horizon. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web (lots of great lighting finds in this post):

 this room, the color palette, is just perfection. and can we talk about this bathroom too?

ok this parasol pendant shade? might have to pull the trigger on this for my living room. and maybe this one for the bedroom.  

this lamp. this one too. 


this arched vase. 

etsy love.

a stunning halter jumpsuit.

these high rise white jeans for summer. 

very pretty pottery.

a wow chair. 

this kelly wearstler leather club chair is pretty wow too. and this console in white wash ash. 

these ceramic globe lamps. 

pillow love. liking this one for a color pop too. 

a gorgeous vintage basket. 

this terracotta candle holder. 

still love watching him dance. 

these look comfy.

a cool coffee table.

one of my favorite lighting companies has launched a furniture line. 

this linen shirt (those gold dots)

also pretty in white. and great price.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

happy weekend!


hi! how is your weekend going? i just wrapped up a class and now feel like i have the summer to look forward to doing whatever the heck i want. plus we are all heading down that brighter road these days, coming out of the pandemic fog and lots of amazing goodness on the very near horizon. so there's that!

you'll find me planting some sort of bright colored flowers in my outdoor urn planters, sipping red wine (done) and back to working on my writing project full time. (will tell you more about that one day soon if you are interested). i hope that you are having a happy weekend. and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

love a good scarf.

might pick this up for quick runs to my local market.

ceramic love.

more ceramic love.

loving her curtain hack, thinking of trying it at my own beach house.

pretty pearls, pretty mother's day gift!


for summer. 

a gorgeous (recycled) fruit bowl.

beautiful mohair throws. i'm partial to the sunny orange. 

speaking of orange.

this spring blouse. okay, one more.

how lovely is this terracotta water pitcher?

etsy love.

just picked up this taper holder. 

might be adding this beauty to my bedroom. this is pretty too.

how fun is this artwork for a pop of serious color?

trying to decide on back deck seating (mine is tiny). thinking or rockers & these pillows?

this french lighting collection. this one might be my fav. 

this bag needs to be mine. 

how perfect is this rattan ottoman/storage piece?