Monday, September 12, 2022

have a fantastic week!


happy lead into fall, how are you feeling? i've been feeling very reflective, moving slow, sometimes frustrated by how much i'm not getting done in a day, especially when i've planned a very productive day full of creativity and progress on projects. hey, i'm sure you've all been there. but instead of beating myself up, i'm embracing the days and the process, what is meant to be accomplished will be. 

i hope that you start out the week embracing what you don't know is going to happen. sometimes the best moments emerge and changed paths are all that more interesting. 

and if you are interested, some fun finds from around the world wide web: 

so much lighting goodness here. but these swinging wall sconces are a dream.
just bought these sandals in gold. because, gold. 
seriously love these pop pop tables.

i'm not usually a pink person but i like this. 

speaking of colorful, this shirt makes me happy.

i love a good scarf. this one is fun. 

i have a scarab necklace in sky blue stone, this one in gold is tempting. 

more yum, could eat these all. day. long.

haha, why every woman should own a pair of overalls. "overalls empower us to get work done." love that!