Wednesday, February 29, 2012

entrez-vous. mid~day entry inspiration.

today i was taken back by the these 2 exquisite entry ways found via bolaget. the perfect use of every inch, creating a mood in an otherwise typical space.

from that coat/boot closet in the top photo to that tord boontje light in the second. these entry ways invite you in, to stay a while, they are warm, interesting, and just so really fabulous. don't you think? love it!

ok friends, i'm on my way up to boston, snow boots in the car because the weather people are calling for a sloppy night of rain and snow. darn, and i just bought the cutest zebra striped with red piping flats. darn again. another day perhaps ;) enjoy!!

bsweden. light bright lighting.

this wednesday i wanted to share a fab new find, bsweden & their lighting design. incorporating a mixture of hand~made glass, alongside plastics, textiles & stainless steel, well, you now have yourselves a cross between super bright, super soft but all in all, super fun lighting.

as i perused bsweden's site and product line, i was reminded of the light bright sets i played with when i was young, and when my son was young. the uber bright colors, coming alive, resilient, mesmerizing. so many options for placing bsweden product, from residential to commercial. the lace/doily~esque lights for a bakery or cupcake boutique come to mind.

i find bsweden complex and yet drawing on simple forms or material ideas, such as doilies, lace, and colored saran wrap. friends, there are so many material influences out there, including those little plastic pegs you pushed through paper in that old light bright board. i love that! ;)

have a great start to this middle of the week wednesday. i'm off to attempt to sit still and catch up on some reading for class later. i'm crossing my fingers i don't run into beaucoup snow on my way up, yikes! enjoy...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

mid~day bling

this mid~day i wanted to share some pretty & unique bling for your body. i have to tell you, i'm going through and accessory phase. i'm drawn to new shoes, jewelry, watches, nail polish in daring colors. today, i'm loving these 3 pieces. have a look...

1 2 3
click on each number above for the source. from etsy to other sites, there is so much creativity out there. how fun is that stuffed, puffed, faux diamond bling necklace? with a t~shirt, jeans and heels? so fun!

what are you up to this mid~day tuesday? i'm heading out to the book store, to sip a mocha and peruse some magazines. i've been pouring over research for my courses and i need a break, to get out of the house. i hope your tuesday afternoon finds you creative, inspired and relaxed. enjoy!

norm architects & lighting design

function. minimalism. materials & light. norm architecture knows that "the right light not only supports and stress beautiful architecture, it also brings sensuousness to rooms, buildings and objects." i should say so!

the first line of lighting by norm that really captured my attention are these "mass lights" below, constructed of marble & glass. they offer a rich stance on the light, bold, strong and subtle all rolled into one wonderful light.

(found via the contemporist)
just when you think that lighting, especially in a classic form, just cannot be done another way, there you have it. classic materials, marble, glass. keeping it simple, yet offering you the ability to get a little adventurous with these lights. group them, dangle them, tempt guests into areas of your home or your commercial spaces. have fun with them. enjoy them. that's why lighting is definitely my favorite part of the design process. hands down!

have a great day friends. i've made a few fun & somewhat daring purchases lately, perhaps i'll share a photo later. 2 are shoes, one is a fun nail polish color. like i've said before, it's the little things that can make your day! enjoy...

Monday, February 27, 2012

those black & white lines. a mid~day passion

this mid~day the sun is shining yet i'm incredibly drawn to the strength and purity of black and white today. the simplicity and perfect combination of it.

1 2 3
how does this mid~day monday find you? have you been off to a really great, or not so great start? for me, i'm feeling pretty productive yet i think it's just the winter that has me moving at a slower pace than i would like. some days i'm on it, some days i'm procrastinating alot. today, i'm somewhere in between. not bad ;) enjoy the rest of your monday friends!

monday & sancal tables. their sweet spot

happy monday friends! i wanted to share a fab find with you today, though i have featured sancal in the past, for me, their one sweet spot, is their array of interesting and just really fabulous tables.

residentially, sancal admits to wishing to contribute to "intelligent homes," and for commercial spaces, sancal strives to create "pleasant spaces" in public spaces. on that note, here are few of my absolute favorites offered up by sancal...

i'm not exactly sure why i'm so drawn to sancal's line of tables, they do offer plenty of other fabulous product to be sure, but perhaps it's just that, the line in their design. for residential use, sancal designs are swift, clear, direct and easy to imagine your own. to finish them yourselves, to place this and that on or around them. it's easy to do. and that's good! commercially they are also very interesting because placed in public spaces, it would be intriguing to notice random and spontaneous interaction with their pieces. i love that!

how was your weekend friends? mine was really great. my son was home from college, i got outdoors, alot. i worked on course work, a little. drank more coffee than i needed, just because it was so good. and bought new white sheets that made me soooo happy. hey, it's the little things sometimes ;) enjoy your monday start!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday & shane mcadams.

yeah for sundays! i wanted to share a very cool find today, ball point pen paintings by shane mcadams. mcadams literally empties the cartridges of ball point pens and blow the inky solution in directions he wants it to flow. he then takes his work to a tanning salon, as the light affects the ink, blurs it, transforms & exposes the colors in unexpected ways.

having grown up in the desert southwest, mcadams reflects on his work: "they take root in the physical properties inherent within specific, mundane materials such as elmer’s glue, correction fluid, ballpoint pen ink and resin, whose limits are stretched by subjecting them to non-traditional applications, generating structures whose complexity belies the elegance of their creation."

i am drawn to the originality of not only his medium, simple ball point pen ink, but of his vision and his process. all making for emotional, intriguing design.

how is your weekend unfolding friends? yesterday, my son slept in (home from college). later, as he was off to visit others while home, we escaped to the beach, with sub sandwiches, chips and a bottle of pinot noir, for a later lunch early dinner. watching the sun set while sipping red wine and crunching on sandwiches. perfect. i hope you are enjoying your sunday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

saturday & lightboys

while we're on the subject of amazing photography i thought i'd share a really "wow" find, lightboys, which i discovered via design shimmer's blog. with intensity, clarity & of course, brightness, lightboys take photographs from world renowned photographers and commits them to light, "images with the power to move you."

guess what else? it gets even more amazing. you can submit an image, photo, of your own, for use in a poloroid style or traditional style for lightboys to then assemble and ship, as they say, anywhere in the world. can you even imagine the possibilities, for both residential and commercial spaces with this concept? the mind goes wild i tell ya!

ooh, sipping coffee, waiting for home~made corn muffins and jelly to accompany my sips. can't wait. how is your weekend beginning? i'd love to hear! enjoy...