Monday, March 30, 2009

hego water design.

this faucet above acts as a vase as well, constantly filling up the container holding your cut flower of choice...can you get over that?!

i happened upon hego water design through an issue of dwell, which of course features such fantastic home accessories, green alternatives and alot of people just thinking outside the box, or outside the typical i should really say. besides furnishings, the last steps in finishing spaces, i'm also always intrigued by the basics, such as materials used to build with, flooring, walls, cabinets, and yes, plumbing.

hego water design gives you modern, decadent options for all of your taps and shower heads but also gives you options of water flow. huh? what i mean is do you want your shower to rain down on you from the ceiling? or do you want your water in the bathroom sink to flow out like a waterfall? you know...things like that. even the way water flows in your home can be designed. every little touch matters, especially the basics. take a peek at hego water design to see for yourself. enjoy!

and the winner is...for the uprinting giveaway...asiye from l'atelier, a fabulous blog featuring gorgeous photography and handmade jewelry and day to day life and travels in south africa! and soul pretty! another must see blog featuring not only day to day with mini but fresh funk-tional design ideas for the new urban lifestyle...and her own line of clothing (where does she have the time? :) thanks for everyone who posted about needing this giveaway and here's hoping you put your free cards and postcards to creative uses! yeah!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

don't forget....

don't forget to enter the u-printing giveaway a few posts down on my blog! i'm picking the 2 winners first thing monday morning. it's really a great giveaway that everyone could use! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

bailey doesn't bark.

bailey doesn't bark is the creation of re jin lee, "a contemporary wares and paper goods company." originally from brazil, re jin lee left brazil with a bachelor of arts in fashion degree and headed for new york.

"inspired by her own life, memories and dreams, re jin wanted to create simple, yet humorous designs on functional products. because home wares are one of the most practical essential items for everyday life, she chose it as her medium of artistic expression. currently, home wares serves as the foundation for bailey doesn’t bark, but since then, the company has expanded to also include goods."

"similar to selecting fabrics and constructing patterns, re jin thoroughly enjoys the process of creating artwork and selecting wares. both require a balance that has to be carefully thought out to create beautiful and functional products. she aims to create art that can be enjoyed in everyday life."

"bailey doesn’t bark is based in new york, ny. where re jin resides with her most loyal companion and the company’s namesake – her well-mannered dog (who doesn’t bark), bailey."

i was drawn to the simplicity, the whimsy, the crisp and stark color contrasts as well as the fun re jin has with her art, and her final products. her etsy shop is a must stop while bopping around on etsy's vast site. every now and then someone on etsy shines, stands out from the others and re jin lee and bailey doesn't bark is most definitely one of those someones. enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

colors of the sea.

every now and then, even though i live right on the beautiful east coast, i purchase a coastal living magazine. just because we may live on the coast doesn't mean we don't need design, decorating and color palette ideas.

i also love the little finds that coastal living features, like out of the way second hand places, hidden shop and antique businesses that we otherwise wouldn't know about unless coastal living shared with us as they do. i went for a very lovely run today with the sun on my face, right along the coast of cape cod and am salivating for warmth, beach smells, summer palettes and getting outdoors more often than this winter here has allowed.

so enjoy with me the intoxicating colors of the sea through the eyes and cameras of coastal living. and if you don't live by the coast...you can at least add a little taste of the coast through the design of your spaces.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wild wednesday give-away!

hey you guys, uprinting approached my blog with a great give-away and the deal was too good to pass up offering it, especially in these tough times where splurging on business postcards or business cards may not be in your budget at the moment.

uprinting features an on line print site offering the services of printing posters, postcards, business cards, menus, labels, stickers, letterhead and the list goes on! upon review of their site i noticed the creativity with which they design and print their products as well as the quality they put out. uprinting offers customs sizing and on line design tools...for all of you do-it-yourself-ers (like me). check out uprinting if you are in the market for any promotional materials to give your business a boost or perhaps to start one up!

so here's the deal: the giveaway is for 1000 free business cards or 500 free postcards. and this is all with free shipping so long as you live inside these united states and canada. if you don't there is a small charge for shipping.

so...leave an interesting comment about what you would do with either of these two items, what do you want or need them for? for fun? for work? i will announce a winner on monday morning (the 30th) and let you all know who won. you must admit you could really use a give-away! enjoy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

spring fling at wisteria.

wisteria located in texas is a gem. i've posted about some of their wonderful products in the past, but in seeing some of their spring-y accessories and pieces i had to mention them once again. after having grown up in homes where their parents sought out, found and filled those homes with beautiful treasures from around the world, andrew and shannon founded wisteria to continue the tradition...making each of their special finds available to little ol' us.

things right now are beach-y, crisp, clean and airy. i am so drawn to any of those descriptions and wisteria exudes all of these traits and then some. hop on over to wisteria, get in the spring spirit, start your house cleaning and think about what you may want to add to your home, or your office, to freshen, to brighten and what might you pick at wisteria! enjoy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

eclectic variety of things i'm lovin'.

these recycled milk crate stools by made.

save furniture by swedish designer katarina hall.

loving the architecturally inspired artwork of 11 year old moofus on etsy.

little gems from iceland and birkiland.

miguel herranz lighting. wow.

happy friday all! perhaps you've stumbled accross some of these goodies and talented designers and in the case of moofus, up and coming architects. if not, well now you have some fun new items and artists to check out and watch. i've been feeling a bit foggy and blaaaaah this week, maybe it's the grey weather the past few days, maybe it's doing too much and thinking about too many interesting paths i can take and creations i want to create. hmmm. needed this fun design eye candy for this friday of this sort of long week. enjoy! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

david lebovitz. living the sweet life in paris.

so...this is not really a design post but hey it kind of is. i'm not sure how many of you are familiar with david lebovitz or his daily chocolate archives, but you should be. with a who's who of culinary backgrounds and talents, david has appeared on television, had the spotlight on him in numerous magazines such as bon apetit, conde naste traveler, gourmet and the list keeps going. so why am i posting about his site? just for fun really!

david keeps a daily chocolate archive of his travels, his time living in paris, we eat vicariously through him as he tastes, creates and reviews delicious delicacies. check out his site which reads more like a blog, it's constantly updated with funny stories, unusual recipes, links, facts and tours. HINT: read his faq link, soooo funny. ALSO this link if you really want to laugh...he also has a great amazon book link to interesting and beautiful books authored by him and others he admires. so, like i said, just for fun. i finished mid-terms last night and have a week off from classes, so i needed a funday! enjoy :)