Saturday, December 29, 2018


hi! hey there! how is your holiday time treating you?
this image about sums up my mood these days, comfort food, sleeping in, hibernating game strong. i've been lucky enough to have time off from work and with that, i've been writing, moving slow on purpose and luxuriating in hours of free time. sometimes that's what it's all about.

i hope that you are getting some rest and indulgent time to yourself this holiday season. and it's friday saturday so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

ok, this sofa needs to be MINE. plus love her design style.

crushing on these party dresses (ahem, hello new years eve!)

this constellation hair piece for a new year's eve party for the win.

a pretty gorgeous line of earrings.

these are gorgeous too.

this dining table is simply stunning.

i made these for a holiday party, yum!

brownie yum.

this fringed mirror is πŸ‘„

and this standing mirror for a bedroom? yes please.


super cute new year's do-it-yourself for kids!

this diy is fun too.

wishing for this camo cashmere scarf.

just pulled the trigger on this velvet maxi dress. plus the sale is AWESOME.

fun & etsy love.


Monday, December 17, 2018

monday & the river by kt tunstall

dancing around the house this morning to kt tunstall's the river, acoustic style...

come dance with me! & enjoy...

Sunday, December 16, 2018

casulo: macrame mood

lately loving the portugal-based casulo's macrame pieces...
often times (at least for me) macrame can feel heavy or weighty in texture. i love the light feathery feel of casulo's pieces, want one of each of these! see more here & enjoy!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

sunday & israel nash

dancing around the house this sunday morning to israel nash & rolling on

his voice. i have no words. come dance with me! & enjoy...

Saturday, December 8, 2018

have a fun weekend!

what are you up to this weekend? anything fun?
i've been slow to the take on the holiday vibe. i feel like i've been kicking back thinking i have all kinds of time. but last night it hit me. i realized that this weekend i need to snap to and dive in! so i'll be heading out, trying to avoid the mall at all costs, in search of a few special gifts.

next year i'd love to try something different. pick towns or cities i'm not familiar with in my state. head to one a day at a time and only shop small and local. doesn't that sound fun? i've also planned a sneaky weekend here this month. i had to. cause...why not.

whatever you do, wherever you go this weekend, enjoy the heck out of yourself. and it's friday saturday so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

veeeeery into leopard prints this year for some reason. with that, reeeeeally loving this free people coat.

completely mad for these earrings.

want one of everything from this online shop.

a fun & thoughtful christmas gift idea (and inexpensive to boot!).

waiting for this to go on sale.

this grey diamond ring set is just wow.

loving this girls on tops t-shirt line, so fun. (plus etsy love!)

the perfect tartan button-up. this is fun too!

pretty little ashtrays.

an interesting line-up of audio books. wanting this book too.

so yummy, these biscuits!

nail color in "savory beige". yes please.

this knit hat.

these frosted bubble earrings for the holidays (or for a special gift!).

decorate the table with these cloud candlesticks. really just gorgeous! flanking this gingerbread bundt cake would make them look even better! wow this cake is😍

customize a phone case for a fun christmas gift.

would be simply beautiful wrapped around the christmas tree.

can we talk about how much i love this rattan bed?

i would live in this silk top. LIVE.