Friday, February 27, 2015

the weekend is here!

i'm sure it's the winter days we are having but the weeks seem long these days...
but this image warmed me up...the fur cover-up and that bold metal necklace/collar (find it here), all of the mixed metals and gems make for a necklace that would look even better with a tan. thinking summer, can you tell?!

what are you up to this winter weekend? anything fun? it never fails for me, i'm late. before the oscars i manage to get out and see one of the nominated films. and i did, american sniper. and i loved it. (bring your tissues). and then during the oscars, i think, "wow, how did i miss seeing that one, or that one?" so now that it's after the oscars, i might be scouring on demand or actual cinemas for a few that i want to see. what was your favorite one?

in between movie watching i hope to get out for another run. i might stop in at a new salon that opened up and get some hair cut opinions (ready for a change! maybe this cut?) and relish in the thought that i don't have graduate work anymore. unless (down the road a bit) i pursue a doctorate. wait, what!? enjoy...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

making a cool office.

i've talked about this on the blog before, about mixing up your office or commercial space with some funky (or at the very least, non-traditional) seating. because hey, much to our dismay, we can spend alot of time sitting at work. so why not sit stylishly...?
here are a few new cool office chairs (and for some reason today i was drawn to the red ones!) offered up by scab design. when i think about what companies like designlovefest are doing with events such as her blogshops and seminars and the venue she provides, my eyes quite often go to her chairs and the arrangement of them. it's a way to begin. meetings, gatherings, celebrations, deals, you name it.

if initially you can start something, if you can convey that something great is going to happen here, in these chairs, then you should do that. right? enjoy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

like an iceberg.

i just think that these are fun...
contemporist featured these recently, these crisp, white, very geometric shelves designed by lucas stoppele and jean-charles kien (who each by the way, have very cool websites).

and what lucas and jean-charles have done so well here is convey the sensation of the architecture, the rigid perhaps frame of an iceberg, the part that you can't see in reality as it sits, or almost appears to float atop the water. and the use of the smooth, cool, marble top represents the rather perfect face or finish of an iceberg. i know it's just a shelf, in reality, but it's super fun when just a shelf sends your imagination flying like these do. enjoy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

random spaces.

for an afternoon break, some random spaces to love...
i'm drawn to these spaces for a number of reasons, either for the angles in the architecture, the quiet nature and comfort level of the spaces, and the neutral color palettes too, it's just all so good.

silver bar earrings.

i'm not sure if this is a new trend or a new-to-me trend, but i like it...
the simple silver bar. it's captivating, alluring, sexy and because of all of that, it's more than eye-catching. the top image, the wave stainless steel earring can be found here, on the etsy site, anna lawska jewellery. the second image, the xl silver bar can be found here, on lumo. i want both. enjoy!

lisa says gah.

san francisco based online shop, lisa says gah, highlights designers and their product lines, from all around the world. i particularly love the nude things...
today, i would select this nude label bodysuit paired with this ivory callahan crocheted dress. just saying...enjoy!

Monday, February 23, 2015

fluid landscapes.

textile artist ana teresa barboza is creating these fluid, textural, sculptural landscapes, literally spilling out of embroidery hoops...
the fabulous blog/magazine anthology really nailed it in describing ana teresa's work: "it's especially interesting how she frames each piece. for instance, the way her landscapes and seascapes pour forth from embroidery hoops-as though she is giving a nod to the more traditional art form of needlework while also turning the process on its head." exactly.

it's sort of hard to take your eyes off of these pieces, and i'm not sure if it's because of the skilled needlework and color palettes that literally build up these landscapes, or if it's the very fluid nature of the threads, the almost dissolving nature of the images. one thing is for sure, they are original and interesting. enjoy!

mid-century modern planters.

sugar & cloth recently featured this fun diy project, sending my cactus-loving mind reeling...
this is one of those diy projects that seems relatively easy and that pulled off that mid-century modern feel in a really great way. and let me tell ya', sugar and cloth has pages of other really great diy projects, (like making edible chocolate messages?! yes!) if you like that sort of thing...enjoy!

p.s. and how about mixing up this project with more leg options, from pretty pegs? now we are really getting downright creative!

shine by s.h.o.

you know how people often say "oh, she's one to watch, or that particular musical band is one to watch?" well, in the world of sofas, california-based shine by s.h.o. is one to watch...seriously beautiful sofas!
and that's not it, shine by s.h.o., the very "fashion forward lifestyle line" created by susan hornbeak-ortiz offers up an array of sexy, sophisticated chairs, chaises, (oh! and the beds!) and a spectacular line of lighting as well.

there is something swanky old fashioned-glamour meets 1960's hippie...to even a slight touch of gangster bling to susan's designs, but because of that, because of all of that, it. is. amazing. enjoy!

Friday, February 20, 2015

have a super weekend!

it's friday, it's almost the weekend friends!
what are you up to? anything fun? i find i'm devising strange ways to get outside and to not either freeze completely or be hit by a car or slip and fall and break something...seriously, it's that kind of winter in my part of the world. i've been doing laps (like alot of laps too) around the county jail near my home, where there is a huge, paved & cleared of snow parking lot. i feel like i either look completely crazy or brilliant that i've found actual land to run on. i wonder what the inmates think? ha!

i'm graduate work free at this point too, so i'm having alot of fun looking up books that all of you other amazing bloggers keep saying are great reads. and i still have a large, blank canvas propped up against one wall in my apartment...so i have a few quiet & relaxing activities i could take on this weekend. in between running around the jail. enjoy!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

rondo fano light.

i've featured the lighting design of isabel hamm before on the blog. but i felt that considering i am surrounded by ice and snow today, this rondo fano light, reminiscent of dripping icicles, was completely appropriate to share...
this particular chandelier is designed by hans buschfeld for isabel hamm and it's a pure wow piece. if you are seriously in the market for lighting drama, for beyond statement pieces with regard to lighting, for your residential or commercial spaces, don't overlook the designs of isabel hamm. she designs each light individually, custom to however much wow you want or need. it doesn't get much better than that. enjoy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


if i could purchase anything today from the design studio workstead, it would be this stunning brass lamp and this nude leather oak sling chair. pure love!
stefanie brechbuehler and robert highsmith began the design studio workstead in 2009, focusing on architectural & interior design, and lighting & furniture. workstead, and stefanie and robert, are based out of brooklyn new york and the hudson valley.

i really like this statement on workstead's website, i think it nails workstead's approach and finish: "their palette is strong and rich, yet simple and efficient." boom.

i love when furniture moves me, when i see those particular pieces that get me excited and knowing, without a doubt, that there is always great design, right around the corner. or in this case, brooklyn. enjoy!