Monday, April 30, 2012

glimpt. and happy monday morning!

happy monday morning friends, another fresh start to a brand new week. remember, i'm actually someone who really likes mondays. strange, i know ;) i wanted to share these superhero stools and shades offered up by glimpt. cool name? yup, and a cool company....
glimpt is a design team, a group of artists creating some really fabulous product, the superhero line is just one of many. but glimpt does not sell directly. click on thier where to buy our product tab to find out where you can nab some of glimpt's great products. capellini is currently selling the superhero line, which...with that eye~catching pattern and color palette tempting you, this superhero line could save an otherwise boring space.

how was your weekend? mine was unfortunately full of last minute work for courses. but i did manage to get outside for a run, and managed a glass of red wine (or two) in the evening. so not all was lost ;) enjoy your monday friends!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

random sunday seating.

this sunday i thought i'd share a few new fab finds in the world of seating. for thier shape, their design & style, and slight sex appeal if i do say so myself...
1 2 3
what do you think? can furniture be sexy? would you purchase a piece just for that reason? as for me? i absolutely think, as i do with art or fashion, that a designer can certainly create a piece, whether consciously or not, that is down right super sexy. each of these new finds reveal an either classic, edgy or daring quality. think of what they do to a space. how they would transorm that space, just by being there? so great!

happy sunday friends. what are you up to? i'd love to hear. i'm gobbling down half of a bagel with peanut butter and ethiopian coffee and hitting the paper i'm writing & hard. i hope you are so super relaxed and happy today. enjoy!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

beatrice. and a blog shout out.

in between large giant amounts of typing and reading, i managed to find a new~to~me blog to shout about. it's called old brand new, chock full of goregous photography of their fabulous home (hence the name and is perfectly full of a mix of old and new, or old brand new), life and beatrice, the dog. can you even stand her? this dog knows things, i'm sure of it ;)
ok, back to it. i hope that this weekend finds you rested, excited & having fun. i'm looking forward to my semester ending. to free time. to more time to just breathe. to starting new adventures.

Friday, April 27, 2012

robert adams. the place we live.

i think that if i saw a sign like this, i'd get in the right lane. photographer robert adams, featured on nowness, photographs the places we live, how we view them and perhaps most strikingly, reminding you to notice, when you're not. adams conveys tranquil landscapes, with paths to paradise, all the while kind of radically propositioning us, as curator of one of his shows, edward robinson states, to take more notice of the seemingly mundane circumstances of our lives.
i think what i really love about some artists, especially when they demand it perfectly, as adams does, is that you are not forced to see or to absorb or to entertain some new way of looking at objects or people or landscapes, but that you're reminded to just see them. you are gently reminded to just simply look. to notice. we drive, we work, we go about our lives and there is so much that should really stop us, that should captivate our attention. there is so much that should move us. photographers like robert adams remind us of that, in one simple photograph. i love that...

happy friday afternoon & evening friends.

happy (geometric) friday!

happy friday friends! i hope that the week that is ending for you was a great one. mine was busy, busy and so will my weekend be (lots of writing of papers for me), but my semester is winding down and i'll be able to breathe soon.

i wanted to share with you these fabulous geometric patterns, of wallpapers, of textiles, offered up by gaston y daniela. these patterns are fresh, vibrant, energetic, and they offer interest and texture to any space, residential or commercial. and remember, even if you paper one wall, a real transformation of space occurrs. it's that simple!
one day i'm going to do it, i'm going to get daring and paper a wall. and with something a touch inventive and creative. doing that, applying a wall treatment to just one wall in any space, is much like adding in a modern piece of art, something to throw the space off, that slightly edgy wow factor that i truly believe, every single space needs. whether it's a space in your home or your work space. whether it's a small accent piece or an in your face piece, like a large artwork or a wall. just something that reminds your guests or friends that you do things just a little bit differently. and why not?

so, what do you have planned for this upcoming weekend. i'm unfortunately going to be cloistered, pretty much the whole weekend, typing last minute revisions and finishing touches of course papers due early next week. but, in between all of that, i'll be getting outside, for a run or two, sipping red wine (ah, maybe not while i'm typing right? ;) and trying my best to salvage some of the weekend. i hope that whatever you do, wherever you go, that you make your weekend what you want it. enjoy!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

pretty bright pastels. mid~day gorgeous!

this mid~day (almost friday) i'm seriously drawn in by the soft, flowing artwork of michael manning. manning's work is dreamy, etherial and puts me in the perfect place this afternoon.
so happy almost friday friends! the weekend is near, you are almost there ;) i'm off to boston for a course meeting. i will absolutely be taking in a mocha, and maybe even going for the non~low calerie version! enjoy...

for the love of bathroom suites.

there is one thing, for sure, that is missing in my little cottage and that is a decadent, beautiful bathtub to hang out in and relax. are you a tub person? if i had one, especially like one of these classic, cast iron babies, you'd be hard pressed to lure me out.

bathrooms 4 all offers a tempting array of bathroom accessories, including a huge variety of cast iron tubs, in many styles and color palettes, that it is hard to even decide on one! if you aren't living with bathroom suites, you can certainly build one, of your dreams. have a look at a few of my favorites from bathrooms 4 all...
so what do you think? would you build a bathroom suite in a more modern, vintage or classic way? i'm all about the cast iron tub, but i'm also in love with a variety of modern sinks. so why not build your bathroom suite in an eclectic sort of way? that's why bathrooms 4 all, with individual choices, from sinks to handles, to those claw foot tubs, allows you to do that, to mix it up, to make it personal, to make it your way. i love that!

how are you today? i hope you are feeling creative, inspired and energized! enjoy....

(i should note that this post is sponsored by bathrooms 4 all)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

one yellow light. mid~day color impact.

this mid~afternoon inspiration comes by the way of this amazing yellow light. i can't believe how, upon entering this space, it captures all of the attention.

plus, it's just such a pretty yellow. don't you think?

how are you this mid~day? i've been reading like mad before my class tonight and now, heading towards boston, for an early dinner with my son. i also picked him up a few treats when i was away visiting my dad in myrtle beach, so he's looking forward to a surprise. and pasta. enjoy the rest of this beautiful day! ;)

pastoe. quietly attached.

i wanted to share with you this mid~week wednesday some really fabulous new product offered up by pastoe. i've featured a piece or two by pastoe in the past, but some of their new pieces are just as worthy of our attention. have a look...
one of pastoe's mantras or part of their company philosophy is that "a product needs to be more than its outward appearance. it needs personality; you should be able to love it, to get attached to it. the product needs to be able to age gracefully." just so perfectly stated, on alot, on all levels.

as i contemplate why i really like pastoe's product line so much i think it is especially because of how sort of etherial each piece is. as if the lines between where the wall starts or ends and where the product starts or ends, is blurred. that essentially they blend as one. complimenting each other, accentuating the large or small spaces. i just find pastoe's product super easy on the eyes. and that's what it's all about too. enjoy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

crazy beautiful white. mid~afternoon wow.

i stumbled upon a new fab resource, nowness (oh, and i love the name) through this post on bri's blog, designlovefest. and on nowness, this crazy beautiful space of white, just stopped me. dead in my design blog tracks....

now, let's be clear, an oversized pair of bright red lips for a sofa, would probably not be something i'd include in my own space. but i included it here because of just what it does to this all white space. it almost implodes the space, completely throwing what ever mood you were getting from all of that white, completely out the window. but you know what? i love that!

here is how nowness describes their site, their mission: "each day, this award-winning online platform showcases an exclusive premiere of the most inspiring stories influencing contemporary arts and global lifestyle, previewing the latest in fashion, art, film, music, architecture and design, travel, sport, and gastronomy."

just a very cool mid~day resource find for ya! enjoy...

seletti's hybrid collection. fusing east & west

this tuesday i wanted to share with you a new~to~me product line offered up by seletti. i suppose you could say a fabulous new trend as well. i've mentioned before that i pick up vintage china plates, saucers, cups, you name it and i mix and match every bit of it in my cabinets. nothing matches. oh, and i also don't wait for christmas to use it. i use every piece, every day.

but what stopped me about seletti's choice of the same is the fact that they are mix and matching cultures and styles, right there on the plate, or the cup, or the saucer...

i swear, if i could to this in my own little cottage cabinets, i would! bust those plates up and piece them together! but seriously, how interesting to mix the styles of east and west design, or tendencies, of art, of color choices? maybe in some small way, seletti shows that the world really is just one small place, and that we all can coexist together? no? well, that's how i'll look at it today anyway ;) enjoy...

Monday, April 23, 2012

glass plant toppers. mid~day magical.

did you guys see these over on design sponge? there is something kind of magical to me about these little faceted plant toppers.

i'm drawn this year to all things faceted. from jewelry i've noticed to chandeliers to patterns on clothing, you name it. these are from halona glass. and i just want one, period ;)

if you want to see a really unique (and cool, i want one of these too) arrow prism offered up by halona, go here. enjoy!