Monday, October 31, 2011

have a spooky day!

happy halloween!
how fun (and inventive, and amazing) are these sculpted shelves from artist james hopkins? not even funny how creative these are...skulls, skulls and more skulls.

happy halloween friends! what are you doing today or tonight? do you have little ones that you'll be trick or treating with? i'd love to hear your halloween plans! i was out this weekend for a glass of wine and it was fun watching people come in and out of the restaurant in costume. really great ones too ;)

have a spooky day and a fun night! enjoy...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

the art of weaving. ruckstuhl.

bonjour this sunday morning/afternoon! i've posted about ruckstuhl's simply amazing rugs and floor treatments before, but today, i wanted to share just a few new favorites...

seriously artistic rugs and floor treatments. if you are in the market for something exquisitely different, check out ruckstuhl, they have a spot in new york, here.

oooh, just back from a delicious breakfast out, after a stormy evening. it's fun to take a drive the next morning and check out the landscape after a storm passes through. pine needles, branches, leaves all just everywhere. kind of pretty. better than snow ;) enjoy...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

fun & quirky saturday finds.

ooh, it feels like snow in my area (no!) well, not that i'm panicking but i'm let's shall we say, just not ready for that quite yet. but alas, it is not in my hands right? so if it comes, i'll get out, walk, take some photos and suck it up and enjoy the heck out of it ;) that said, i wanted to share some fun, bright, quirky finds i've noticed or been loving as of late....

how quirky and fun is this men's bowler hat guy tie? so fun that's what i say. find it here at the amazing hand me downs etsy site. great christmas idea, no?
another fun artist i'm loving these days is megan whitmarsh (who says she uses "the visual noise of her youth" as inspiration, whoah, i love that!). she hand silk screens abstract forms and shapes and color onto rag paper then addd embroidered detail. i love the textural element to her work and the use of line. oh, the use of line!

and for more autumn/winter fun, i'm enjoying the look of these quirky/flirty tribal tights, offered up by yet another great etsy site find, qoo qoo fashion. i love color blocking them, as shown here, with a vibrant dress or long top, really a fun boost on a grey day.

off to sip delicious coffee, be happy in the fact that my son is home from college and sleeping away in his room, catch up on some reading for class and watch for the first snow flakes (in october?) and just plain go with it. ;) i hope you are enjoying the start to your day too! enjoy...

Friday, October 28, 2011

weekend moods...

you've done it! you've made it to friday, yeah for you and yeah for me ;) now...to celebrate, i'm sharing a few spirited images to get you going for a relaxing weekend ahead...

what's in store for you this weekend friends? today, i'm heading to my son's college today to pick him up for a weekend at home. can't wait! during the weekend, i plan on a movie with my son, getting used to this all of the sudden cold weather, sipping some red wine and eating some delicious food. oh, and homework in between all of that. before the wine part. ;) enjoy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

clean. simple. lines. & almost friday.

it feels like it should be friday today...and i'm craving simple, clean, lines. bigtime. open spaces, limited color palettes, soft texture and fabrics.

i'll be driving to class later in the rain, so i'll be wearing something comfy. and today, as i catch up on reading, i'm keeping it simple. kitchen table, books, coffee and listening to the rain.

how are you this almost friday? luckily today, i'm really into the reading i have assigned, so that will keep me going. but a mocha, in the car, along the way to class, will make the day just about perfect. ;) enjoy your day, enjoy the spaces you are spending time in today. happy almost friday friends!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bright & wonderful.

it's mid~week, and we all need a boost time! so today, i thought it appropriate to post about bright & wonderful color, designers offering up bold pieces to add that much needed splash of fun, of texture or color to our spaces. here's a round~up of some new fab fav's...

naja utzon popov designs an array of bright & wonderful rugs, especially if you are in the market for doing rugs differently. from bold color patterns like the "ice" pattern, 2nd below to this top "botanica" rug with its swirling, spiky pattern. so inventive and highly influenced by nature, popov's rugs are a that conversation piece you are thinking of for your residential or commercial spaces.

how about these "unexpected corals" vessels offered up by fos ceramiche in their naturalia collection? they're quirky beautiful, bright & wonderful too...

the completely bright & wonderful fabrics coming out of anne kyyro quinn's company are intoxicating. from wall panels to these wonderful cubes featured below, anne kyyro quinn brings to design, color, 3 dimensional texture, each has a "tactile feel that appeals to the eye as well as to the hand." super bright & super wonderful!

completely mind~blowing bright & wonderful wall treatments are offered up by maharam. think amazing commercial spaces? ah, yeah!

there are so many pieces offered up by tacchini italia that are not only bright & wonderful, they are stunning and wonderful. from seating to poufs, i could stare at tacchini's site 4 ever!

and of course anthony hartley's handcrafted furniture from chairs, to tables to wall shelving, is always bright, bold and designer beautiful! based on form and motion (and color!), anthony's pieces will always stop me...

i can't even pick my favorite here out of this bright & wonderful collection. and it's grey in my part of the world today so this punch of color did me good today, to get my energy level up, to inspire me to open up, and to let creativity out. that's what designing is all about. i hope this mid~week wednesday finds you happy, getting things done, and having fun while you're doing it. for now...enjoy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a cool wall idea.

this is such a cool idea for a diy wall treatment, adding in different medallions (easily found at home depot) and painting them the same color palette as the wall, adding interest and texture gone wild. i love it. but do i remember where i found it? ah, no. so if you've seen it send the source my way! (p.s...a fellow blogger reminded me the source is country living, sept. 2011, thanks!!)

hope your day is winding down nicely and that you are getting ready for a relaxing evening...enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

smart is green and green is smart.

it's monday friends! don't frown, it's a fresh start to another clean slate week, monday's should be celebrated as the day we begin to get more done, more designing, creating, exploring, working and reaping the rewards of all of that! we should also celebrate today this amazing new~to~me company i found, green furniture out of sweden. have a look at their very green, design bounty...

how sweet is this "sheep bench"? unused wood planks, recycled into this fabulous bench and covered with lamb's wool? oh and they conveniently left a little part of the bench exposed to place your glass of wine or cup of coffee...genius!

i was first drawn to this company because of these lights, "leaf lights" compiled from natural birch, unbleached wool felt "leaves" for a dramatic yet so soft appearance, whether hanging as a pendant or standing, just so sensational!

so, this "green sofa" is made from so many recycled materials, rubber, fabric, utilizing materials such as horse hair and lump felt (recycled fabrics) and with this modern 60's feel, it's also designer gorgeous!
this little "flour fellow" beauty is designed by johanna hansson and is large, made from cotton and hemp and can be used as a poof, sat upon, leaned against, and comes in a very natural hemp look or other eco~friendly prints such as this. nice accents!

and this very sculptural, tinted "stack c" chair or dining chair is available in natural birch, oak, tinted black, tinted green (like so) or green green. they can be stacked and are quiet and relaxing, all wood, no metal. really beautiful!

this "multi c bench" designed by johan berhin with custom width and bend on demand is intriguing and i could see this piece or pieces in both residential or commercial spaces easily, such fun!

loving this building blocks book shelf. using wood waste which comes off of the floors of the wood flooring industries, green furniture recycles it with pride. this shelving unit can be redesigned on a whim and hung from the ceiling even! how cool...
i just love this company, for all that they design, for their recycling consciousness and for the fact that every inch of their pieces is so well thought out and just so unique and fun! do you buy green? do you have any unique or concept, conversation pieces that you share with guests who enter your spaces? hmmm, the one super interesting favorite piece i own is my coffee table which i've featured before. the top is pumpkin pine (a beautiful color) and the base is an up~cycled or recycled base of an old wood stove. i love it and it makes for a great conversation piece.

i hope your weekend was everything that you wanted it to be. now get out there! get going on having a great monday ;) enjoy...