Friday, February 26, 2010

get you moho on this friday. yeah that's right...moho as in moho design.

established in 2004, and based out of poland, moho design is "motivated by their passion for design with a spontaneous and fresh approach to the skill of contemporary rug creation."

"slab" rug was "inspired by living, organic structure, emerging from plain, calm surfaces." don't you love that description? perfect.

the "mag" rug, creates magic coming into existence by enclosing harmonic form within space." can't you see these fun rugs in kids rooms, a pediatrician's office perhaps or nursery schools. so inspiring and stimulating for young ones!

i'm very drawn to the textural element of this rug and the design aspect it would add to any space in need of a punch of controversy, funk and a serious conversation piece. titled "zoom", "energy is sparkling in the simplicity of forms."

the "koko" rug will add a quirky element to any space. traditional folk motifs, bursting with colorful sound.

the "dia" rug, incorporates folk motifs with an innovative approach.

this one called "fluid", is based on natural water motifs. "restrained, delicate and rhythmical." lovely!

"joyful and contrastive compositions draw from the wellspring of traditional folk art." here.

i get so happy to find new and surprising companies that do it just a little bit differently. they stand out, they challenge design and all of our senses. they dare us to throw something unique into our spaces, whether commercial or residential. to think of decorating with art. that's what it's all about after all.
in case you forgot,(yeah right) it's friday! :) what are you up to? we escaped the snow that came close to cape cod, yeah for that! i'm off for a run, then to the library to study, then a hot mid-day mocha. this weekend...not sure yet, but a long walk with my love is in order, good food and of course, a glass of delicious red wine. enjoy!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

anything french...my new fascination.

so right now, i cannot get enough of french style, from fashion, to architecture, to interiors...everything french. there is just something terribly romantic, soft, sexy, luxurious and classic about french style.

image here.

don't these adorable clutches just seem so french? i adore these especially for spring. from garden club on etsy, via cardinal the color.

vibrant haute couture, christian lacroix dress, via cardinal the color.
this is a fabulous french site called "the collection", you'll LOVE it!

these next 5 lovely scenes via european antique market.

this light and airy space from fresh home.

towards spring, i'm feeling the need to lighten things up, with light paints, a bit of glam and polish, flowers, frills and of course a bit of france. i'm very much still an eclectic designer. i wouldn't want my whole house, or even an entire room, all in one style, french or not. but elements of french haute interiors are super fun. big chunky furniture, gilt mirrors, flowery patterns and vintage furniture and lighting. if i'm in france any time soon, it will be off to those fabulous flee markets i hear so much about.
so does french style move you? are you drawn to it in any way? tell me your french thoughts! enjoy! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

eye candy. things i love. and just because.

good tuesday to you! i went sans a post yesterday, as i was working on a paper that was kicking my, well...you know. today i, (and maybe you too?) am in need of easy inspiration, entertaining objects of desire and just plain great spaces!

what i'm loving here, well, just all of it, from living etc.
this quirky, eclectic bedroom, super interesting. from house beautiful.

this and the new garden collection, from h&m.

i'd love a whole fleet of these cake stands, from fishs eddy.

this "sewing kit" is actually super fun wall stickers from ferm living. how genius is it that someone added them to a car? but....would be wicked fun here and there on a wall in the right space.

as a runner, i thought this was just plain ol' fun, from domosfera.

this fun,tatami sofa, found at design boom.

i love just everything here, from design shimmer.

fabulous twin bed space. from canadian house and home.

enjoy today! we are expecting rain :( but will wash away more snow :) i will be reading, vacuuming, heading to the book store and reading again. what are you up to? how was your weekend, tell me, tell me! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


(image, flickr)

hoping your weekend is full of jumping for joy, balloons, sunshine, laughing, quiet, sleeping and resting. that's my plan anyway, any and all of that! :) working on a paper in between. enjoy, jump for joy! see you right back here monday morning...:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

spring tempted.

ok friends, so i ran from class to class last night, jumping slushy puddles of mucky snow, slipping and sliding in my converse high tops (why didn't i wear boots by the way?) and cursing the fact that winter will just not go away already! i decided this morning it had to be about spring. it just has to!!!

let me tempt you with new spring lovliness from pottery barn...i need this...

set your table with these bird salad plates. so subtle, so soft, soooo springy!
these curtains had me, well, at curtains! smocked drapes in sheer cottong voile, so springy romantic!

on my run yesterday, there where robin birds all around me, here, with this spring sparrow bedding, they really can be :)

wrap me up in these fern towels!
spruce up any space with fresh new lighting like this bristol accordion sectional lamp, oh and it's on sale!

i want a flock of these pillows completely covering my couch! don't you? :)

sure signs of spring with these pretty bird candles.
dainty villa footed bud vases.

aaah, now as i look out at my frozen tundra lawn, i will remember the robins that flew all around me yesterday as i ran and realize, with the help of pottery barn, spring is right around the corner. it better be :) enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

jeltje fotografie.

(all images jeltje fotografie) (and via otis & frank's blog, a great new-to-me blog!)

this is a perfect mid week break for us all. these divine images from jeltje fotografie. from up close images to sitting back, taking in a room, jeltje's photos draw us in, invite us to stay and warm us up! i need warm here on the east coast these days!! enjoy everyone! :)