Friday, January 29, 2010

fun at 0900.

it's friday everyone, as if you didn't know right? :) well, let's have some fun this friday, this end of a perhaps hectic week, with 0900's designs.

turn heads in your residential or commercial spaces with these intriguing, literally hand held bookshelves. now that's fun.
doesn't everyone need a wall mounted fire place. yeah, that's right!
for the outdoors, these clover chairs will have all of your neighbors talking.

super springy bloom vases.

how fun are these tree branch coat racks? really, really fun!
tons of eclectic dining chairs. here.

new bud lights.

the wind is howling like mad outside my house this morning, and all of last night. i'm talking cold, cold cold. yikes. i may have to put off my run this morning, unless i want to run in a complete snowsuit. yeah...no. so...i'll head to a coffee shop, catch up (or more like start) my reading for classes before next week rolls around and perhaps out for a beer later. yeah for today! what are you up to this fine friday? or this weekend? either way, have fun perusing the pages of 0900! enjoy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

elitis wallpaper.

i stumbled upon elitis wallcoverings and my jaw dropped at their textures, color palettes and graphic designs. super fun, super chic, super super.

based out of france, elitis wallcoverings also offers fabrics and furniture...i know right? yum. again, while you may not want to paper an entire room with any or all of these, picture one wall, any wall, are you kidding me? wowzers. talk about making a statement. whether residential or commercial these elitis wallcoverings could give any space a bit of pizzazz, a facelift, a boost. it's almost friday everyone...enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

where we gather.

our dining room or kitchen tables are where we gather, to eat, talk, work on homework, pay bills, create, design, store things, display things and just plain enjoy ourselves.

so...what's around your table? what's above your table? and what's below your table?

rum magazine.

the style files.

bolig magazine.
design shimmer.

house beautiful.

purple area.

house to home.

ok, i'll fess up :) above mine is a pretty and dainty sepia toned glass chandelier. around it are wooden chairs that match (which i'd like to change one day, adding a more eclectic variety of chairs), on top of my table currently sits grape tomatoes and a large pink grapefruit in a wooden bowl my dad sent me from tennessee (it's where he lives), under my table is a pale, pale green rug, and directly under my table (i know it sounds strange) is a tiny leopard print foot stool. (i actually use it and love to put my feet up while i'm eating away!)

just curious about your gathering spaces. mine is definitely used all day long and so then all day long it creates memories and special interactions. i love that. enjoy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fixtures of fancy.

are you getting tired of the same old, same old? well...have yourself a looksy at some of these inspiring, intriguing, interior accessories. if you are in the market to spruce up your residential or commercial space with some new objects, placing them in new spaces, or accentuating your old spaces, have some fun with these!

for your table, these metal mesh and gold candle-sticks, not your average candle-sticks. that's what's fun! found them here, by ango.

these interior accessories from linteloo are such fun. how about this coffee table, displaying all of your favorite design, art or whatever magazines or books. genius. also loving linteloo's line of poofs. if you're a poof kind of person?

this spectacular glass from glas. here.

loving this unique compact stacked library, perfect in any space. found it here.

found this exceptional mirror from porada, here. you could literally design a space, residential or commercial around this mirror, seriously you could.

tuesday fun and more inspiration to help us all plug away through the winter doldrums. frankly i can vision any of these more modern, eclectic pieces mixed right in amongst vintage pieces, or even going from residential to corporate and back again. for instance, imagine that coffee table above plunked in a beautiful new doctor's office, or dentist's office displaying all of their reading materials just before you head in for an appointment. like me today, i'm off to the dentist (not my favorite place to be by any means) but if they had a coffee table like that one featured today, i might enjoy my stay a bit more, not much, but a bit :) enjoy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

monday color inspiration.

today there is a small nor'easter blowing around my house, i beat the rain this morning with an early run, but the gray layers looming all around me now, have me begging for a color deviation. here goes color, color, color...

cheery citrus tones from a favorite foody blog, cannelle et vanille.

bright blues from beauty comma.

sure sherbert inspiration from design sponge.

color derived from art, from one of my favorite blogs, emmas design blog.

marvelous mauve from malo blogg.

vibrant yellows from 100 layer cake.

being green from skona hem.

luscious greens from purple area.

these 3 color images from style files.

are you surrounded by sun or clouds today? i hope this monday finds you inspired and if not, hoping the color inspiration from all of these creative and super talented bloggers get you motivated like they did me :)

i start a new semester of classes today and will be driving to boston in the pouring rain, but only to become even more inspired. yeah for learning and yeah for designing! enjoy!