Wednesday, March 31, 2010

niki jones and super spring designs!

i'm getting down right giddy for spring. after a long new england winter, grey skies, i'm craving color, vibrant color, but grounded by solid pieces of fabulous furniture and open spaces. niki jones, a new discovery for me, had my jaw dropping and wanting more, more, more!

niki jones offers hand painted furniture, dainty, sexy, dramatic and simply gorgeous!

one of the first things that stopped me about niki jones product line was her pattern, her colors and the many textures of her cushions. wow.

the detail, the slight differences in the "typical chair" is what sets this silhouette chair apart. you could display one or more, all on their own, they are alone, just romantically beautiful.

the "ziad" bed linen and it's "striking embroidered motif", exotic and sexy.

niki jones' bed linens are completely plush and dreamy.

loving this block print rug, here.
this entire space is just...aaaah.

trained in both textile and industrial design, niki jones has tons of experience and states "i decided to start my own company because i couldn't find what i wanted to buy on line, well designed and well crafted pieces for my home that were a bit special." i hear ya!
i find niki jones' products to be from eclectic inspiration, through her travels, her life experiences and through her artistic eye. i really am loving her stuff!
it's mid-way through the week everyone! we are that much closer to friday...yeah! enjoy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ode to wood.

always, while i'm either perusing the pages of a fabulous new design magazine or the internet, i'm drawn to spaces using wood. in all shapes, sizes, ways and forms. painted, raw, tiny touches or everywhere, in your face!

wood draws us outside, offering a rustic, natural setting. (next 6 images from house and home)
and wood can give us modern, contemporary, up-to-date-spaces.

wood can provide that landscape that a space has.

wood surrounds us with little touches of charm.

wood provides many a surface for many a shared meal.

wood tends to ground us, reminds us to stop and sit a while.

super interior images incorporating wood, in april's issue of house beautiful, here.

faux wood wallpapers. yeah that's right! (nobilis)
use wood to add those tiny touches of warmth, or nature, or to give a space that raw, yet inviting feel. (purple area's blog)

build a secret studio straight from wood logs, warm the inside with color, paint, light...oh how i want this one! (here)
paint it! any color really...(emmas design blog)

bring the wood inside! stack it! display it! it's beautiful!

(apartment therapy)

i have bunches of projects staring me in the face right now, such as a beautiful antique bureau squatting in my basement, half sanded and asking "what color am i going to be?" every time i go down stairs to put a load of laundry in. and there's my kitchen table, scratched up and desperately in need of a color transformation and face lift. oh, i have ideas for that table! but summer is coming, warmer weather inspires me to drag furniture outside, run to the hardware store for sandpaper and have fun picking paint chips.

how do you feel about wood? do you prefer it painted (i do!), or stained, natural or not much at all? it's raining today in new england, i'm sitting at my scratchy kitchen table and considering the possibilities! enjoy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

new spring lighting & shades.

i'm loving the lighting choices from 2modern's site. the categories are viewed from least expensive gradually growing towards more expensive. your imagination will soar from residential ideas to tons of commercial ideas. on the commercial level, i truly could go crazy with their options. eclectic, fun, sexy and traditional, something for every space out there.

enjoy 2modern's offerings this rainy-where-i-am monday! i have class tonight and much reading to accomplish for the rest of today. how is your monday going? enjoy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

the header drama continues. :)

ok, so with your opinions registered and my uncomfortable-ness with the new header, i've, for now, gone back to the old one. there is something to be said for branding and keeping true to your concept, your logo, your look. i have always believed that the core of your concept should really remain constant. and so it will...thanks for your input and the old logo is back! :) have a relaxing sunday everyone! we are off to my fiance's sister's 50th birthday lunch! yeah for her!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


ok, i need your help. do i keep this new header or go back to the old one. it's not that i'm afraid of change, really i'm not. but i'm unsure of this one, so different from the original one i had. anyway, if you have a minute, leave your opinion! hope you are having a great saturday! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

friday magic. weekend rest.

this is where my head is today. after tons of red wine last night, an outdoor fire with my dad and family, watching my son playing the guitar my dad just gave him (a gibson if you all know guitars, oh yeah and with an amplifier and microphone, wow) and eating tons of delicious food for dinner last night. going, going, going, my head is in the clouds, but i'm floating very nicely thank you. :) here.

i'm contemplative today, remembering a fabulous week with my dad, now as he drives home. but the smile on my face will last quite some time, the guitar music, the amount of time my eyes were watering from laughing so hard and all of the pinky swears we made, you had to be there :) this image here.

i'm staring at a counter of dirty dishes, wine glasses and the remains of an unbelievable chocolate lava cake. totally worth the clean up. found on ffffound.

my body and my mind are screaming for rest and relaxation and of course totally sleeping in, here would be nice!

i want to curl up in this super fuzzy chair and read a non-class-required book :) (here.)

i would light this lovely lantern and stay in the tub all night long. (found here.)

everyone....enjoy your weekend. i will be sleeping in, then probably sleeping in the next day and finally some serious sleeping in. yeah that's right. :) next week, we are back to design posts, new lighting inspiration and spring and summer fabrics and textiles. enjoy!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

thursday and dinner with dad.

(i love this photo and found it here)

this is thursday and it's the night before my dad leaves to drive back to tennessee. so i thought it appropriate to post an elegant dining area, crammed full of chandeliers, sparkles, and imagine we are there, laughing, gazing up at the crystals bouncing off of the candle light, eating a wonderful meal and drinking delicious wine. oh we will be doing all of those things, just at my own dining table, which does have a tiny sepia chandelier and daffodils on the table, and it will be perfect enough. oh and my dad plays guitar, i'll post pictures soon! enjoy your thursday and your evening as i will be enjoying mine!