Thursday, July 31, 2008

let's head to the couch!

i have perused this company and it's projects and pieces for several years now...drooling, admiring, designing and wishing one day to own a piece or at least use one in the perfect place or space for a client. interior internet is based out of the UK and every piece is a work of pure art. sculpted furniture, one of a kind designs and opulent, couture fabrics and style. not your average couch or chaise lounge. but...it's another company where price is a factor...although if you are looking for that one conversation piece (or two, or three...) you have to at least take a peek at interior internet and know that you are getting a bang for your buck piece! take one look and you'll be back for more, like me....again and again and again...........

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

all that is aqua creations.

aqua creations, established in 1994 features innovative lighting and furniture creations from internationally acclaimed designer ayala serfaty. originating in tel-aviv, israel, aqua creations now reaches clients from new york to holland and you can find their pieces in many showrooms throughout this country. i was recently in boston and i couldn't help but notice a small restaurant in the north end that featured their lighting throughout the small space. i'll tell you what though, as i walked by during the evening hours, that space had a glow, a mystery, a draw because of that light. they appear very organic and lifelike, as if you plucked some beautiful sea creature out of the ocean and lit it up. very intriguing to say the least. these lights can be pricey but if you are going for wow, you've found it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

orange piel provides the palette

i'm ga ga over wall treatments as you can all see from this weeks blog posts. while i'm on a roll might as well keep going. another blogger turned me on to this site called orange piel. they push walls to the limit with not only providing back lighting, outstanding crisp images and a wide variety of choices but how about adding in acoustic abilities. yes folks it's true. some of their designs offer thousands of tiny micro-perforations per square foot and when coupled with an appropriate acoustic insulator, can significantly dampen ambient noise. this particular covering is called clipso and is "the perfect marriage of technology and aesthetics." plus in my own words you just sit and say wow while scrolling on your computer at what they've done with some of their spaces. but like hanging a particular piece of art on your wall, you'd better hope you can live with it a while. my first thoughts are that this concept works well commercially, where people come and go and are not attached to any one image too too long. enjoy!

Monday, July 28, 2008

lighting your walls.

ok so this seems to be wall week for me. clever ways to transform wall space with minimal work, construction or demolition! i discovered these amazing lights from peter buning in germany and he calls them his sha-do lights. "the concept of the sha-do lamps consists of illuminating the environment through individual shadow pantomimes." he also states that the lamps can be "adapted to the environment because of their flexible construction and casts every location in a very special light." imagine designing a wall space for a fabulous restaurant, club, bar or just a hallway in your home. immediately that wall has pattern, mood, texture and design. voila!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

having fun with wall decals.

this mother and daughter team caught my eye on etsy. one of them lives in australia, one of them lives in new york. a fusion of hand illustration & stylized modern graphics bringing the ellynelly series alive. i love when people have fun with walls as there are such beautiful new and old wallpapers coming into desire again, so too are wall decals. ellynelly offers a variety of fun designs, colors and sizes to accent part of your room or enhance your entire space. these designs are easily applied, and look great on walls, windows, mirrors, fridges, tiles and ceilings. no need to knock holes in walls, these arworks are self adhesive yet removable (not re-usable) so when you are ready for a change, add a new graphic!