Tuesday, May 31, 2016

artist spotlight: charles petillon

i'm inspired today by this white balloon installation by artist/photographer charles petillon titled "invasions"...

the ways with which the balloons interact with the architectural or structural spaces they are placed is strangely captivating. they appear to somehow transform otherwise still, abandoned or quiet spaces, to spaces filled with movement, with life. they beautify, they captivate and they intrigue. i just really like this today. enjoy!

p.s. to view more of charles at work in various installation processes, go here.

matter & shape: lighting to love

lighting is by far my most favorite design medium. and so today i'm indulging myself (and you) in some new pieces/designers to pay attention to, to love. and i have a long list of new favorites, so let's get going...
matter and shape is a FABULOUS design resource for some of the best of the best in design & designers, and not just lighting. they hook you up, direct you right to them. and if you like any or all of these lights (and believe me there are even more!) head over to matter and shape. and keep tabs. for designers are always emerging and so then are the pieces that they are creating. how great it is that all of that just never ends?! so great that's what...enjoy!

Monday, May 30, 2016

people pins

after taking a long run in the summer rain this morning, i was drawn to these people pins. interacting with water, shapes of summer, patterns of color that make you smile...


italian artist/designer cristina celestino is young, highly celebrated already and her glass "opalina" collection of furniture & mirrors have stolen my heart today...
according to cristina's site, up to the 19th century, "the word opaline referred to an off-white, rose color. over the years, the use of opaline glass has become more sophisticated in terms of color variations." cristina's opalina collection is made of "thick etched and painted glass slabs that give a translucent and silky appearance."

i've said before here on the blog that the medium of glass in furniture design is not my favorite medium. most of the time i find it cold and unapproachable. but there is something special about the ways with which cristina invites us all to enjoy her glass collection. part ethereal, part soft and dreamlike. nothing cold about these pieces here. enjoy!

natsuki camino

i'm loving the dreamy, summer(y) illustrations by japanese artist natsuki camino this morning....
natsuki often works with torn paper collage and began textile design in 2015 (see some her fun textile designs here). besides the overall composition, the color palette and light that each piece exudes is rather exquisite. i love the fact that they seem to be anywhere, anywhere you imagine. they are every day and exotic all at the same time.

they evoke the human spirit to travel, to explore, to interact. the sense of landscape is both interesting and curious. sometimes not taking away every single thing that the artist intended, while studying or enjoying a piece is refreshing. sometimes it's just up to you to imagine and consider. i love that. enjoy!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

robert cray & twenty

robert cray is one of my favorite musicians, one that i would need on a deserted island if i could only have one musician to listen to. to me, he is by far one the of THE most talented musicians ever. if you see him live, he's even more than amazing. and for this memorial day weekend, i thought i'd share this version of "twenty". the words, they struck me for this holiday.


Friday, May 27, 2016

have a great (long) weekend!

it's finally the kickoff-the-summer long weekend! what do you have planned?
i've stocked up on a couple of new books to read...am i the only one who hasn't read this (ambitious book) yet? (n.y. times review here) so far i am loving it! i'm still working on my first embroidery project and hope to finish it this weekend too. i already want to start a second one, so relaxing to do this stuff!

besides that i want to get outdoors as much as i can, eat good food and sip some great wine (what else right?!). i hope that your weekend is all that you want it to be. and it's also friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

if you need a laugh, this. is. hilarious. (i dare you not to laugh)

ooh, i'm making this soon.

this too!

a pretty do it yourself project

liking this dress. see her wear it (pregnant!) here.

vacation inspiration: their 48 hours in yosemite.

gorgeous marbled flooring!

summer poncho love.

a cool color wheel phone case.

how stunning is this wedding bouquet with its big bold ribbon?

i like this print.

a fun bright yellow fruit bowl.

another pretty one piece bathing suit.

unusual (and beautiful) earrings.

for memorial day weekend, she sure has some pretty cocktail recipes.

really want this holepunch leather tote.

a fun beach cooler.

i can't even, these look so good.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

the dafne and demetra pots

how amazing are these stark white, lacy laser cut outdoor pots/planters offered up by the italian design company decastelli?
and don't get me wrong, decastelli offers up lots of amazing pots & planters, these just jump out at me. talk about wow planters. enjoy!