Tuesday, December 22, 2020

have a dreamy holiday week!



hi, popping on this week to wish you a happy, dreamy holiday week. we are turning the corner soon, can you feel it?! and i woke up the other day and my foot was no longer swollen, leg is healing, days are slowly starting to get longer and there is a vaccine. so many amazing things to look forward to. i hope you are feeling positive and hopeful. enjoy the heck out of your holidays!

and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

need some visual calm? it's here.

french girl lip tint.

i'll never not love clogs.

love a good classic pair of levis. i still remember getting my first pair. they were corduroys!

always keeping tabs on what they get in. especially for the paintings.

dress love. ooh this is gorgeous too!

a cozy throw.

lots of yummy christmas cookie ideas. and i want to make this for christmas morning.

the perfect red.

personalize a candle. or neon for a fun party.

these vases.

fun for a party.

a wow bathroom. 

a jazzy blouse.

a very festive over the table look.

and her toilet paper holiday diy is perfection.

really like these over the knee boots (and with that good winter sole).

i need this ornament.

yes. especially after this year!


Sunday, December 13, 2020

sunday & headphones

swirling around the house this sunday to joh bryant and headphones. well in my wheelchair i am. enjoy!

Saturday, December 12, 2020

have a lovely weekend!


i hope you are getting into the holiday spirit this weekend. i feel like i finally am. turning off the t.v. more, listening to music on my new blue tooth speaker (early xmas present. oh and the sound is GORGEOUS by the way) and taking short drives at night around our new neighborhood to see how everyone has decorated their houses. sometimes it's that simple. 

and some fun favorites from around the world wide web:

love everything about each space. 

love this!

a fun diy, for little ones indoors.

my son is a tea lover. for christmas i just ordered this beautiful vintage strainer. 

how gorgeous are these knit blankets? liking this blanket too.

so many great bodysuits to choose from lately. i just bought this one.

this just makes me smile.

loving this necklace too. all of her pieces really!

a pretty do it yourself for the holidays.

just ordered her book. how fun.

this vase and that deep gorgeous color!

just ordered these reading glasses. will let you know how i like them. 


Friday, December 4, 2020

have a relaxing weekend!


hey, have a relaxing weekend! i'm getting a liiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit ancy with the broken leg, but hoping that december brings me good news from the doctor and my christmas present is walking again. strange, but i'll take it! i hope that you are all embracing the last month of an unusual year. could it be that we are all looking forward to a new year like never before? i'd take that bet. 

and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a wow sequin dress.

want one of each of these blankets.

wishing for these totem candles.

really into the painterly feel of this wallpaper.

i really just like this. would make an unusual gift too. 

can we talk about how beautifully wrapped these presents are?

this place would make for a unique weekend getaway! i'll also take their veggie tacos.

windy peak vintage. a sweet small business to support. i really like this and these.

another favorite small business. want one of everything.

we will one day renovate our upstairs bathroom. this is perfection inspiration

loving this reversible fur/bomber jacket. 

this bowl has that icy look for the holidays.

just a lovely space. ok, this one too.

in design, for the love of arches.

mad for this ruby velvet jacket.

just bought this for the color.

etsy love.


rug love.

i'd love to start doing this.


liking this vuelta lamp alot. this honeymoon sconce is pretty cool too.

the open/closed concept of this "sky" storage piece is beautiful. loving the super clean lines.

this one's stunning too.

a funky pink marble coffee table.