Friday, July 30, 2010

bruhl. clarity in shapes, concept and design.

for bruhl, "clarity lies in carefully balancing proportions and volumes in harmonious interplay of all the elements." i love that!

i'm not a "white couch person". but for some reason, bruhl's white line of exquisite furniture sucked me right in. i was drawn to those puffy, yet clean lines. the very new~ness of the white furniture. so maybe i could be a "white couch person?" hmmm.
bruhl is correct in saying on it's website that "more than anything, the design enables the furniture to be easily integrated", in any space that is. and they're right! take a victorian, or industrial space and plunk a bruhl piece smack dab inside and you know what you have? you have interesting, you have complicated, you have simple and you have fun all rolled into one space now. and i love that too!

well, what are your weekend plans? i finished the beginning of my class project,(can you hear me jumping up and down?) so i'll take a day or two for a much needed breather, in between a little bit of work. but, one of my loves took 2 days off early next week! my younger love has a summer job so he's working those 2 days...so we are off to the beach, to catch up on some magazines, eat sandwiches, watch the seals and breathe, breathe, and breathe some more! enjoy...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

decorating with driftwood.

i'm couped up in my local library, working away on my class project of editing my short film, hoping that their computers will work just a little bit, ok, alot, faster! mine was laboring with every move. while i'm here, my mind drifts to beaches, and then to driftwood and what you can do with some of those beauties that you bring back home at the end of a glorious beach day. here is some pretty inspiration...



i actually hope you are not reading this right now and are at the beach yourself, enjoying, searching out pretty pieces of driftwood. once you're done, imagine some of these possibilities. enjoy everyone!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

one amazing coffee table.

i found this gorgeous coffee table via domosfera, a very cool polish site...and my jaw dropped and my eyes popped. wowzers! talk about making a statement in your living room? ah, yeah. that would certainly do it. ;) designed by french designer pierre lescop "it has an irregular shape and is made entirely of glass". wowzers again.

friends, my posts this week will be a bit here and there as i'm wrapping up a giant project for my summer course. i'm editing, trimming and narrating away at my short film assignment. so, bare with me if you will. i'll be back in the saddle by the weekend. :) for now, and until then, enjoy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

friday and soothing places.

(all via we heart it)

so what are your weekend plans my friends? i'm headed to the county fair (more work on my class project, details in a post or two below) and might even indulge in some fried dough or an ice~cream sundae. yeah, that's right! i've been working hard, don't i deserve the calories? ;) so, after having fun tonight, i'd love to land in any one of these spaces above. and land i would. i'm hoping to catch up on much needed sleep on sunday morning, with coffee and visiting many of you and your blogs! enjoy...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

newsworthy wall treatment. a clever thursday find.

running around again today with my class project, but wanted to share this oh~so~clever~wall~treatment~find! have a look...

"using an age-old technology of upcycling old newspapers, 100% real newsprint strips are handwoven on a loom and then paperbacked to make newsworthy suitable for the wall. a wonderful, tactile alternative to an expected grasscloth."

newsworthy, is made from 70% upcycled newspaper strips and 30% nylon weitzner, a fab new find in wall treatments offers this amazing very "green" product for the not only design conscious but environmentally conscious as well. you can even order customized color palettes, totally fabulous! it's drying out (at least for the day) in my area, i'm loving it! enjoy...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

restful spaces.

(via, owi)

it's only wednesday and i'm already craving restful spaces. i'm having a super creative week, working on my class project, attending classes and working in between. so today, here is where i am drawn. everything about this space is perfect. aaahhh, if only! enjoy your day today!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

doing kitchens differently.

kitchens are one of those spaces that sometimes people forget to have fun with. and much fun can be had, let me tell you! from wall treatments, to color palettes, to hardware and lighting, the kitchen can be transformed to a show stopping space in your home. sometimes, you just need to do kitchens differently...

the kitchen can be the one place or space you dare to make a color statement. as in this eco-friendly, truly green kitchen, via hote-ls.com.
gorgeous and rough. this kitchen with it's perforated cabinetry has a much less typical industrial feeling space but easy, relaxed and comfortable. it can be very fun to change out all of the hardware such as knobs and drawer pulls. perhaps vintage glass doorknobs would fit in here? love! via, nest egg, a fab new blog find of mine.

let your inner artist out in designing your kitchen. this creative/whimsical kitchen via az central.

this stunning kitchen concept is via captivatist, a new discovery for me in inspirational home design ideas. check them out! i love the play between rustic and modern that placing that very sleek, ultra modern island right smack dab on worn, wooden flooring. the two feels play off of one another beautifully!

these artsy/modern kitchens with a vintage twist, via trendir.

i love, love, love the idea of using stainless steel in kitchen designs. there is something so industrial, so very clean about this material. and again, there's the very fun textural element utilizing metals adds. via, kitchen tile backsplashes blog.

from unique backsplashes to color choices to style, these kitchens, featured on apartment therapy stand out.

so, what about you? have you dared to do your kitchen differently? and if so...how? for me, i've installed a funky amber glass chandelier, my first step in mixing it up. the possibilities are really endless with the options now out there on the market, or just with your own ingenuity and creativity, unleashed! i'd love to hear any and all kitchen concepts you've come up with. for now...enjoy this sunny in my part of the world, tuesday. i'm off to the county fair today to conduct more interviews for my class project (see on a couple of posts below) and then off to class in what will be a very hot boston today! enjoy...

Monday, July 19, 2010

tastes orangey on etsy.

this weekend was hot as blazes! i had zero energy and wanted to lay around like a big fat cat. so i pretty much did. :) i wanted to begin the week with a fab etsy find. tastes orangey "(the name tastes orangey comes from a pee-wee's playhouse episode about making popsicles)."
was right there on the etsy home page this morning whilst i was perusing, or about to begin perusing their many amazing pages. i was immediately drawn to artist clare elsaesser's paintings of figures. the color palettes, the way she depicts the figure, sort of vague but with feeling. and her backgrounds...they are equally as important parts of these paintings.

clare then sews many of her paintings onto another sheet of water color paper to give the print or painting (she sells both on her etsy site) "a substantial feel." i love that!

so run, check out tastes orangey if you are in the market for some summer art finds. clare's prices are very reasonable. i imagine one of her paintings, perhaps large (i seem to love paintings large when they are the only piece on a wall) hanging in a dining room, to contemplate over meals. enjoy!