Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bonluxat. let's talk lighting.

my fondness for lighting is no secret to those that follow this blog. in fact, it is always my personal mission to locate the obscure, the unusual, the amazing, the oh-so-very-different in lighting. to share, to purchase, to ogle, and to wish for. bonluxat is a site where you can wade waist high through mounds of designers and manufacturers of stunning lighting...like these...

fernando and humberto campana campana lighting unit, by edra, here.

berfjan pot fold up xxl supension lamp, by moustache, here.

gregoriao spini sama ceiling lamp, by kundalini, here.

lars englund skelder lamp, by kallemo, here.

bert & dennis chester lamp, by dark, here.

josef frank T2561 ceiling lamp, by svenskt tenn, here.

ferruccio laviani supernova lamp, by foscarini, here.

vibeke fonnesberg schmidts bau lamp, by normann copenhagen, here.

paola navone pluto ceiling lamp by kundalini, here.

i could go design mad with these choices. the possibilities, the wow factor fabulous lighting contributes to any space, residential or commercial. in fact, i urge clients to not wait to visit commercial spaces to be wowed by lighting. put the wow right smack into your own home. it can be done! it should be done! it must be done...enjoy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

poltrona frau.

are you familiar with poltrona frau's products? wow. what drew me is their appearance of floating, un~interrupting a space. quietly decorating, quietly solid and dependable, providing respite, flowing, floating, subtle, yet extravagant and luxurious. all of that makes for wow.

(above image thanks to patricia gray interiors, photo by roger brooks.)

maybe it's the white? the color palette lends itself to dreamy, the creamy leather seduces us into the space, onto each piece, soothing us, whether in a residential or commercial space. calm, cool and collected are poltrona frau's pieces. again with the wow.
it's tuesday, classes tonight, but what's fun is my son comes to one or two of my classes with me each semester and tonight is the night! we will have dinner first, stop at his favorite book haunt and discuss the class on our ride home. aaah, happiness is :) enjoy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

designing fearlessly.

i'm dedicating today's post to designing fearlessly. by that i do not mean wild, crazy or bizarre by any stretch, i mean live a little, take a bold step, buy from a company you've never heard of, wow not only your guests, but wow yourself.

via we are infinite~

via purple area~

via trendir~

via bolig magasinet~

via decor pad~

via elle decor~

i currently have a potential client who bought a beautiful brand new very chic condo unit. tons of potential, like a blank canvas really. he super busy and furnished it to furnish it if you know what i mean by that. made it livable. but did not make it his own. my goal is to transform his spaces, piece them together little by little, exposing him to product, texture, art, wall treatments, fabrics that he just didn't have time to imagine when he first decorated. to be fearless, to explore companies outside of your area where you live, to picture a wall differently, a corner differently. fearlessly.
enjoy your monday everyone!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

animal clutches. enough to make you smile.

today, this glorious sunday, i went outside to turn on the sprinkler and low and behold, hobbling like a seal across my front yard was a very well fed wood chuck (i think that's what it was :) it was the cutest thing ever. i then was bopping around on line and discovered this fabulous etsy site called tsuru bride. wanted to share some sunday fun and smiles today. enjoy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

friday summer spaces.

happy friday everyone! yeah for weekends! what are your plans? are you busy, busy as a bee or hanging low? me? i have work to do this weekend, (including homework), but plan on having some down time with my son. need that! wherever you go, whatever you do, i hope you are in relaxing spaces...like these.

i want to be in these spaces all weekend long...did i say please? :) (via)



enjoy this summer weekend! enjoy these summer design spaces. i hope to visit many of my favorite blogs this weekend too to say hi! bye for now....:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

sweet summer finds.

this "almost friday", :) i wanted to share some unique ways of making a summer splash in your spaces, residential or commercial. from time to time this summer season i want to explore fab finds and share and share alike! so here it goes...

these water color, 100% wild silk hand knotted rugs, from fort street studio. what a summer accent for your summer home space, or your year round space. here.

i would serve all of my summer guests cool drinks in these flowery tumblers from bongenre, here.

wanting? no way, have to have these completely lovely summer cloe cotton sheers in ciablis, from kravet, here.

how about this super refreshing style for a stool? or perhaps use it for a summer side table? oh yes! so perfect in any summer setting, indoors or out. here, at tucker robbins.

loving the delicious summer sorbet colors in olat's crisp bedding. here.

super summery chic pillows and bedding from the fabulous madeline weinrib, original handmade textiles. love, love, love! here.

personalize your summer plates, with la plates in a variety of summer stylish patterns. here.

ok, so i'll take all of these! right? yes! enjoy these summer finds, enjoy this summer day...what are you up to? for me, i have the day off from work but head to class tonight. but today, i'm off to treat myself to something. not sure yet, but something out there is waiting for me and i'm going to find it :) enjoy!