Tuesday, February 28, 2017

10 random spaces to love

oh just 10 random space to love today, spaces i could sit myself right down in for a long period of time, chock full of fabulous lighting and art, always art!

currently coveting

i'm currently wishing for these, from red vinyl jeans to a striped bolster pillow that has spring written all over it...
what's on your wish list lately? enjoy!

Monday, February 27, 2017

monday & mjolk

man oh man, if you are building a space, whether it be residential or commercial and you are structuring a seating area, aaaaand you want it just a little bit more interesting than the typical, toronto-based mjolk offers up some wow seating options. i couldn't stop saving images, i seriously couldn't...
husband and wife team john and julie baker are mjolk. john & julie describe mjolk as a "lifestyle shop and gallery" and they feature work by "artists and artisans from scandinavia and japan" and each piece goes from design to a formal piece produced locally by artisans in toronto. a very cool collaborative process right?

the scandinavian/japan design influece is apparent but so too is the modern aesthetic and slight daring of line in each design. i think that that's the spark in each piece, that's what i'm talking about friends. enjoy!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

sunday & every minute

dancing around the house to jj grey & mofro this sunday morning...i'm just really feeling these guys today!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

a quick hello & michael shaw

i am still in the middle of a new job start and move (hence my recent lack of posts, though i hope to be back to posting regularly soon!), but i wanted to pop on today and say a quick hello and tell you about a project that someone special to me is working on as part of an effort to get people more involved in fundraisers and compassionate programs in her high school...

hannah allen is working very hard on behalf of cancer survivor michael shaw. michael was diagnosed with leukemia at age 4 and has bravely battled the disease for 10 years since his diagnosis.

hannah is collaborating through her high school with cape cancer crushers and the student series of the leukemia & lymphoma society. read more about michael shaw and hannah here. to donate directly also go here, all proceeds go directly to michael shaw's efforts to remain healthy.

i don't usually utilize this blog as such a forum but these are two special people with a special cause. and i think that especially right now, in these times, we can all promote a little more compassion, don't you think? ;) thanks!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

sunday & ben harper

are you a ben harper fan? i sure am, and i'm currently decompressing from my week hip shaking around the house to this, this morning...

dance with me! enjoy...

Friday, February 17, 2017

have a super weekend!

happy friday friends! sorry for the radio silence but it's been another heeeeeeectic week. new job, researching a move...wow. all good, but wow...
so i've pulled together an extra long friday links post, just in case you missed me :)

everyday should start like this.

a fun sweatshirt.

how amazing would a macrame headboard be?

can i please have this space?

i want every. single. one.

in the market for new lighting? go here.

etsy love.

more etsy love: these would make for a cool textual and natural color palette series in a residential or commercial space.

a gorgeous dresser. see it here too.

wish i had thought of this for a valentine's day party!

these are just, wow.

bedroom perfection (that mirror!).

oh my gosh, these sandals!

living in dreamland.

hand-made goodness.

a fun scarf.

her stitched artwork is amazing & so super colorful, pure love!

sweet heels.

this leather strap shelving is pretty cool.

would be pretty in a window.

antiques & oddities.

i like this table, just pop it together.

these pleated pillows are coming soon, and i really like them.

this would make for a simply gorgeous and unique bedside table.

an amazing floor lamp (if you are looking for a wow piece!)

since i'm surrounded by snow, this is just fun as i wish for summer.
have a super weekend!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

sunday & love do what it do

checking in this sunday morning to say hi while i dance around the house to love do what it do...

dance with me! enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2017

exciting news! (and a short break)

just wanted to say hi and wish you all a positive and productive week! i'll be taking a short break to begin a new job (at harvard university!) that i'm VERY excited about and plan a move to boston...
so...lots of really great & positive events taking place in my world right now. i hope to be back to blogging next week after i get settled in in both respects. have a really great week and see you back here soon!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

sunday & gomez

it's a quiet sunday morning & i'm dancing around the house to the beautiful voice of gomez...

happy weekend!

Friday, February 3, 2017

have a cozy (super bowl) weekend!

happy friday friends! & happy super bowl weekend (ahem, GO PATS!)...
it's been another hectic week, work, apartment hunting, wow. but hey, time to slooooow it down a little, take in the weekend, get excited about football (if you're a football fan) and yeah. i'm also hoping to get a run or two in, sleep late and eat a giant breakfast on sunday, hey it's the little things ;)

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

excited to see this design documentary!

so great, this do it yourself table runner idea.

lip reading goodness! made me LAUGH!

so pretty in pink.

just loving each room here.

"nice rides", a fun pre-superbowl commercial tease.

inspired to paint more by her figure studies.

a great ankle boot (and it's on sale!).

a striking wall sconce.

and just really want this pom pom shade.

she has a furniture collection for sale now? right on!

such a great bedside table.

look yummy (i've been on a chip kick lately!).

a sweet do it yourself valentine's day idea.

a new (fresh) take on the rocking chair.

a cool braid style for hair.

might grab this for my fast growing cactus.

he has cute things.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

feeling spring

i just reeeeeally like this artisanal line of home goods today offered up by the australian-based sage & clare, it reminds us that spring is right around the corner, sort of...

bright, light, textural, chock full of simple patterns and amazing materials this line has spring written all over it. and it's so fun! enjoy...