Friday, May 31, 2013

friday & a walk in the fog.

happy end to your friday friends! i wanted to share a few photos, to wind down your day...
i took a drive the other day, then a walk. in the fog. there were things you could see. and there were things you could not. these are the things you could see.

when it's not foggy on this beach, my favorite beach on cape cod, you see a wild, crisp, cold ocean. you see seals. you see sharks chasing the seals. you can walk forever. and you want to. or at least i do. enjoy!

van rossum tables.

this friday, the end of a busy week, i love the clean lines of these van rossum tables.
with names like beam and wood, these tables live up to their name. chunky/full leg support holding up an equally thick top, these tables don't mess around. they are present, they are contributing to your environment, residential or commercial. but that's what's so great about them. so great!

how are you this friday? are you feeling that it's also the end of a busy/hectic week? i think with the past memorial day weekend, working alot and trying to cram in tons of fun in between, i'm ready to slow down tonight. breathe a bit. i'm hunkering in the library today working on my thesis proposal. but a swim after that might be in order. it's sunny, hot and feeling like summer. and i love that! enjoy your friday too ;)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

fun with florals.

for a fashion deviation this morning, how fun would wearing these floral stockings offered up by francis may be? they're knee-high length. pairing them with super cute striped or polka dot shorts or dresses would be pattern mixing fun.
francis may is a collaboration between grandmother and granddaughter and is based out of portland oregon. they strive to blend "modern silhouettes with nostalgic charm." i love that! enjoy...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

tolix & leather.

ask me what henry wilson is doing to traditional tolix "a" chair? he's wrapping it in leather. that's what...
so there's alot of amazing going on here. for one thing, let's just mention tolix and leather in the same sentence. then the mixing of two interesting mediums/materials. then taking an older instinct, a vintage vantage point regarding seating and updating it, modernizing, playing with it. getting down right daring. with leather. of course. i love it. enjoy...

frosted cloud 19.

it's cloudy in my part of the world today. so these frosted cloud 19 lights offered up by apparatus are a perfect topic. and seriously cool chandeliers!
the cloud 19 glass orbs are frosted by hand, and as apparatus describes they create an irregular texture "reminiscent of 19th century glass frosting techniques."

i love the soft glow that resonate from these glass lights, the fact that they're clustered? even better. enjoy!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

husk & hive. b & b italia.

hey friends, i hope you all had an amazing memorial day weekend. i took a slight leave for a few days, worked and then enjoyed the sun after days of rain.

this tuesday i'm seriously loving the hexagonal hive ottomon and husk armchair offered up by b & b italia. the hive ottoman is designed by atelier oi and the armchair is designed by patricia urquola. each chock full of depth, pattern, texture and interest. and i love the natural color palette of both.
natural color palettes are classic, lasting and dynamic all on their own. and don't get me wrong...i really like the addition of bright colors to spaces or even strong color pops like bits of neon. but natural color palettes, i could surround myself with them.

i'm off for a walk on the beach. if i take some more photos, i'll share those later ;) enjoy!

Friday, May 24, 2013

happy memorial day weekend!

hey friends, have a fun memorial day weekend!
it's a long weekend...do you have fun things planned? the weather in my part of the world is supposed to be very non-memorial day weather. meaning, not beach weather. grey, rainy and windy.

so with that, i think i'll suit up, walk the beach (instead of in my bathing suit unfortunately) and take it all in just the same. wherever you go, whatever you do, have a blast! enjoy...

friday and kinnasand textiles.

happy friday friends! this new "unfold" line of textiles offered up by kinnasand are gorgeous for summer. they're gorgeous in general...
the designs are digitally printed and reveal exciting patterns and color combinations. imagine the possibilities in both residential and commercial spaces with these textiles? how fun! enjoy...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

felt carpets by karpet.

happy almost friday friends! today i'm especially drawn to these fun felt carpets offered up by karpet.
besides the fabulous design of these carpets, there is so much that is cool about the company karpet. based in zurich but with retailers abroad, karpet seeks to promote equal rights and opportunities for women in kyrgyzstan, where opportunity to prosper is currently limited and at the same time gets communities involved in the felting process, making payment directly to the producers and their families, no intermediaries. very cool indeed.

karpet is fair trade and ensures that no child labor is exploited although within the community, children do take part in the learning process of felting and composing and designing these rugs. the rugs are made from high mountain sheep's wools, some of the finest in the world.

i particularly love felt, i always have. i think it's an underutilized material, super soft and warm to the touch. and i adore the texture of it. so these karpet rugs are right up by alley. enjoy!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

your tech.

have you guys seen designlovefest's new dress your tech designs?
bri posted today some new super summery designs for your laptop or other computery-type contraptions. this running on the beach design by max wagner was my favorite today. check them out! enjoy...

table talk.

draenert, a german company who has been designing furniture for 45 years, specializes in tables, and more specifically, coffee tables. i love how each and every one of their tables are curious, they utilize a variety of materials in the design process and they fit, into both residential or commercial spaces.
these were a few of my favorites. i liked alot more of draenert's tables, especially some of the more daring designs. see more of their product line here.

how is your week plugging along? mine has started out relaxing and with opportunities to enjoy some sunshine. so that's a good thing ;) enjoy!

Monday, May 20, 2013

bernard piffaretti paintings.

this monday morning i'm loving the summer color palette of bernard piffaretti's paintings. and the patterns he creates stop me too.
the very graphic nature of the way piffaretti lays his paint, the ways in which he groups his colors, his shapes, make for interesting abstract landscapes to be sure. piffaretti's paintings would make a sensational addition to any space, traditional or otherwise. residential or commercial. they are daring and fabulous.

happy monday friends! how was your weekend? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

the beach, barnacles and playing with the light.

happy weekend friends! the other day i took a long walk as the sun set. as i took photos, the light was disappearing. i began playing with my camera and the light filters. to save the light. this is what transpired...at the beach, with the barnacles, and the light.