Sunday, August 31, 2014

sunday & this sunflower.

this morning, before i knew my day would be filled with running around, getting my son ready to head back to college, i took a walk, and saw the most amazing sunflower...
(images mine)

and i have to say, i'm not really a sunflower person. i don't buy bunches of them in stores to bring home, to be honest, i've just never been wowed by them. but this one, this stopped me. it was standing tall and proud, in an abandoned vegetable garden of a beautiful yet empty home that is for sale near the ocean, just about the only life left on the property at the moment. it seemed to know it was beautiful.

i hope that you are having a beautiful sunday too.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

have a super summer weekend!

it's a long weekend! what are you up to?
mine will be busy sucking up the last of these amazing summer days and getting my son situated and ready for his senior year of college! i'll be shopping for last minute things he needs and feeding him as much food from home as i can!

has your summer weather been as amazing as mine, in my part of the world? i hope so. i never want it to end...enjoy!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


los angeles based, self-taught designer reza feiz has been talked about recently as a "style pioneer" and a "young designer who represents the leading edge of discovery in design"...
reza explains that "the challenge of design is to create something that is unique and functional, but above all has a nuanced and memorable personality. i like my work to be simple yet ingenious; to be understated yet be able to stand out and get noticed."

i have to say, for me, reza has many reasons he is standing out and getting noticed. his work is exquisite. he has studied the masters of the past. you can tell. he is also looking into the future, pioneering his own style and design. and that's what it's about. right? reza's company is called phase. it's a must see. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


israeli industrial designer avi fedida has created a very innovative and seriously gorgeous furniture line, incorporating sand paper into the wood. his line is aptly titled "grit", have a look at how he goes about creating each piece...

you can also see more of avi's product line on this website, here. watching avi's video, we are reminded of the meticulous attention to detail to each part of every piece, the brilliance of the artist behind the tools and equipment, but also the extreme patience necessary to complete each piece, well. i enjoyed this video, i hope you do too!

Monday, August 25, 2014


there are elements of this taipei apartment that are a little bit too sparse for me...
(via & via)
but this bedroom is quiet & dreamy. just saying...to see more, head here. enjoy!

monday layers.

happy monday friends! another fresh start to a new week. today i'm loving these layered tables offered up by divani...
some with offset edges, hovering planes, transparent surfaces & the combining of materials such as glass and marble, leather and wood, acrylic and linen all make for interesting to the eye design.

divani is an italian company and truly exceptional in every way. chock full of understated luxury. and hey, i'll take understated luxury any day of the week! enjoy...

Friday, August 22, 2014

have a beautiful weekend!

here's to hoping you are about to have a beautiful weekend!
i'm feeling the need/want/desire to slip into something pretty (including a few new pairs of amazing shoes i've recently purchased!) and just be in a setting that is comfortable yet with an energetic cool kind of vibe. and why not? summer's end is fast approaching, get out there and get pretty! put a drink in your hand and enjoy!

wherever you go, whatever you do, make it all that you want it to be. enjoy!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

a few hot pieces!

visiting new york based khouri guzman bunce lininger's site, i almost couldn't control myself. i swear...
those 4 names are 4 talented guys. they all have varied artistic, architectural and academic backgrounds, but together they make up khouri guzman bunce lininger or kgbl.

from that smoking hot pink velvet "mayweather sofa" (which i want now in the worst way!), to that glass topped "duran" coffee table, i was speechless perusing their pages. these are only a few of my favorites offered up by kgbl. let me tell you, if i was in a position right now to fill a residential or commercial space with one or more pieces, today, i would have lit up kgbl's phone lines. lit. it. up! enjoy...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

mood indigo.

mali-born artisan aboubakar fofana is committed to preserving the nearly lost mali tradition of natural indigo and vegetable dyeing...
you can read more about aboubakar and the tradition of indigo dyeing here. these indigo throws in differing intensities are my favorites. perfectly summer. perfectly indigo. perfectly gorgeous. enjoy!

quiet & communal.

i'm starting my day out in a quiet way. no running today. sipping coffee slower. a being good to myself kind of morning. and so, i'm attracted to these quiet & communal spaces and places. i could exist in any one of them today...
how is your day beginning? do you ever do that? set aside a day that you are going to be good to yourself and take it slow? it's a treat. really it is. enjoy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

team 7.

the austrian company team 7 is designing some very special pieces, with wood...
team 7 states that they work hand in hand with "the world's best designer, nature." no two pieces are alike as not two trees are alike. i love that. team 7 doesn't mass produce, product does not sit around in large warehouses. they create for each customer. i love that too.

there is a really cool video that team 7 keeps on their site, showing their reverence for the environment and the care that goes into designing and producing each every & every piece. check it out here.

you'd think that something as accessible or tried and true as wood would get old. that you might become tired or bored of the material. but every now and then a designer or artist recaptures your attention for a particular medium. team 7 does that for me, with wood. enjoy!

Monday, August 18, 2014

cool clutches.

currently completely in love with these clutches offered up by adaism...
lambskin clutches, made from one single piece, in tones such as ocre, raw bone white, cork and distressed pink metal. making my heart skip a beat. simply sensational...enjoy!