Friday, September 30, 2011

a friday bright blast.

many of you know that lighting is one of my favorite mediums in design, whether it be residential or commercial. i simply cannot get enough of fabulous lighting, i also consider it one of, if not the most important element in any space. i am always discovering an overwhelming amount of new design in the lighting field, up and coming designers, brand new companies emerging, and new designs from well established designers as well. i wanted today to share some fab new finds, hopefully they are new and inspiring to you too...

how about lighting as a rope? these "rope lamps" offered by christian haas.

these are fun, the "slip lamps" by corinna warm.

"beute lamps" by michael wolke, very green made from discarded cardboard.

a new take on the chandelier with this "constantin chandelier" by andrea claire.

these "aria lamps" by kieser spath.

ooh, this "pagode lamp" by french designer, jean couvreur.

this "darwin lamp" offered up by istanbul~based naif tasarim.

the "eliz lamp" offered by stal collectief.

happy friday friends! what do you have on your weekend agenda? hmmm, for me, a small amount of work, a large amount of research (though i'm loving it), a run, a glass of wine (ah, or two), and enjoying these amazing last lucky days of summer weather in my part of the world. wherever you go, whatever you do, enjoy the heck out of your weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

this, these would help.

just thinking, if i could spend a little time in this space...

eat all of this, yes for breakfast...

then jump into this outfit?

i'd be a new woman today. my sleepy, slightly over indulged with wine last night existence would be clearer and that would be a good thing. sorry, just thinking out loud. ok, stop it, i have to get to work ;) ...enjoy!

coco flip.

boy oh boy, i like some of the things going on over at coco flip. coco flip is a "multidisciplinary design studio" based out of melbourne australia whose aim is to provoke "thought and conversation". so let's think and converse shall we?

the lighting is pure love, the rocker, i want 3 for my little cottage and the bookshelf, just perfection. i told you, i just liked everything going on at coco flip.

ooh! it's almost friday friends. i'm, shall we say, a wee bit tired after hanging around boston last night, enjoying a glass (or two) of wine after class. so, ah, yeah, studying today should be interesting! i hope you are gearing up for a great weekend, it's only a day away ;) enjoy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

feeling all black and white.

today i have alot on my plate, just alot to get done in one day, so i'm craving easy spaces, crisp soft lines, uninterrupted color, texture, a place to clear my head, remember what i need to (ah, all of my reading). whilst being drawn to these spaces and places and things, i also stumbled upon some great new blogs and of course, fab tumblr sites, have a look...

these artistic black and whites from japanese trash.

this black and white wallpaper, just because it's so crazy it's perfect! found here.

super fun black and white stacked books pillow, found via french by design.

what these punches of bright color add to this black and white space is warming and just plain fabulous. i love the painted logs! via the black workshop.

oversized chalkboard wall, such fun! this one found via another distraction.

love, this hair cut, the bangs, the length, the color, sheer black and white bliss, also via another distraction.

swish via steal everything's tumblr.

currently drawn to some of the black and white choices over at reborn.

adore this seascape wallpaper by abigail edwards.

happy mid~week wednesday friends! where are you at this mid~week? are you in complete control, or all over the place trying to get everything you want done, done? i'm in between all of that, it changes by the hour ;) enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

research break.

i've rendered myself useless (for a while anyway) from research, research, research on line for courses. so i've popped a veggie burger in the oven and i'm going outside to read...step away from the computer. but before i head outside, i wanted to share an esty find (originally spotted here), these chevron necklaces offered up by finest imaginary, here. i want bundles of them. bundles! enjoy ;)

having fun with postmodernism.

perusing some recent design shows and websites i've noticed a resurgence in postmodernism, sculptural pieces to say the least. part functional, part impact piece, part you just want it and you don't know why. here are a few of my favorite postmodernism pieces to highlight...

i think the most fun in this post is this chair, the ekstrem, offered by varier furniture. seriously (but in a non~serious kind of way), this piece would perfectly break up any traditional space, residential or commercial. it would offer a pow impact, fun, character, color, you name it, the ekstrem chair would offer it. find one here.

these "s chairs" offered up by cappellini are interesting and versatile. for your desk? your dining table? as a stand alone chair in any space? how about in a wonderful hotel lobby or bar area? now you're talking. find them here.

this very cubist chunky black matte chair might be paired perfectly flanking a more rustic dining table, to contrast in a complimentary way. to combine mediums, styles and eras really. would be very fun together! this "x1" chair offered by draenert, here.

how about this brightly painted macaone table offered by zanotta? ah, this would draw people into your spaces. oh and i love everything else zanotta offers, including their fab website, check out zanotta here.

a joint venture by nanna ditzel and fredericia furniture, this bench for two, with its elegant back and geometric patterning would make an intriguing conversation piece, residentially or commercially. find it here.

i know some of these pieces can be "out there" in some very traditional spaces. but you know what? that's what they're about, breaking the monotony, spreading out your style. i truly believe and i've said this from the start while blogging about design, every space has or needs that wow piece, something to either balance it or throw it right off its block. any of these postmodernistic pieces can offer that.

just saying...enjoy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

random monday stuff.

i have a slight weekend hangover. meaning, i didn't want my weekend to end. i worked alot but goofed off alot too, which we all need now and then. during my perusing the internet goofing off stage this weekend, i stumbled upon random things, color palettes, spaces, hair and fashion i loved. i thought i'd share them...

this monday morning view. via.

sunglasses and messy hair. via.

this accordian lamp. via.

this monday space, for the chandelier and the scratchy oversized mirror. via.

these jill sander boots for spring 2012. via.

the blue of this ring. via.

this table, just because. via.

i am loving this color palette. such a pretty palette for makeup for fall. via.

oh, and i love the idea of hanging art in the bathroom. yes sir i do. via, (i forget.)

i told you it was random. but fun. how was your weekend? are you rearing to get back to it? i am in a way, but part of me wants to go back to the birthday party for a friend, back to the dinner with my sister, back to sleeping in late and eating a huge breakfast. you know, weekend luxuries. ;) enjoy your monday start, it's a fresh new week my friends! enjoy...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday and pretty blues.

more oohing and aahing today over these blues. what is it about blues? they make my heart skip a beat.

today i've already exercised, just ate a gigantic breakfast and will soon attend a long time friend's 70th birthday party (and what's more fun, it's a surprise, but no worries, she doesn't read my blog). what are you doing today? have fun whatever it is! enjoy...