Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new year's eve...

it's the end of december, of 2013. 2014 lies just ahead. and it feels downright exciting...

are you doing anything fun tonight? well...whatever it is you do this new year's eve, i hope that you have a super fun night! i'm laying low...heading to my favorite thai food restaurant, sipping a little wine and breathing deep...taking in the year that's been & getting geared up for the year that hasn't happened. yet.

so here's a toast...to all of us! may we all have everything we wish for in a new year. enjoy!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

city lights, by angela cameron.

as we lead up to new year's eve, i found these just as sparkly and celebratory...

photographer/artist angela cameron photographs city lights. the kind that look blurry in the rain, or as you blink your eyes, or after too much of something sparkly to drink maybe? ;)

i would love one or two, or a triptych of angela's city lights, large, in an unexpected place. over a bed? in a more formal dining room to throw the space off? to relax it a bit? awesome.

happy monday friends! i hope you had a really great weekend! enjoy...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

new year's eve party garland.

i just thought that this was fun. this new year's eve do-it-yourself party garland from oh happy day...
are you planning anything fun for new year's eve? i've been craving the experience of a glitzy glam cocktail party. somewhere where i can dress up in something sparkly and sip something sparkly ;) just saying...enjoy!

Friday, December 27, 2013

have a cozy weekend!

now that christmas has passed, what are you doing with yourself this weekend?
i'm taking in much needed outdoor runs this week (with some slightly warmer weather around) which feels energetic. but i've also been in a hunker~in mood in between. walking around in ripped jeans today, socks and a big comfy shirt. happiness is. i hope that your weekend is cozy too! enjoy!

a new danish design heritage.

i realize it's the same couch. but presented in different colors, it's really not...
the "mayor" sofa, offered up by &tradition and designed by arne jacobsen and flemming lassen is my favorite thing this friday. what &tradition does is pairs and connects old masters with new designers, defining the past but at the same time, redefining the future, of furniture design anyway...

i've always paid attention to color, my whole life, of how it can change the look of just about anything, from cars, to 5 different versions of the same dress, to furniture, as in the case of this couch. it's the same couch, just like it's the same car, or dress, but really it's not. i love that!

i hope that your christmas was everything you wanted it to be. i'm still lingering in the mood of it all...i hope that you are too! enjoy...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

merry christmas friends.

it's christmas eve, and all week long, i've been feeling thankful about so many things...

an amazing calm has come over me lately (and i'm usually the spinning around thinking too much type of person). really it has this latter half of this year. i knew it would come, after a couple of years of emotional tolls on my family (i lost both of my parents in the last 2 years) i'm finally feeling as if i can truly focus, on what i want, where i'm going and on what lies ahead instead of what has happened.

so with that i celebrate this week, i celebrate calm, time with my son, and being very thankful for both. i hope that your christmas is feeling positive and lovely, and that you too enjoy it as much as i know i will. have a great night, have a merry christmas friends! enjoy!

Monday, December 23, 2013

monday mood.

it's almost christmas. and all i feel like doing is goofing off...
you too? especially after yesterday, heading to boston, to take in the city christmas vibe, the sounds of an amazing saxophone player on the sidewalk cheering everyone on, the fact that the city was the most mellow i'd seen it, almost, ever. everyone was in a supernatural calm and happy mood. no clamoring for stuff, no driving crazy, no long lines, anywhere. yes...anywhere. what?

well...that clinched my definite foray from every day business as usual to completely relaxing and wanting to do nothing at all, except anything fun and christmas-y. so i'm going with it...pretty much all week. and why not? in fact, do it with me. it's christmas....so..... ;) enjoy!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

saturday sound.

this group, savera and the tapes is my saturday sound today...

savera and the tapes includes a friend of mine, rob nastal, and they recently competed for and won a spot as a new and  emerging artist at the 55th grammy's...(see more about that competition, here) go rob! if you like this particular track, head to their website here, to listen to more...

just some saturday sounds for you...enjoy!

Friday, December 20, 2013

happy weekend!

so glad it's friday, aren't you? and it's the weekend before christmas...even better!
do you have fun or festive plans this weekend? christmas parties? wrapping? all of that? my son is home tonight from college (yeah for that!), we always stop here for dinner on the way home (don't ask, i just like it for some reason). then boston on sunday, for festive shopping, picking up some unique last minute gifts (ah, for said college student) then hopefully enjoying the last minutes of the weekend feeling pretty darn well ready for christmas.

i hope that you have a super weekend!! and in amongst all of the christmas craziness, enjoy!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

new tumblr favs.

if you are in the mood to peruse some new tumblr sites for interior eye candy, here are a few new favorites of mine...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7

diamond lights.

a little christmas glam coming at ya...well at least in the form of lighting, shaped like diamonds...
offered up by sebastian scherer, these diamond pendant lights are formed in powder coated galvanized steel. get yours in gold, silver or as white as christmas snow.

happy almost friday friends! how is your week going? tomorrow i pick up my son from college, sunday i'm heading to boston to finish a little more shopping and while i'm there i'm stopping at anthropologie to pick up a new knob for a piece of furniture i renovated a while back. aren't they the best for sprucing up a piece of furniture all with a hardware change? i hope your week is festive instead of frantic, and if it's frantic, your weekend is coming, your weekend is coming...enjoy!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a cool collaboration.

featured on martha stewart's site (in june), here, my jaw dropped at how amazing this furniture line turned out, the collaboration between fashion designer steven alan and designer jason pickens...have a look.
there's also an intriguing interview between the two to read....if you're in a reading mood this afternoon. if not, enjoy this understated but very cool furniture eye candy....

the planar bench seat.

i love this today, this low profile, sleek but sturdy planar bench, offered up by studio brovhn...
there is a classic and refined aesthetic about his bench seat. from the slender profile to the sturdy sculpted side legs which angle themselves inward from thinner to thicker, to the beautiful leather seat cushion...all that said, it's deciding where to put it...

alongside a dining table, this planar bench would make for an interesting seating option mixed in with other more traditional seating. at the foot of a bed, utilizing it as a sort of footboard/seat. there are alot of options for really great design, it boggles the mind. enjoy!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


this tuesday, i'm loving the look of the lounge line offered up by living divani...
divani speaks of a clarity of line and shape in their design, of a harmony and a perfection in the proportions. all great to highlight in really great design. just saying....

i'm off and running today! i hope your day is starting off positive and energetic ;) enjoy!