Monday, December 30, 2019

her eye on design

finding so much inspiration in tiffany lusteg's art installations. the color, the texture, the layout and design of everything has me so excited, by all of it...

Sunday, December 15, 2019

happy (leading up to the holidays) sunday!

hi friends, hoping you are having an amazing sunday!
are you buzzing around christmas shopping or laying low? i am going slow and trying to enjoy each day leading up to the holidays, which can be hard right?!. on black friday i put in an offer on a house!!! i'll keep you posted on my new home purchase adventure (it's been a total learning curve for sure!).

have a great rest of your weekend. and some fun finds from around the world wide web if you're interested:

prettiest fanny pack ever.

can you say dream dress?


i'd use this as an amazing fruitbowl. rather like this ring in wood too.

cute for kids.

these too! and what about waffles?

suddenly (back) into these fair isle sweaters.

a pretty gift idea.

get if for the pasta lover. um, me.

get them for the plant lover. um, me again.

just ordered this for my son for christmas.

loving this winter wrapping paper.

i love a good compliment card. another fun gift idea!

this site has so many last minute beautiful gift ideas.

this shimmer halter top is perfect for every single holiday party.

this charm throw.

my favorite lighting shop has this on sale.

secretly always wishing it was summer, i'd be wearing this just about every day.