Thursday, February 28, 2013

knoll. in orange.

this afternoon, i'm enjoying the pierre beuclur & jean christophe poggioli designed lounge collection, and offered up by knoll.

i'm not sure if it's that orange, or those metal legs in either a chrome or copper finish, or the black metal structure on which it all sits. or maybe it's because all that i hear when i stare at them is "psssst. you look like you could use a break. come on and lounge with me." that's probably it. to be honest.

i hope this afternoon finds your feeling energized and fairly euphoric. :) if not. find a cool place to lounge. you deserve it. enjoy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


houston, and all of you out there who are listening, i have a problem. a giant pain in the (insert word here) computer problem, with some sort of major part that needs to be replaced. i hope to be back up and running soon and off of borrowed or public computers as i am now. and so, for now...enjoy this leather handled diy project over on the always fabulous brick house's blog.

the one thing that is an absolute favorite thing for me to tackle, whether i purchase something vintage or something new...is to rip off the old, generic, blah hardware that accompanies it and wham, do something different. something that otherwise revives or transforms that piece, or cabinet & doors. in this case.

i LOVE what the brick house did here. leather. you just cannot go wrong. am i right? or am i right? right. enjoy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

roberta schilling

you can find alot of amazing, avant garde design and product on roberta schilling's site. but her cocktail tables are the ones that stop me.
roberta was born to a family of designers and grew up in brazil. she frequently seeks out cutting edge, new and interesting designers to fill and fullfill her product line. and in turn, that fullfills us designers, and our clients.

i think i like her line of cocktail tables the most because of their clean, crisp and striking lines. they are unusual, sensational and if you are looking for another new wow piece, these are those. or that. enjoy!

Monday, February 25, 2013

four hands.

four hands finds things. they find "thoughtfully designed home furnishings that inspire the soul." you can find things through four hands too. just go there. or here.
i had my own business for a while. a physical shop that i filled with amazing furniture from an import company in new york. four hands reminds me of some of that style product. they scour the globe (as did my new york company), finding treasures, discovering trends and amazing new designers and product lines. the two items i featured today are a couple of my new favorites from this rad company.

if you are just starting up a new business, or maybe you're building a new home, or renovating one or both, four hands looks like at least a place to start.
four hands is based out of houston. but you contact them and shop in a number of ways. so no excuses. ;) enjoy...

tobias tables.

happy monday! i hope that your weekend was everything that you wanted it to be. this monday morning i wanted to share with you these tobias tables offered up by designer philippe hurel. they come with 5 options of bases and tops. utilizing materials such as marble, leather and stainless steel to name a few, these tobias tables are versatile, unique and more than interesting.
i imagine them for either residential or commercial spaces. singular or in bunches. in a commercial setting it would be fun to bunch them while mixing up all of the material options offered. so that while they all look the same from a distance, they are their own textures, color palettes, materials. they would then be very individual but very harmonious. and harmonious is a great feeling in any setting. enjoy!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

shadow puppet pillows. wicked cute.

this sunday i love these. these shadow puppet pillows offered up by gus design group. hand~screened onto cotton cases with non~toxic ink. oh, and the bear is my favorite...
if you like these, where would you put them? you'd think children's room but imagine the unexpected nature and fun~ness of one smack dab in the middle of your couch. i've posted in the past about not taking design so seriously sometimes. you know what i'm talking about...and you know you want one of these. ;) enjoy!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

a saturday space.

this saturday, this is one of those kinds of spaces i'm currently seeking. clean, bright, lots of white. and of course some greens...
especially such simple greens. less is sometimes alot more. wide, individual leafy greens, or tropical cuts such as palms or as in this image, what appears to be philodendron split leafs are..seriously lovely.

i hope you are having a seriously lovely saturday. i'm off to starbucks in a while...(my second home while i work on graduate assignments). and it's supposed to snow. again. later. yeah. so...i'd better get to it. enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

a friday triptyque.

hey there for friday friends! this morning i'm drawn to the softness and subtleness of these landscape illustrations from wangela wrong's tumblr site. they are dreamy, soothing and sensual. full of promise and full of hope. a perfect bunch of feelings & a great segway into the weekend. don't you think?
this weekend i'm getting organized (a reoccurring theme i have going). but in between putting things away and taking them out. i'll be sipping some red wine, taking some photos (especially if it snows...i'll share them next week) and finding spaces to breathe and rejuvenate.

what about you? what are you looking forward to, or doing? what is your reoccurring theme, if you have one. i'd love to hear ;) enjoy...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

hunkering down.

hey, hey, how's your day going? i've been running around doing a little of everything and now have to hunker down and get my nose into books. one in particular and for my graduate course.
i'm in my last graduate course and it's a small seminar. we each take turns each week presenting on the weekly reading. i'm up next week (gulp). so yeah, back to the books. and oh, no pressure here, but i present on the very book that my professor wrote. gulp again.

i hope your day is going along and that you are feeling positive and inspired and just plain great. and not gulp~y like me ;) enjoy!

p.s. new music/video, on my likes & listens tab...the stars.

the nub seat.

happy almost friday friends! today i'm really enjoying this "nub" seating by andreu world and designed by patricia urquiola, though i enjoy most everything she designs anyway...
reminiscent of cabinets, of rungs leading up and down traditional staircases. or for me, the rocking chair my mother had as i was growing up, this seating conjures things.

for patricia urquiola, she describes her inspiration for this seating like this: “nub is an emotive object, an element of my memory located in the context of my infancy, when i used to play with the bobbins that my grandmother used when she was making lace. these small wooden bars were playmates, which i have revised and redesigned in order to provide a base for the search for successive typologies. i always incorporate my domestic, private and past lives into my projects”. so great!!

isn't it amazing when you hear where designers/artists draw their inspiration from? it always sort of explains the piece in more depth, more clarity when you know. you can't help but approach the piece differently afterwards. but i love that! enjoy...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

clean lines. cool design.

if i could wave a magic wand today. i'd take this space, chock full of clean lines & cool design, replace the coffee table with the one below. then just plain ol' enjoy it.
do you ever do that? either when you are perusing the pages of one of your favorite design mags or bopping around on line, do you do it? you know...take one image, keep that in your mind as a wow space or a wow piece and then mentally start pairing things, re~arranging rooms in your mind? removing one piece, replacing it with another and think to yourself "why isn't everyone seeing it like i am?" like a veritable design genius? i do too. and it's fun...enjoy!

this site.

i have alot on my mind these days (my own fault as i try to tackle waaayyyy tooooo many things all at once). sometimes going full throttle is a good thing...it can be productive beyond how you imagined. and yet at times, it can make you realize that you forgot to eat in the last, oh, say...day, kind of hectic. in between all of my craziness, i really, really love visiting this site. it's the dutch blog, bloesum blog. it's always fresh, pretty, fun, inspiring...and makes me breathe and smile, all at the same time.
what about you? are there places you go when you have days/times like this? or is it a magazine or book that soothes you? i'd love to hear. anyway, enjoy the rest of your day. i hope it's sans craziness ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

olsen fashion.

i'm heading to boston for class. if it was a touch warmer, i'd be walking from the garage to my classroom door in something like this first outfit. the olsen style slays me every time. it's me, if i could just walk around any way that i'd like. it would be in olsen fashion.
every now and then you see more often than not, someone, it doesn't have to be a celebrity, that carries off clothing & style in such a way that it stops you and you think, now that's a perfect look. a perfect fit. it's me, if i could just walk around any way that i'd like. it would be like this.

what's your go~to style, designer...etc? i'd love to hear. enjoy!

tassels & trimmings.

if you're refurbishing something, anything. or having drapes or curtains made. or want to add to them. jessica light, "one of the last working weavers in england" offers up some edgy, bold and conceptual additions. tassels & trimmings, hand-made and exquisitely done.
have a look at jessica's site here. she also is available for commission of large individual projects, installations, and projects. one of the best things about blogging about design...is finding designers/artists like jessica light. she draws her inspiration from an array of periods, styles and themes. and then creates amazing works. original and interesting. and you should see what she does for the fashion world...enjoy.

getting all kinds of modular.

it's funny that i post alot about cutting~edge design, modern takes on classic creations alot of the time. after all, this is avant garde design. what's funny is that truth be told, i am a vintage, gently worn furniture (even clothing!) kind of girl. i love pieces with a past, a history, a story to tell. they to me, are the most interesting...
but lately i'm feeling this sort of pre~spring cleaning~esque feeling coming over me. i'm organizing. everything really. so at times, pieces like these offered up by qubing pull me in and say hey...it's ok to have one uber modern piece. a piece that is willing to hold, store, prop up or conceal anything and everything. sometimes you just want clean lines. you know? just saying...enjoy!