Thursday, September 30, 2010

good things going on.

ok, i have tons of studying to do, specifically french. but...before i stick my head in french books for hours, i had to share a couple of good things going on in the design world. really good things...have a look!

funk~i~fy spaces with these "i'm perfect" chairs by jspr. i think the different versions of the same chair is super fun.

also completely mesmerized by the possibilities with these steel cabinets also from jspr. the whole site it drool central ;)

not sure if you get their e-mails, but cb2 has chairs on sale for really great prices. eclectic~up your dining space with mis~matched textures and styles. that makes for good going on in my book.

great things going on with this "final cut" pendant lamp. seriously great things! hang several side~by~side for a playful figure. via, tossB.

this amazing bookcase design by opinion ciatti. arrange it. re~arrange it. so many possibilities!

i love that every single day there is great design to discover. seriously, every single day. the design world is anything but boring and how lucky are we to have it at our fingertips? beyond lucky i say!
enjoy this almost friday everyone, enjoy these fab new finds. what are you doing? what are your weekend plans? do share...:)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a meeting.

via, skona hem.

i'm off and running to boston today. not that it's a strange thing, i'm up there all of the time for classes. but, today i have a meeting with a counselor as i'm in my final year of earning my bachelors degree! yeah for me. a little late in life, but hey, you have to start somewhere right? so...wish me luck. i'm actually just starting to get excited about graduating in the spring. ;) hope you are off to a great start today as well. see you back here tomorrow for much more inspiration. enjoy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

rock the kasbah. i'm autumn inspired.

i'm leaning towards and longing for a combination of rocking the kasbah interiors to soft neutral quiet autumn color palettes as this wonderful fall season approaches. can we have the best of both worlds? can we make it work? i say yes we can!(via)
i'm loving the twist on bench seating this particular piece offers, by dune, n.y. and the color scheme is right with us! here.

get a little daring with your wallcoverings. i saw this in a design magazine this past weekend and thought it ethereal and mysterious but soft and elegant in a way. these unbelievable wallcoverings can transform a space in an instant. (via.)

accents of pewters, silvers, tarnished tones make for a rich, welcoming space. texture~wise and tone~wise. this gorgeous image (via.)

lots of shiny gold and silver color palettes and tiny touches. (or big ones!) (via.)

fullness in patterns, textures, color palettes. not overdone. just full~up warmth!(via)

ok, who doesn't love the bedding offered up by robshaw? luxurious, yet light and warm all at the same time. inviting, exotic and dreamy. (via)

i want my house to be dripping in deep burgundy, flowers that is ;)

punches, zip, pizazz, mystery, happy color, energy. fall color palettes offer all of that.

keeping it interesting this fall doesn't mean blah. it can mean earthy, calming, quiet, natural, cozy but with all of that, mixed in a little twist via art you've purchased or a cool antique store find, like these birds! (via)

in my mind, pairing moroccon inspired texture, pattern color schemes alongside nature, natural washed tones and rich woody tones can make for a very interesting space as we gear up for autumn. creating a space with a moroccon flair doesn't have to hurt your eyes, it doesn't have to be over the top, in your face. but bits and pieces of that influence, the richness of the history can spill over into any space. inviting. winking at us, in a super fun exotic nature that intrigues many of us. enjoy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

lovin' bloglovin'.

so this weekend i was bopping around on bloglovin'. have you listed your blog on bloglovin'? do you peruse it's pages of sources and inspiration? to be honest, i haven't had a whole heck of alot of time. but i will make some extra time here and there because there are so many new and fabulous blogs to discover. like a few i'm sharing this morning...

good monday morning to you, is what this space whispers doesn't it? aaaahhhh. easing into monday, via an understated, sexy with it's black background blog, design traveller. another new love.

ah,ok, i would never get out of this bed, and with such a view! a really fun blog find for me, a punch of color. great inspiration here.

pretty lovely things is responsible for teasing us all with this super soft dining area (also via design sponge.) check out samantha's blog...you'll also love her header!

these very cool lights, via a very cool new find, the blog snoop. here!

i love the fall color palette of these amazing ranunculas. this wonderful image via paloma contreras's colorful blog, la dolce vita.

via shelter, a great new find from a near~to~where~i~live blogger!

these new~to~me~finds are just a tiny snippet of the inspiration out there on bloglovin'. if i, and you, can find a few extra minutes here and there, it appears bloglovin' will be a great source of networking, communicating, promoting, inspiration sourcing and friend making, all positive goals for this monday morning. i hope your day is starting out somewhat relaxed, creative and inspired! enjoy...

Sunday, September 26, 2010


my kitchen table is in chaos. the new york times is spread out all over the place, i'm reading book reviews (one of my favorite parts of the newspaper), sipping coffee, even though i've already had enough, jazz is playing and i can hear the ospreys squawking in the air outside my little cottage. oh, sundays. i hope you are having a sunday experience of your own this morning! enjoy...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

nika zupanc. absolute weekend eye~candy.

sleek, sophisticated, flirty and sexy, nika zupanc's pieces are definitely show stoppers. elle decor magazine describes nika's works as "punk elegance." business week describes her work as "techno chic." from her laced back seats to her piano black gloss scoop side sofas, to nika's lighting, it's all so decadent.

hope you enjoyed nika zupanc's pieces as much as i did. visit her site as there is so much more to read about and ogle over ;) what are you up to today? as for me, i'll be speaking french as much as possible (i have a test on monday), digesting the fabulous breakfast i just inhaled and perhaps a late day walk towards the beach. happiness is. enjoy!

Friday, September 24, 2010


today is a quiet day for me. it's a day that i actually have absolutely nothing going on. odd. but, i'll take it. so i will treat myself to a visit to the bookstore for inspiration, perhaps a mocha, since the day is grey and cool, and of course...bopping around on line, finding fabulous sites and gobs of inspiration like this fine company, pulpo. i was really intrigued by their adorable little tables, some cut, some brightly painted. i love the "small~ness" of them. take a peak...

(*and how fabulously cute/sexy are these little lights? love.)

aren't pulpo's products just the sweetest? i told you. now, i'm off. i should head out for a run, but you know what? not today. today i will take it easy on myself, just let inspiration pour in flipping through wonderful design books, sipping on my mocha. i may even say "yes" to the whipped cream. imagine that! today will be a good day. plus the weekend is near everyone! enjoy...

p.s. i have a question or rather i need your opinion. i am considering transitioning toward a 3 column blog. have any of you made the transition from 2 columns to 3? are you happy with your layout? what do you think about my blog? should i go ahead and expand it a bit? love to hear your thoughts...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

antonio lupi. decadent beyond words.

i just discovered italian designer antonio lupi and his tubs made my heart skip a beat. if you are a "tub lover" like me, but are tub deprived right now, like me. this post will get your tub envy going and re~thinking the average tub experience. seriously...have a look...

antonio lupi's factory is located in the tuscany region of italy (ah, it keeps getting better doesn't it?) their products "present" in the good ol' USA so stop fretting! in fact they are right smack dab in chicago. from furniture, to those tubs! antonio lupi will make your heart skip a beat. completely luxurious, but hey, shouldn't a tub be luxurious? if it's not, why take one right? right. so, if you are in the market for a show stopping, jaw dropping, heart pounding tub, antonio lupi is where to look. then jump in...enjoy this almost friday everyone!