Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a new friend. and i'm back...

hi friends! i want to thank you for your patience while i was on break from my blog. my dad became sick very suddenly at the beginning of may and passed away as a result. it was, needless to say, a shock for my family and for me personally, the loss of my best friend. my father was born and raised in tennessee. i spent the month of may there taking care of him and while there on a drive, i made an unexpected new friend.
this big guy came right up to me as i stopped my car and wouldn't go to anyone else around taking photos. he is beautiful and i literally wanted to pick him up, throw him over my shoulder an take him home with me. animals are amazing. for a little while, this guy took my mind off of everything negative going on in my life, my father's illness, all of my worries and made me smile and hope for good things to come.

every time i touched him or played with is blonde hairs, he would take his left front leg and put it forward and dig it into the ground. then he'd just look at me. i wonder where he is today and what he's doing. and if he remembers our little conversation. so, i'm back, and here to stay for a while. i'm looking forward to getting back to posts about design and a sense of normality. whatever that is ;)