Wednesday, December 16, 2015

stuff. in between stuff.

thought i'd say hi as i'm currently assessing past, current and future goals...
(cute note pads via)

this note pad somewhat defines me lately. i'm (and whether this is a good or bad thing is still pending) an incessant goal digger. i'm constantly on the move in my creative imagination, plotting and planning a whole host of goals & aspirations...to do better, to be a better person, to remain constantly challenged, intrigued, and sort of forced to keep fresh, at all times. but that can get exhausting, all of that goal digging.

and sometimes, in the midst of running around, looking for the next challenge or project, or job, sometimes i think it's the decisions we don't make that are sometimes the right ones. as i contemplate my next professional challenge, my next project or position that i want to throw all of my energy toward, i have found inspiration here lately, (and been made to laugh) in between stuff. and this has kept me going...

this made me laugh recently. finally.

just when i think my own life is complicated, or needs helping these people really help people, in the end.

i should probably purchase this mug.

diane von furstenberg on careers and love.
an inspirational & clear path i needed today.

these creative mornings clips are keeping me going.


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