Friday, August 18, 2017

have a terrific weekend!

happy friday! the weekend is just around the corner, what are you up to?
i am indulging in a much needed day off today. i had a list of plans and haven't started one of them yet. maybe that's a good thing! i'm on the hunt for a new library book. i live down the street from a library and there is something so relaxing to me lately about walking on summer afternoons to the library to pick out my next book. it's the simple things sometimes.

i also hope to take a while and poke through one of my favorite vintage/used clothing stores in boston. it's been a while. in between that you'll find me taking a nap, savoring summer and planning a december get-away. i hope that your weekend is everything you want it to be.

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

would be SO fun to go watch

i've always called living near the water, living near "the edge". it's where i'm most happy. now i know why.

wishing i had a beautiful summer yard for this set, was my favorite game growing up.

cool mailboxes.

cool culottes. say that 5 times fast.

this embrace cuff.

this ivory jumpsuit
is perfection.

also loving in white, (well all of the colors really) a feminine end of the summer dress. see it on her here.

loving this fabric!

wanting this blue ship artwork bad.

love this rattan outdoor set for summer (and a great deal!). via.

could be the most beautiful bottle opener, ever.

i always have fun looking at her new arrivals.

for fall, etsy love.

i found this super interesting and inspiring this week.

this too.

a fitting t-shirt based on recent hateful events.

ok and to end, this was just awesome.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

have a summer weekend!

what are you up to anything fun this weekend?
this duo exhibit is on my radar, coffee in bed in the morning and eating dinner outdoors also on my radar this summer weekend. i hope that you get out there and savor some of these summer weekends, that in my part of the world, don't last as long as i'd like. enjoy!

and it's friday saturday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

just WOW.

what she's done with this small space, love it!

keep it rad.

a glitter filled clutch
? yes please!

so much dress love here.

etsy love.

and speaking of handbags, i want every. single. one.

if you're daring, the most amazing wallpaper.

if i had $448.00 lying around, these would be in my closet.

ah, ok, these too.

yum, i'm going to make these for sunday morning.

& these look damn good for dinner.

need. want. love.

i just really like this mirror.

hey for $10.00?! a cute end of the summer shirt with jean shorts.

talking about sales! have a dog? these are fun.

vacation inspiration.

summer shiny bold pendants.

this doormat.

these lobe earrings.

savoring summer like me? this cowboy cauldron would be so sweet in the back yard.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

sunday & alison krauss

dancing around the house this morning to river in the rain & alison krauss...

cannot get enough. enjoy!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

have a super weekend!

hey, HEY! it's the weekend...
what are you up to? anything fun? i'm itchy for a short roadtrip, super itchy to plan a longer one! (keep gravitating toward this) might start a new sewing project, and in between that you'll find me moving slow and sipping coffee even slower. i hope that your weekend is everything that you want it to be.

and it's friday saturday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

this can be so stunning, fruit as the new floral.

absolutely LOVING this deco bed.

on a beauty note, have you ever tried tooth powder? this makes me want to try.

fun for summer entertaining, ceramic ice cream cones instead of bowls.

in the mood for a little pattern, i like this.

striving for more of this color palette vibe in my life in general.

so this for a summer drink? yes please!

how about boozy summer flavor-ice?! and so pretty!

like love everything about this bedroom.

some pretty wood things.

how about this line for office furniture?

been savoring her summer on instagram.

how cute for kids!?

i don't usually wear stripes, but just bought this (on sale!)...love the fade.

fun steel plate house numbers

this double sconce.

seeing triple here.


veeeeeery cool in the right space/place.

super drawn to his works on paper.

these patricia urquiola tables.

wishing these weren't sold out.