Sunday, January 12, 2020

sunday & chadwick stokes

dancing around the house this sunday morning to chadwick stokes and let me down easy...

come dance with me! & enjoy!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

happy new year!

happy new year friends! are you feeling like me? like january is sort of the quiet recovery time from the holidays?
i've found myself enjoying very long quiet moments, a bit of meditating and enjoying the slower pace that comes january in winter time in new england. oh, and i close on a house at the end of this month. huge step for me as i've never owned a home but cannot wait. and cannot wait to make it my own. plan to do serious before and afters to share.

just checking in to say hello and hope you are all embracing the new year as much as i am. and some fun favorites from around the world wide web lately...


pizza yum.

just a pretty water bottle.

for the dogs.

pretty wedding day hair style.

this for the end of the bed?

just bought this sound machine for sleeping. do you use one? so far i'm liking it! (the rain) :)

this spanish chair is everything. ok this one too.

a wow fireplace mantle.

considering walls in my new house, i'd love to go bold and old fashioned with wallpaper in at least one space. this kind of vibe.

i also want to eat in more, cook from scratch in the new house. soups! this one looks delish!

i seriously need these pants.

just like this.

such a pretty party dress.

and love love LOVE this one for everyday.


Monday, December 30, 2019

her eye on design

finding so much inspiration in tiffany lusteg's art installations. the color, the texture, the layout and design of everything has me so excited, by all of it...

Sunday, December 15, 2019

happy (leading up to the holidays) sunday!

hi friends, hoping you are having an amazing sunday!
are you buzzing around christmas shopping or laying low? i am going slow and trying to enjoy each day leading up to the holidays, which can be hard right?!. on black friday i put in an offer on a house!!! i'll keep you posted on my new home purchase adventure (it's been a total learning curve for sure!).

have a great rest of your weekend. and some fun finds from around the world wide web if you're interested:

prettiest fanny pack ever.

can you say dream dress?


i'd use this as an amazing fruitbowl. rather like this ring in wood too.

cute for kids.

these too! and what about waffles?

suddenly (back) into these fair isle sweaters.

a pretty gift idea.

get if for the pasta lover. um, me.

get them for the plant lover. um, me again.

just ordered this for my son for christmas.

loving this winter wrapping paper.

i love a good compliment card. another fun gift idea!

this site has so many last minute beautiful gift ideas.

this shimmer halter top is perfect for every single holiday party.

this charm throw.

my favorite lighting shop has this on sale.

secretly always wishing it was summer, i'd be wearing this just about every day.


Thursday, November 28, 2019

hey, happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving everyone! i have been a bit mia, life, stuff, writing, house hunting yada yada. but wanted to pop in to say that i am wishing you all a relaxing holiday and weekend!
where are you spending your holiday? anywhere fun? i'm laying low this year, house hunting is in full force and a current time taker in my life but i'm embracing the process and hoping for just the right fit soon. when i do, i'll definitely post some before and after images as i make changes to spaces, because we have to right? :)

as you eat yourselves silly, some fun finds from around the world wide web:

we are making a charcuterie board for thanksgiving appetizers. wishing i had this beauty to display it.

also wished i had thought to add this in, i mean baked feta? yes please!


absolutely loving his artwork, just bought two pieces.

wanting this scarf.

ooh, wait, this one too.

could live in these merino wool t-shirts all day long.

coveting the textural quality of this gorgeous lamp.

i have a popcorn problem. this is the perfect time of year to use this. and a great christmas gift idea!

just bought this top in navy blue.

the prettiest bow neck blouse
(loving the red liberty print). (would wear it with this too!)

love these blouses like i do? here's another beauty.

complete and utter pillow love.

been getting waaaaaaay back into pottery pieces for the table. currently coveting these pieces.

wishing for this fleece parka.

wish i had alot of money to spend on this bag in nude. ok, this sweater too.

a sweet stocking stuffer. these too.

how fun is this?! could you do it?

been obsessed lately with wanting to spend some down time doing this. oh and have you seen this app?


Sunday, October 27, 2019

sunday & colors

happy sunday! i'm swaying around the house this morning to black pumas and colors...cannot get enough.

i hope you are having an amazing weekend. come dance with me!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

happy sunday!

hope you are having a relaxing weekend!
what are you up to? anything fun? i'm finally (slowly) letting go of summer and embracing the fall season. it's hard not to want to run to the beach for a swim! my favorite thing. today i'm hunkering in, going to eat a giant breakfast, write for a while then watch the patriots win. :) i hope that you have an amazing sunday!

and if you're interested, some fun finds from around the world wide web:

lamp shade love.

also loving this matchstick holder. this is cool too.

the best thing ever.

love everything from block shop.

just ordered this. :)


really like these earrings.

making these this sunday morning.

and maybe this for the football game?

this mirror.

etsy love.

alot of interior eye candy going on here.

loving this door knocker.

would love to rummage around in this vintage shop.

this dreamer couch in velvet is 👍

a beautiful vase concept.

a pretty planter.

wishing for this rattan egg chair.

this one too.

intriguing hotel installation.

a great jumpsuit (and on sale!).

fun in dark green.

really feeling fall lately, especially looking at these.

a cool sideboard.

veeeeeery into this color lately.


Monday, September 2, 2019

happy long weekend!

hope you are having an amazing long weekend!
i've been grabbing gobs of beach time, before the summer says goodbye. swimming, laying, breathing, sipping beers, wishing i had a giant pink flamingo float, and listening to the waves all day long. my idea of a perfect end of summer weekend. i hope that your weekend is everything you want it to be too.

oh, and some fun finds from around the world wide web for ya, if you're interested...

want to find some of the best independent shops in the world? head here first.

these re-purposed hermès silk scarves have me re-thinking scrunchies.

i want one of everything in this shop.

super fun outdoor seating option.

ceramic love.

for fall, i'm loving these corduroy pillows in rust tones.

the coziest furniture. (wish i knew where these are from)

a pretty little bar cart for small spaces.

this hat for fall. or just forever.

this tobacco tufted leather sofa is perfection.

really liking this rattan mirror with a fabulous price tag.

yum. the perfect way to use up your summer tomatoes.

and my team is in for a long work week this week. might make these for a treat.


a very pretty dress (and on sale).

a gorgeous console.

chandelier love.

i have serious wanderlust lately. next trip might be here, here or here. do you have a fun trip planned? i'd love to hear.


Sunday, August 11, 2019

sunday & springsteen

dancing around the house this sunday morning to the brilliance of bruce...

his new album western stars is nothing short of perfection. enjoy!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

have a fun weekend!

it's a hot hot weekend in new england. so i'm planning a few indoor activities. what are you up to? anything fun?
i'd like to see this exhibit, sounds interesting! i'm plugging along on my latest sewing project and i hope to get an ocean swim in after the day cools down a bit.i'm also getting super excited about my upcoming trip here. cannot wait to take in the culture, the food, the music, just all of it.

wherever you go, whatever you do, have a fun weekend! and some fun finds from around the world wide web...

loving this beach towel.

yum, i want to make these this weekend.

just wow.

this feathers rug is another wow.

ok, one more. 👅

for fall, veeeeery into this leather shirt jacket.

for the bedroom, i'm currently in love with this line of linen bedding. & the prettiest bamboo fan.

light love.

just bought this surf's up pillow.

tile love.

this tressed palm tree lamp is flirting with me.

i hope to have a front porch soon. if so, i'd line it with these, how gorgeous on summer nights?!

fresh from france.

pretty in marigold.

and when you just want to where white.

more white gorgeousness. see it on her here.

wishing for this bamboo plant stand.

this too in bamboo.

these sconces have my heart.

and of course with the anniversary of making it to the moon, why not celebrate with these chandeliers.

in love with everything in her shop.

super inspired by all that they design.


Thursday, July 4, 2019

happy 4th of july and happy week!

it's the 4th of july, what are you up to? anything fun?
i have had a BUSY couple of weeks and so today, looking forward to plunking in the sand on the beach and being still. in between beaching it, you'll find me finishing a little painting i started, and finishing this book (toward a research project of mine) i hope that whatever you do today and towards the weekend, you have a blast!

and if you're interested, some fun finds from around the world wide web...

just booked a week here. have you ever been? i can't wait. staying here. looking to hit many of her suggested spots.

trying to decide which one of these hats to take on my trip, really loving them all but this one in particular.

just bought this little black dress. (secretly wishing for this one too!)

oh, and snapped up these shorts too.

how pretty is this wrap dress?

a genius do it yourself outdoor pool idea on a budget!

loving all of the pattern and texture in these spaces (that tub!).

in love with this rose suspension globe.

this rattan hanging planter.

it's apple pie season. this deep dish recipe looks mouth watering!

loving these jeans for summer.

a suede woven bed? yes please.

this jellyfish lamp, wow lighting.

more wow lighting.

drawn to the texture and shape (the stillness really) of this cement coffee table.

just a pretty gold ring.

over the MOON for this natural bent hand-made chair. but *cough the price...

a sweet embroidered smock dress.

i just left a job that i was very good at. i enjoyed this article as i challenge myself in a new role.

looking for sales this july 4th? she has some goodies.


Sunday, June 9, 2019

oh hey, hi!

hey it's been a while! hoping you are enjoying the heck out of your weekend!
i have been busssssssssy at work, it's that time of year at harvard. also changing jobs, so lots going on the past month! i may write a more personal post about that soon. i experienced sensations about job stuff/change that i didn't think i would. ok, enough about that for now.

my son is with me this weekend so we are off to the beach today to lay like a lump and watch the waves. that's it! and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

these pretties for the kitchen. and this pillow in pale pink.

veeeeeery into earthy sunset colors right now, so these sheets might be my next splurge. plus this furniture line, i could go crazy.

camping this summer? take along this suitcase grill.


this commencement speech is perfection.

these freshwater pearl drop earrings are gorgeous.

i'm currently reading this. have you heard him speak to oprah here? reminders we all need to hear.

and just picked up this book. can't wait. read more about the author here.

get married in a national park, amazing idea.

these pillow chairs are super fun for summer.

this floor lamp is a statement piece.

the most beautiful console i've ever seen.

a very wow kitchen table set.

a pretty kitchen backsplash.

loving this one piece swimsuit.

what? i want my office to feel like a vacation too!

are we forgetting how to cook our own food?

if you are in the mood for a chunky sandal, these are super pretty (but um, that price).

an oozy boozy gorgeous commercial interior.

such precious things here, my favorite is the noah the whale rattle.

omg these ice cream cones! i seriously want one!


Saturday, May 4, 2019

have a fun weekend!

hey hey it's the weekend! what are you up to? anything fun?
i'm off for a few days, soaking up some quiet time before a busy month of work ramps up. it's been grey and rainy for quite a while, usually this doesn't zap my energy but for some reason, it is. so to combat that i've been getting in some runs for energy, heading out to places that inspire me. might visit this, this weekend. and in between that trying to just relax!

i hope that your weekend is everything that you want it to be! and it's friday saturday so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

ooh, this wallpaper for a children's room. this one is neat too.

loving this flatware set (and it's on sale!).

shelving a different way.

just fun.

moon quilts, i want one of each.

pulling at my plant loving heartstrings for sure.

pure love for this sconce.

into this panton wire series (that last photo, the floating nightstand is a total yes!).

in the market for some unique vintage finds? head here.

for cinco de mayo, yum.

take a hike.

i love a good (gorgeous) bowl. everything here is gorgeous though, even her dinner napkins.

i've never been on the high waisted jeans bandwagon, but these i really like.

not sure if you want a one or two piece swimsuit this summer? this is a good happy medium, and on sale!

this rick top for summer. the gold lurex version is oooooh! 😍

these coffee tables.

& i could wear this all summer long.

i take a lot of photos on the train, but this one though is so great!


Friday, April 26, 2019

have a happy weekend!

what are you up to this weekend? anything fun?
i've had a nutty week at work but have taken a long weekend off, much needed! i hope to work on some writing, get a couple of runs in and move slooooooow. sometimes it's hard to intentionally move slow, at least for me. so here's to trying and cheers to the weeekend!

and it's friday so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

man oh man do i love this red jumpsuit, please come back in stock.

staying on the jumpsuit theme, this is cute too.

can we please talk about this eternal dreamer sofa? wowzers.

and their celestial pebble single pendant is like finding the perfect piece of beach glass. gorgeous.


a pretty porcelain platter.

kind of funky but i like them. plus it's fun to play with the fabrics!

how about these nesting tables sitting right beside it?

loving this terrarium do-it-yourself! different size glass vessels arranged would also be interesting.

just bought this in black (shhh, it's from walmart & great price!).

pair it with these.

this coffee table.

what are you reading these days? i just finished this (awesome!) and thinking this looks intriguing. have you read either?

ok, this ceiling lamp & that color! perfection really.

and this outdoor seating line...i want one of each.

pretty much a wow stool.

this soft cylinders line is eye catching.

and it would have been my dad's birthday today, his absolute favorite day. happy birthday dad!


Sunday, April 7, 2019

sunday & local natives

dancing around the house to this, this sunday morning...

come dance withe me! & enjoy.