Friday, August 22, 2014

have a beautiful weekend!

here's to hoping you are about to have a beautiful weekend!
i'm feeling the need/want/desire to slip into something pretty (including a few new pairs of amazing shoes i've recently purchased!) and just be in a setting that is comfortable yet with an energetic cool kind of vibe. and why not? summer's end is fast approaching, get out there and get pretty! put a drink in your hand and enjoy!

wherever you go, whatever you do, make it all that you want it to be. enjoy!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

a few hot pieces!

visiting new york based khouri guzman bunce lininger's site, i almost couldn't control myself. i swear...
those 4 names are 4 talented guys. they all have varied artistic, architectural and academic backgrounds, but together they make up khouri guzman bunce lininger or kgbl.

from that smoking hot pink velvet "mayweather sofa" (which i want now in the worst way!), to that glass topped "duran" coffee table, i was speechless perusing their pages. these are only a few of my favorites offered up by kgbl. let me tell you, if i was in a position right now to fill a residential or commercial space with one or more pieces, today, i would have lit up kgbl's phone lines. lit. it. up! enjoy...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

mood indigo.

mali-born artisan aboubakar fofana is committed to preserving the nearly lost mali tradition of natural indigo and vegetable dyeing...
you can read more about aboubakar and the tradition of indigo dyeing here. these indigo throws in differing intensities are my favorites. perfectly summer. perfectly indigo. perfectly gorgeous. enjoy!

quiet & communal.

i'm starting my day out in a quiet way. no running today. sipping coffee slower. a being good to myself kind of morning. and so, i'm attracted to these quiet & communal spaces and places. i could exist in any one of them today...
how is your day beginning? do you ever do that? set aside a day that you are going to be good to yourself and take it slow? it's a treat. really it is. enjoy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

team 7.

the austrian company team 7 is designing some very special pieces, with wood...
team 7 states that they work hand in hand with "the world's best designer, nature." no two pieces are alike as not two trees are alike. i love that. team 7 doesn't mass produce, product does not sit around in large warehouses. they create for each customer. i love that too.

there is a really cool video that team 7 keeps on their site, showing their reverence for the environment and the care that goes into designing and producing each every & every piece. check it out here.

you'd think that something as accessible or tried and true as wood would get old. that you might become tired or bored of the material. but every now and then a designer or artist recaptures your attention for a particular medium. team 7 does that for me, with wood. enjoy!

Monday, August 18, 2014

cool clutches.

currently completely in love with these clutches offered up by adaism...
lambskin clutches, made from one single piece, in tones such as ocre, raw bone white, cork and distressed pink metal. making my heart skip a beat. simply sensational...enjoy!

monday & zieta.

happy monday! the polish company zieta is coming up with some very cool (and perforated) indoor/outdoor furniture...
zieta describes this line in several ways, as "gastronomy garden seating" and "waiting area benches." the perforated texture is fun. they are painted aluminum, with armrests or without.

incorporating metal into your residential or commercial spaces adds interest. that industrial edge it brings can be satisfying in both environments. the texture here softens each piece and in white, even more. i'm thinking a cool office table, or bar stools. many of these pieces can be joined as well, converting one stool or bench into a modular, sculptural sectional. cool. very cool. enjoy!

Friday, August 15, 2014

have a great weekend!

happy friday friends! what are you up to this coming summer weekend?
i'm intending to suck up the last few weekends of true summer, including this one! i'm also intending to suck up some of the last few summer weekends with my son, who will be back off to his senior year of college. what?

i'm going to be eating alot of tomatoes (from the 3 plants on my deck that just won't quit!). if it's a cloudy day i want to attempt making madeleines (i bought the mold and i'm thinking of this recipe). the problem with madeleines is that i could literally eat 50. and that's not too much of an exaggeration. i love these things.

i hope that you already have a drink in your hand, the summer early evening air on your face and a smile to accompany all of that. enjoy!

p.s. a few things that i loved this week...

a fabulous photo of robin williams.

ombre dog leashes. very cool idea...

lisa golightly's paintings.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

on the selby.

you know how there are homes that as you tour devour them visually at every turn?
carolina castiglioni's home featured on the selby recently is one of those homes. bits of shocking color, quiet whites, eclectic styling, quirky additions and a sparse layout. i enjoyed all of it. to see more of carolina's home, go here, to the selby. enjoy!


shoppe is kind of a cool on line store that offers eclectic "inspired goods by independent makers"...
liked a paired-down etsy site, shoppe has alot to sift through. i had fun perusing their pages for a few things that jumped out at me. here are a few of my favorites...and i especially love those concrete knobs! enjoy...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

bean & bailey.

this afternoon, i'm wishing for these "birdie" planters offered up by bean & bailey hand-made ceramics...
i love when things are very non-perfect. no clear edges, designs that throw you off a little bit, designs that catch your eye and make you look twice. or 3 times even!

whenever you are adding to your spaces (and many people add "stuff" to their spaces without truly considering the impact, or lack of impact) consider how it affects the space. is it interesting? does it move you in some way? (and yes, i seriously believe "things" can move you.) in other words, even purchasing a vase can seem somehow important or significant. at least i think so. enjoy these!