Wednesday, May 25, 2016

the dafne and demetra pots

how amazing are these stark white, lacy laser cut outdoor pots/planters offered up by the italian design company decastelli?
and don't get me wrong, decastelli offers up lots of amazing pots & planters, these just jump out at me. talk about wow planters. enjoy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

the nomad collective

i love this collection of artisinal pieces but i also love this collective, how it transpired and what it stands for today...
their words are more eloquent than mine, but the nomad collective attempts to bridge the gap between the roadside artist selling his/her/ wares in places like africa, turkey and right here in the good ol' u. s. of a. you can read more (eloquently) about their story here. it will move you. this product line will move you. these were a few of my favorites, but it was hard to choose. enjoy!

Monday, May 23, 2016

henzel studio

i've followed swedish-based henzel studio, a luxury rug manufacturer for a years now on the blog, and i wanted to share some new to me pieces of henzel's collection...
and as if it's not obvious, these are statement rugs, they force you to reconsider spaces, to understand that they are going to steal the show. furniture, what furniture? the rugs are the prominent addition to any space when you select a henzel rug.

calle henzel, founder and creative director of henzel studio has expanded his philosophy of translating his artistic practice as a painter and collage artist into this amazing medium and now collaborates with some of the world's most innovative, contemporary artists as part of an ongoing initiative, allowing these artists to also translate their work through alternate media.

i truly love the impact and powerful presence of these rugs. as if you could tear down a graffiti covered concrete wall and place it on your floor. the rugs are fresh, original and make and leave their mark. no question about it. and i love that. enjoy!

monday & random (colorful) spaces to love

do you use alot of color in the design of your spaces? a little here & there? sometimes it's hard to go bold or to get downright daring with color. the ways with which these spaces incorporate color (in large and small ways) inspire me today...
don't you want an outdoor rainbow painted wall now? me too! enjoy...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

sunday & jackson browne

i was driving the other day and heard fountain of sorrow by jackson browne. my remembering of 1970's music failed me and i thought that this was something new by him. it was not. it was released in 1974. but the way he sings it today, it sounded different somehow, it sounded fresh to me, and i wanted to share it with you. mind you jackson browne is not as young as he was in 1974. either am i. but there is a certain sensitivity with which he sings it now, today, that is almost more moving. it gets more special as the song progresses. have a listen and enjoy!

Friday, May 20, 2016

have a super weekend!

it's feeling more and more like summer (or that it's coming!) isn't it?
have you been getting outside like i have, at just about every chance? there is something cleansing about getting outdoors in the beautiful weather. it shakes off the winter cobwebs and grey weather blahs. are you doing anything fun this weekend? i'd love to hear!

i just bought a huge, gorgeous fern for cheap and i'm looking forward to the perfect place to hang it. i have also been wanting to try some different (summery) recipes. so might get myself in the kitchen here and there and test some out!

it's also friday, so here are a few fun finds from around the world wide web:

what's important.

this is a crazy but cool cocktail idea.

washable paper bags in gold & silver.

love this for summer: dip-dyed kaftan in blue.

and omg, how beautiful are these shoes?

fronds coaster set.


a sweet summer fruit bowl dress.

the classic color palette of chanel's resort line, 2017.

this summer shoe would go with everything.

a gorgeous summer salad.

as far as sunglasses go, i'm usually an classic aviator wearer, but these are pretty cool too.

these 2 might have the best look going. (her hair!)

balanced and beautiful mobile lights.

imagine if your office lobby looked like this!

vintage crown vases.

these hand pies look delish.

seriously loving this dusty pink suede clutch.

such a pretty summer blouse. super pretty on her with washed out denim.

how fun to look back on this 1970's street style.

have a super weekend! enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

shoppe: amber interiors

man oh man, i love when i stumble upon a new to me shop chock full of about a million things i really want...
california-based interior designer amber lewis opened her online shoppe in 2012. amber has always enjoyed mixing vintage with modern in her interior design (a woman/designer after my own heart) and she has transitioned that love of each into her site (ahem, that 1970's brazilian gerdau leather sling chair, pure love!).

i found i was saving image after image and having to pair down what i posted about. i love eclectic choices, of style, of period, of materials, all of that. it makes for interesting spaces, it makes for an interesting on line shoppe. enjoy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

vacation inspiration: nicaragua

ahem, i'm in no position to go away right now, but hopefully in the not to distant future. & on that vacation inspiration lately keeps me clicking on all things nicaragua...
these images come via a great post that apartment 34 did recently as part of their wanderlust wednesday series. the featured hotel is the isleta el espino situated on a private island in central america's largest lake lago de nicaragua.

in this post, apartment 34 writes about volcanic mountains, calm seas, tree houses, bungalows, and just plain "rustic at its finest". so yeah. and remember her amazing post about her own trip? it's fun to seek out the under appreciated destinations, the off the beaten path places and spaces.

hey, it's a big world out there. right? enjoy!