Friday, May 22, 2015

here's to the weekend!

happy friday friends, have a super relaxing weekend too!
it's been another whirlwind week.

but here's to things i'm looking forward to: my graduate graduation is next week. on that note, i'm staying overnight in boston that night, eating at my favorite restaurant, and just taking it all in.

the weather is (sort of) warming up in my part of the world, i'm looking forward to morning runs as the sun comes up (and waving each morning to an elderly gentleman who sits in his car, in the same spot, ever. single. morning. to watch the sun rise.) it wouldn't be my morning run without him waving to me.

my son is home from college so i'm sucking up lots of time with him.

i've discovered this, THE best chocolate chip cookie recipe. i'm NOT kidding, this comes out completely perfect. EVERY TIME. (even the chocolate chips are nice and large, and the chocolate is such good quality). i make the dough every sunday lately (i know right?) and leave the dough covered in the fridge for the week and make them at will in the oven. (i know right?). yeah.

i'm feeling strung out and invigorated at the same time lately. is that strange? i don't know. i guess it's what is invigorating you that's important.

so here's to the weekend! to you! to all of us! enjoy...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

grey to green.

i read about this project/installation today, and thought that it was pretty neat...
concrete paving stones that actually create spaces and places for the green to emerge. greens, or life, (& if you remember the line from jurassic park), always finds a way, anyway. stacked, or lined around a patio space, or a pool area in residential settings, these would be gorgeous.

commercially? the sky is the limit, i'm seeing them surrounding outdoor cafes, outdoor bar areas, near playgrounds, the ideas are endless really. incorporating the hard texture of concrete with the soft texture of emerging greens is both interesting and some would argue, inevitable. so why not go with it. enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

7 random spaces today.

whenever i'm in need of some down-time...which includes just plain enjoying random, beautiful spaces, i head to thomas murphy's site, blood & champagne...
he never fails to support your ever-loving interior and exterior eye-candy fixation. his disclaimer states that this visual stimulus is purely placed for your enjoyment.

thomas collects images of spaces and places from across the world and the world wide web. for us. for me. when i'm having a week so busy that i just need to stare. at spaces like this. enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

rolf benz tables.

side tables are like furniture candy for me, i could accumulate lots of them, and just because i like them...
these pretties, offered up by the german company rolf benz are my latest fixation. you can read more about the history of the company rolf benz and their product evolution, here. i think it's always fascinating to read how a company, its designers, and its product line have begun, how they've stood the test of time, how they have matured. and where they are going, because we are all going somewhere...enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2015

minnesota fudge cake.

minnesota fudge cake with salted peanut butter glaze. um, yeah.
so this is the next desert recipe i'm trying, right? find the delicious recipe here, & enjoy!

monday & very fine south bags.

completely devouring every lookbook page of these very fine south bags...
very fine south is an atlanta based, hand-made specialty shop founded by laura shope. laura thinks that "everything should be made to last a lifetime, and then handed down for another."

so her bags are hand-made from natural, hand-woven or organic fibers when possible. and the leather, laura selects hides based on hours of really looking, selecting the perfect texture and softness that we all will want to carry against our skin every day as well as select leathers that are going to withstand continuous use. laura is designing and constructing the most gorgeous bags i've seen in a while, i want one of really. enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

happy sunday!

here's to doing your own thing this weekend!


Friday, May 15, 2015

have a relaxing weekend!

happy friday friends! how was your week? mine was craaaaaazy busy, so i for one am gonna slow it down this weekend...
my favorite fish & chips placed opened up for the summer again and it's right down the street (dangerous!) and sitting outdoors on picnic tables, and in the sun, i'm going to enjoy all of it! every last french fry ;)

i hope that you have amazing things planned this weekend (or nothing at all, even better!) enjoy...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

cristian mohaded's furniture design.

cristian mohaded was born in argentina, but his furniture line is winning accolades from all around the world...
he has designed and developed furniture and lighting for companies such as roche bobois, habitat, and la redoute in france, to name a few.

cristian has been touted as one of the rising talents in america as well, by maison & object 2015. there is a particular flavor in cristian's designs, a cordial yet exciting meeting of mixed mediums, of wood to fabric, of metal to paint, alot of textural elements, alot of highlighting line. i love all of it, i want one of everything. enjoy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


the danish design brand mater has captured my wood loving attention today...
mater, latin for mother, is "recognized and applauded as a global pioneer in creating sustainable, eco-conscious, socially responsible design." oh, and by the way, their designs are exceptionally classic and timeless...simply beautiful.

mater boasts a design team rooted and established but mater is also a company that constantly reaches out to fresh design talent to get to this end result, just really great design. enjoy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

josh blackwell's bags.

artist josh blackwell has taken throw away objects and creatively constructed them into out of the ordinary pieces of art...
ordinary grocery or convenience store bags, the kinds that you see floating through parking lots and down busy streets, stuffed around metal fences and clogging up waterways are now re-purposed, into sculptural reincarnations of maybe something a plastic bag hoped to be, if a plastic bag could hope to be anything in the first place.

what makes art and artists exciting, every single day, is that they show you something that you have not seen before. they allow you to experience something that you have not experienced before. josh blackwell has offered us that, a visual & unexpected treat. he has turned a rather utilitarian or some might say ugly object into something visually breathtaking, something you would now unexpectedly and maybe in an unexplainable way, want to place on your wall. that's what i'm talking about. enjoy!