Thursday, May 5, 2016

designer feature: bethan gray

i spent yesterday flipping through some european and higher end interior design magazines (which is like a dream for me) and set out to find some new to me designers but also designers that are doing something differently...
one of the designers i wanted to highlight today is welsh born but now london-based designer bethan gray. according to her profile page, bethan hails from an ancient rajasthani clan that over centuries migrated across arabia and persia before settling in the celtic heartland of wales." her page goes on to state that "it's a heritage that weaves a rich pattern of influences and inspirations, which draw on craft traditions of both east and west."

bethan's signature style/product line is chock full of exquisite materials, tactile textures, intricate patterns, and maybe most importantly (and as described on her site) "purity of line."

it is that line, that you notice everywhere, in each piece, that defines it really. it brings it to life, it forms each piece, it grounds each piece. if you too LOVE finding new-to-you designers to learn about, to watch, and to root for, have a look at bethan gray, there is so much more on her website to love. enjoy!

statements in neon

sometimes neon is just so perfect, you know?
it has its place for sure, but in getting creative, in getting dowright artistic with the medium, the message can be powerful, provocative, essential and just fun. i love these today. and why not? they're pretty cool. enjoy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

the bow in fashion design

i've been saying (alot) lately that i've fallen back in love with the bow in fashion design. and it seems no that matter the size, and whether it's incorporated straight into the actual design or added as a fashion accessory, pressed or fluffed, the bow makes a definite & confident fashion statement, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, the feminine into the sexy feminine...

willful goods with intention: etsy love

araya's etsy site willful goods with intention & her light wood products with peeks of pretty pastel & hints of neon are drawing me in today...
araya hand-dips each piece, from mini bowls to what she refers to as treasure pots (i love that!). check out more of what araya and willful goods with intention offers up here. great mother's day gift ideas too! enjoy...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


there are times when i really wish for a large dining table and in doing so, i'm always imagining how or with what seating i would pair with it. i'm lately loving the nude leather and wood combinations of seating offered up by the swedish furniture design company gemla...
gemla is one of the oldest furniture design companies in sweden, stamping the date into each piece they make...some 150 years old! gemla's philosophy touts its use of carefully crafted materials such as beech and ash, leather and exquisite hardwares. this is certainly seating that can be passed down, generation after generation. and that's what gemla hopes for. and i'm hoping i find a large dining table one day soon to pair them with. enjoy!