Monday, February 8, 2016

fun with cacti.

there are particular shapes, textures & styles that never seem to tire in trend. the cactus is one of them. here are few fun finds i've been stumbling over lately, in the world of cacti...
clever cactus key chain, find it here.
sugar & moth's diy on transforming cactus planters, here.
artist chloe hall's cacti illustrations are super fun (see her work here & here)
this quirky cactus print offered up by babasouk would be sweet in a children's room.
a sweet cactus toy bucket for kids (or how about storing towels in the bathroom? or who knows what else!)
i've just decided i need this cactus pillow. find one for yourself, here.
she embroiders cacti for ya.
so does she.
a creative diy cardboard cactus project, try it out here.

just for fun...enjoy!

creative conference chairs.

sometimes i refrain from posting what i think of as really fabulous office, desk or conference furniture, for fear that just the mere speaking of work related anything will initiate a collective yawn. but really meetings, conferences and any type of work related getting together can get creative, if you build it to be...
the finnish company martela lets you get creative in the work place. these chairs interested me today because of the options. they are versatile, how about adding in any or all of these fun cushions? or completely mixing up the color palette? look at these choices! (martela offers these chairs in 98 color options).

so express your work space, build it, create it to be creative. work can be fun. no really, it can! enjoy...

monday & styling spaces.

i had fun styling one of my main spaces this weekend, and with the addition of one more large plant (i went into a store for olive oil came out with the plant, and the olive oil). because i was focused on color palette, placement and sometimes just the way that the light comes into play against particular backdrops in my own spaces, i began noticing many other spaces on line, that felt special too, in some way. here are a few recent favorites ...
do you guys fee like there are times, as you are building up your spaces, that the special things, the "things" that you REALLY want, become more clear to you than at other times? i'm not sure why, but lately styling my living spaces has felt effortless, interesting and fun.

once i have them more put together, i'll share with some links as to where i've found some new special things. for now embrace your monday, it's a fresh start to a brand new week! enjoy...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

sunday & angelique kidjo.

when my son was little, and as we drove in the car, i wore out bob marley & the wailers cd's. it was all he wanted to listen to. funny how such young people can already be drawn to very specific sounds & styles of music. i love this version today, already dancing around the house to it...


Friday, February 5, 2016

have a happy weekend!

did this week seem long to you too?! SO happy it's friday and looking forward to a happy weekend!
here's hoping that you have some fun things planned! lately finding curious/fun/interesting finds via the world on line. so here is my eclectic weekend roundup for this week,if you are interested:

a sweet apartment with links to product sources to boot!

a great (and true!) travel mug.

a cute backpack for kids.

just purchased this this hot pink hanging flower pot.

& this might be my next one.

speaking of planters, this home displays greens in such pretty ways.

this moroccan pouf is interesting.

so is this cabinet. i LOVE it!

i'm not usually into bright bedding, but this is fun!

free printable "hey hot stuff" (and more sweet sayings) valentine's bags.

these look delish!

& these for a tailgating party?

custom leather luggage tags.

these guys are (SO) cute talking about the "peaks and pits" of travelling.

i like this coffee table, alot.

& this would make for a textural side table.

i liked these so i bought them.

hey you guys, have a good one! enjoy...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

the oxford trunk.

looking forward to the upcoming spring & summer, the oxford trunk is offering up the perfect line of get out of your work clothes and into something fun & comfy clothes (at super reasonable prices!). here are a few of my favorites right now...
see more here, and enjoy!

vessels from fern.

i've taken on a quiet little obsession with plants & planters lately. and it's not often that i stop into one place (or website) that i could literally do much of my shopping in. but fern has it all kinds of perfect with their sweet and simple line of carefully curated vessels. have a look...
and these were only a few. based out of ohio, fern seeks out the extraordinary and just gets that there is something special about taking that plant out of it's common plastic container, and deciding how and where that plant is going to thrive, be seen, be special in some way. i just love that! enjoy...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

evie group

i sort of stumbled on this site today, evie group, an australian-based "multidisciplinary design studio" established in 2010 by industrial designers alex gilmour and dominic chong (read more about the designers here)...
this "oliver" carrara & powder coated steel tray table is a serious favorite!
loving so many items in rose gold these days, and this "spun pendant" is no exception
i think that you could make anything in carrara marble and it would be distinctive. and so is this chevron marble tray (imagine this on your desk w/beautiful gold pens?!)
& these mirrored lids in rose gold, gold and bronze "hex boxes," again, great desk top items for a bit more glamorous storage of your paper clips.

alex and dominic's mission, as they state on their site, is "to create unique, timeless design that users enjoy for years to come." what i personally love about the pieces that they are creating is the overall exquisite & beautiful simple design, clean, crisp, confident yet utilizing equally as exquisite materials. that combination is resulting in an appealing line that does stand the test of time. plus they are just plain gorgeous. enjoy!

contemporary embroidery.

sarah k. benning, an american fiber artist now creating and living in spain is producing these amazing contemporary embroidered scenes, & the plants are stealing my heart away...
sarah first began embroidering as a nanny, to relax. her hobby soon transformed into an art. sarah "approaches each piece as an illustration rather than a textile often abandoning traditional stitches and techniques in favor of bold shapes, playful patterns, and contemporary subject matter."

i just love these, don't you?! enjoy!