Wednesday, April 16, 2014

tables of interest.

as of late, i'm seeing tons and tons of side tables that i'm drawn to. in fact i could literally just keep buying side tables right now, they are such great additions to any space...
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
and you have to remember, a piece, whether it be a side table, a large or small piece of furniture, lighting, or any kind of piece that you introduce into your residential or commercial spaces are just that, they are pieces, until you place them, style them, introduce them to a particular surrounding. they are transformed in new ways when that happens. like this table, in this space. see what i mean? the table looks rather plain or uninteresting until placed and styled. a complete transformation really. doesn't that get your imagination going? it does mine...enjoy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

some etsy love.

studs, knobs, wall lights & french inspired tea towels. oh, just some etsy love for ya today!
what's inspiring you this tuesday? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Monday, April 14, 2014

botanical envy.

in spring fashion this year, i'm loving the look of that vintage botanical feel in fabrics and design...
these are 2 of my current favorites, this one and this one. oh and i found them here. to break up your monday afternoon! enjoy...

furniture is a concept.

the swedish company kallemo has an ambition: to remind you (us) that furniture is a concept and that quality stands for accomplishment unaffected by trends...
and that shines through in their design, because as kallemo reminds us, "good quality means long-term validity." that's for sure.

new designs, while they may be cutting edge, modern or avant garde for thier time, can remain timeless or classic. for the pieces we see today, the designs we now have come to realize as having maintained a status of classic or timeless throughout the years, were once new, they were once pushing the boundaries. but if the quality is there, in the design & in the materials used, then that long-term validity has begun. i love that!

happy monday friends, a brand new start to a fresh week. i hope that your weekend was amazing! enjoy...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

about a chair.

can a sunday be all about a chair? yes, yes it can...
and it has a name...the "rosa poltrona" chair, inspired by a particular position a rose can be, and it's offered up by studio kmj.

and it has acoustic absorbing foam and fabric. so when you want to curl up into the fetal position and turn the world off, and your music up, this is the chair. and this is the chair this sunday. enjoy!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

shape meets color inspiration.

today, these combinations inspire me, the layering, the coming up against one another, the color opposites, the color compliments...
i often wonder why we, all differently, are drawn to particular things, shapes, colors, patterns or textures. whether it be in fashion, interior design, artwork choices...we all, differently, lean towards our own likes and loves. today these do it for me. i'm not sure why, they just do. enjoy...

Friday, April 11, 2014

yeah for fridays!

was this a long week? well if it was for you too...the weekend is here!
and...if i could do hand-stands on a beautiful beach right about now i would. are you up to anything fun this weekend? i'd love to hear! as for me? i really want to see this movie before it leaves the theaters (though i almost NEVER seem to make time to go to a movie). the humor looks right up my alley...have you seen it?

it's also finally becoming some semblance of spring in my part of the world. i have a tiny deck space that i'm really hoping i can utilize this spring, to sit and read, to breathe on....but the trick is i need chairs that will fit, so i'll be on the hunt for outdoor seating. i'll let you know what i find.

on top of all that...drinking a little red wine, heading out for a run (where i keep passing the same couple of rabbits and one fox who are strangely interested in me and watch me go on by). i hope that you have an amazing weekend, and that's it's everything you want it to be. enjoy!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

random spaces. oh...and with plants.

i don't know what it is lately, but i'm on a definite plant kick...and these are a few random images from around the web that i'm enjoying, with plants.
and not just any plant, greens. and not just any greens, big leafy greens. what i want included in my spaces has changed. the things that calm me, welcome me home, make me feel the most comfortable in my spaces has changed. and the addition of a few specific plants has been a large part of that.

i used to feel the need for fresh flowers in my living room, or bedroom as a way to quiet the space, or warm it in some way. i find now that i'm almost never buying fresh cut flowers (one reason is also that my favorite florist shop closed and everything else is just, well, everything else). so i've turned to tropical-esque green plants. and i'm happy i have.

what about you? are you turning into a big leafy tropical plant junkie like me? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

hoop shelf idea.

i've been considering for some time now, a place to store books, research materials, papers etc. while working on my graduate thesis...
most of the "typical" shelving ideas have so far bored me. but this hoop shelf, offered up by dot & bo is a fresh take on the ordinary shelving out there. oh, and what about lining them up, against a wall? are we talking about a row of circular shelving? yes, yes we are! enjoy....

pia design.

you know when you stumble upon a company and the very company stops you, and then the product line sends you over the edge? yeah, that's pia design...
what i love most, what sort of made me stop and really look, really read and love this company and their product line is its originality, because you are seeing hand-made in india and something new. i love that! this line of paper production lights have me today. they are amazing for spring, amazing for summer and just amazing in general.

pia design's product line is also super varied, from tables to shelving to stacking vessels and vases. have a look and enjoy!

Monday, April 7, 2014

for love & lemons.

so...this line is definitely on my summer radar.
the los angeles based company, for love & lemons is the creation of gillian mahin and laura hall and is anything but conventional. but that's why i LOVE this line. i'm drawn to the clashes of pattern & color palettes, the long and short lines of this collection.

free, easy & sexy. bohemian meets punk meets gypsy. innocence meets deviance. edgy meets soft. so...something for every summer day/night mood. enjoy!

soft seating.

the italian line porada is tempting me this monday with a line of soft seating, drenched in natural mushroom and moss tones. just lovely...
porada prides itself in that "everything's born from the love of wood." and you can see that, but porada holds the "human factor" in that top tier of why they create what they do, why the quality is there and how they derive amazing design from a cooperative of insanely talented designers. because in the end, beyond the style & the quality of the materials used, is the human factor. there's you and me and everyone in between. it of course needs to be good & to look good...but most importantly, it needs to feel good. enjoy!