Saturday, August 12, 2017

have a summer weekend!

what are you up to anything fun this weekend?
this duo exhibit is on my radar, coffee in bed in the morning and eating dinner outdoors also on my radar this summer weekend. i hope that you get out there and savor some of these summer weekends, that in my part of the world, don't last as long as i'd like. enjoy!

and it's friday saturday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

just WOW.

what she's done with this small space, love it!

keep it rad.

a glitter filled clutch
? yes please!

so much dress love here.

etsy love.

and speaking of handbags, i want every. single. one.

if you're daring, the most amazing wallpaper.

if i had $448.00 lying around, these would be in my closet.

ah, ok, these too.

yum, i'm going to make these for sunday morning.

& these look damn good for dinner.

need. want. love.

i just really like this mirror.

hey for $10.00?! a cute end of the summer shirt with jean shorts.

talking about sales! have a dog? these are fun.

vacation inspiration.

summer shiny bold pendants.

this doormat.

these lobe earrings.

savoring summer like me? this cowboy cauldron would be so sweet in the back yard.

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