Wednesday, December 22, 2021

happy holidays! happy new year!



hi there, how are you doing? i write this post while building antibodies from my recent vaccine booster, yay! ha! seriously though...we are in strange times whilst we attempt to celebrate the holidays. and i know you know. and don't get me wrong, i sure am trying, and i am sure you are too. 

so! what i'm doing is staying away from the news best i can. i have acoustic guitar christmas music on repeat, i'm peloton-ing myself silly, staring at the extra christmas lights i added to the house this year and yeah, breathing in all of the positive vibes that i can. i hope you are hanging in there. i hope you are able to put some of the crazy on your peripheral and dive head first into everything else that makes you happy, everything else that calms you and gives you hope. it's there if you squint your eyes, trust me i see it! go ahead, squint your eyes. do you see it now? see, i told you. happy holidays, happy new year!🌲

and some fun finds from around the world wide web, if you're interested:

i want to put away these landscape coasters for next summer. 

so many gorgeous home/kitchen pieces here. 

what do 12 people passionate about food do during a pandemic in milan? create a stay home cooking book. can't wait to explore this e-book. 

in my search for a unique outdoor fire chiminea, this one may be an option. 

if i were renovating a house and wanted something unique around an indoor fireplace, this would be it.

this boucle sofa might be nearby. wait, or maybe this one. 

love her pillows (and everything else), especially this one. it reminds me of my grandmother. it's a long story. 

love everything about this home.

this chair, for texture.