Sunday, July 17, 2022

happy summer!


for some reason i can't explain really, i'm enjoying this summer more than in years past. slowing down a little, letting beach days dictate when to pack up and go home, or not. making sure i swim more because swimming in the ocean is rather life changing each and every time you do it. you just feel good climbing out, like something magical has washed over you. that, is the best feeling.

looking forward to a trip here soon, sunset schooner rides, slow summer lunches and ocean views to my hearts content. 

i hope that you are enjoying the heck out of whatever makes summer summer for you. and some fun finds from the world wide web:

i could eat this all day long. she has more summer goodness here. 

just splurged on this marion bedspread, in french blue. reminds me of my mothers from the 60's i wore out from so much use year after year. 

a pretty lounge chair. 

in LOVE with this kitchen.

this flippy mini dress. (and on sale!) this one's pretty too.

pillow love. also just bought this one and this one. verrrrrrrrrrrry into pattern and color right now.

lamp love.


etsy love.

we are obsessing about having a yard with room for a pool. i like this look. this one too. 

who doesn't need rose tinted sunglasses?

would be pretty piled with bright fruit.

this coffee table. or if you're looking for color in your space, this one does the trick.

i would live in this dress.

just bought this one piece swimsuit and love it. 

these stoneware colanders. and a pretty ceramic pendant. another pretty pendant. 

now i want to buy her cookbook.

when i go to vintage/thrift clothing stores, i always look for cool belts. this one i'd pick up.

i certainly don't need a rattan cactus in my house but i now i want one. 

vacation inspiration. 

our new neighborhood is having its first block party since covid. thinking of bringing this for dessert.

a gorgeous tableware line.

yes to this couch. ok this one too. 

so sweet this summer nightdress.

fun tile options.