Sunday, October 3, 2021

have a fantastic weekend!


how is your weekend going along? i'm outdoors as much as possible these days, soaking up the warm fall sun, watching the beach grass change from green to that fiery orange which is my favorite color just about. changing the beers in the fridge from light and summery to big flavorful IPA's from local brewers. 

i will miss summer like you read about, but i'm ready for the change. for comfy sweaters and my leather boots. for long walks on the beach without almost seeing anyone in sight. i'm hoping you are enjoying your weekend and the weather and all of the things that make you happy. 

and for fun, some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a great shoulder bag. and this gorgeous one if i had money to burn. 

this intimates line looks so comfortable. 

loving this layered look.

wow what she does with fall leaves.

this wall sconce. and this ceiling light.

i just bought this book. loving it so far!! have you read it?

etsy love.

clog love. these are fun too! and ok one more.

a pretty black ruffled blouse. and on sale. and drooling over this one. 

and this mid-vintage blouse in denim is perfection. ok one more. 

this armchair in that brown velvet. yes please. 

ok this chair, that couch. mic drop. 

these table lamps. 

this storage shelf unit. those sliding shutter doors. 

imagine if this could be your work desk? this one's pretty neat too. 

her new broken symmetry line of rugs is to die for. 


a cool coffee table. 

pretty jute doormats. 

been wanting a few new fall belts. really liking this, this, this and this one. 

a relaxed linen sofa.

a wow dress.