Saturday, April 2, 2022

happy weekend!


happy weekend! hope you are doing everything you want to this weekend! you'll find me spring cleaning the house, sleeping in and eating pizza at my favorite spot, because pizza 😁 i'm also transitioning into a new position at work, so preparing for that change which feels like a very right move. (don't you love that feeling when you can find it!?). 

i hope that you are in a good place too! and some fun finds from around the world wide web:

this beautiful lamp.

and love the simplicity of this side table.

all the gauzy curtains, all the archways. in love with these spaces.

like these summer sandals (not the price though!)


a cool sofa on sale. ok and this one in leather i really like.

i just bought this dress and really like it.

pretty marble bowls. this one is pretty too. 

these platonic sconces are wow.

vintage love. this too. 

this two piece for summer.

this denim shirt.

really like the mix of black and white meets color in this space.

a wow mirror. 

to celebrate women's history month.

this paper plant would be a pretty gift. these pressed flower cookies too.

i'm always trying to brighten up my desk. these note pads are fun.

this napkin set in orange.

loving this outdoor lounge set.

a pretty tank top.

a wow club chair.

gorgeous wallpaper.