Thursday, January 2, 2014

already thinking of gardens...

i know it's only january 2nd. i know it's cold freezing out (in my part of the world). i know there is currently snow on the ground. but i'm already thinking of gardens...
and especially this garden/patio furniture line, cu!, offered up by wilde & spieth is designed by avinash shende who was born and raised in india.

this cu! chair is super stable, manufactured as one piece, no screws, no separate parts. and the cu! chair has optional padded seat and back cushions, so you are comfy in your garden or patio. a great look is one thing, but comfort, yeah...we all still want that. stack them. bring them indoors or out. these are just great design, and add a very cool architectural quality to your natural environments. plus they're pretty. so...enjoy!

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